Monday, September 9, 2013

Vicious Rip out technique

Analboy, try this technique, to trash out your rectum on a more permenant basis. I call it the viscous rip out technique- Get two (2) of your assmasters, and get into some double anal fistings, one fist for each guy.Once they got both fists just past the wrist, and your rectum has gotten used to the two closed fists working your big rectal cavity, Stop and hold on. Have the guys violently rip out there closed fist together as fast as possible, that should traumatize your asshole ring muscle. Then have them repeat, over and over 5-6 times, Should turn you rectum into an Un-controlable Hamburger meat. Then take pics and post them here.

Dear Anonymous-We are planning to try out your 'Vicous Rip Out Technique" in the next week of so, Thanks for the HOT suggestion"Traumatize your asshole ring muscle"- I like it!


  1. I think two fists ripped out will be very hot, then you can go for having three fists ripped out, but yes, please post the pictures

  2. Hi again, friday night they used a new toy on me, it's a inflatable plumber pipe block, it looks like a double head dildo but can get to 8 inches in dia., so after some time I had a huge opening, poppers and wine got me relaxed they tried 4 arms, got 4 hands but not arm just to tight ha-ha, it's sunday night still gaping, next weekend going to try KO sex, got ghb for it

  3. I have been double punchfucked in an 8hour session (vids on XTube show my hole taking it!) and the feeling of your assring gaping, wrecked and hurting for several days is fantastic. The "Rip Out" is an awesome 'sadistic' technique but for hot asspigs its something you just need more and more, rougher and nastier each time.
    Like to hear how your session went Analboy and how traumatized your asshole ring was when you finished?
    LthrFFUK (Eddie)


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