Sunday, December 8, 2013

11 X 22 BBC

I had to travel to another state for work all last week for work related stuff, Work in the day, come home to a empty hotel room and let guys fist out and fuck my asshole all night. I did not get anal every night, but my asshole was used alot.  I stumbled across EC who was black 22 years old and had a 11 inch cock (see below), On my back on the bed, he would pin me down, Hold on to my ass cheeks and fuck the hell out of my asshole for a solid 45 minutes every night. He would come, and barely say a word, power fuck like crazy and quietly leave. he would nail my asshole so hard and fast, I could not even do poppers from the pounding.  Well back home, with a big loose asshole ready for my regular guys next week, check out the calender at the bottom of the blog for the line up, booked all week for rectal.


  1. Post a long story about every guy that fucked you over each night

  2. Your request will be posted over the next couple of weeks, 4 total short stories, guys coming to my hotel and abusing my rectum for there pleasure

  3. Where are the stories?


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