Monday, September 16, 2013

Coned to the max

Coned! ·

This week is going to be a heavy rectal workout week, with guys scheduled everyday, double booked anal on tuesday and thursday too. Had to make sure the rectum was in proper condition come Monday morning. So I started taking my assring muscle to the 4 inch width 3 times a day over the weekend, 8am, 12noon, 6pm, 3X a day for 3 days back to back. The toy construction cone is set on a sturdy chair, with my nuts banded off tight, I slather my loose asshole and cone with plenty of Jlube. The idea is to stretch the ring to the maximum on the first sink down, no prep work, take the ring to the max immediatly. I hover over the cone, aim the tip right at my non closing asshole, Then DOWN, immediatly to the 3 inch wide mark painted on the cone."Fuck yea, destroy my asshole" I thought to my self, as my anal ring stretch to a 3 inch width on the cone, I pulled off, More Jlube slathering the cone, then sink right back in as fast as I could, extreme violent stretching of the asshole ring muscle. I was getting ruff with the rectum, sinking to the 3 inch mark over and over. Once my analring lets loose completly, then I can expand out even wider. I put my feet up on the chair, and allow my full weight on the cone. Then I hit some stong papper and list my feet off the chair, and allow my full weight right on the ring. As the poppers hit, I take the ring to the 4 inch wide marke on the cone and hold for a solid 10 minutes before pull off, devestating my anal ring muscle. By Sunday I had repeated this 9 times, my asshole ring muscle was all flabby and did not close properly and was ready for the guys, they were do to arrive any second.

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