Thursday, September 26, 2013

The New Ass Destruction Dong

Dont forget about the Analboy's Toys Page---the dong collection that demolished his asshole, other weapons and devices used to break down his asshole muscle and cavern his rectum out.

Here is the latest in Busting his asshole wide open

Name:Mr. Ed Dong
Purpose:Colon work, extreme width, training for real live horse.

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At Base)=3.5 inches , Shaft width=Vary 2 inch wide at tip, Insert able Length=12 inches

Shaft that rectum boy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now thats working the rectum!

One of the greatest rectum workouts yet had to capture the super hot seen on the blog. This time  the new Assmaster Don, wanted to work my rectum on my back in soft living room chair, so he can sit on the floor and be eye level with my asshole as he works the dildos. I sat on the edge of the Chair and then leaned back bringing my legs high up over my head so my knees where close to my shoulders, then I could hold them there with the back of my arms on my thighs allow my hands free to spread my ass cheeks for his dildo punches. This left me completely exposed and easy access to my large asshole.  My asshole was loose and shaved from the session about 8 hours ago, and we was stroking my asschute with ease with our largest dong (nearly 4 inch in width).
He was really focused on breaking my assring down good in this session, really studying my asshole and rectum as long swift strokes punished my rectum. In this position, i could look down and actually see my mutilated asshole getting abused, cheerleading and egging him on to keep nailing it, as I worked my little cock hard and stopped when I was ready to cum. (Edging myself for anal hotness).

"Yea AssDaddy nail my asshole, that’s getting it good" I said, and he would quicken the pace.
"Take it in your asshole, boy" he said, and went into a series of full pull outs and punch ins.

PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP my asshole was taking a punching, he got into a good punching rhythm, every 2 seconds you heard the PLOP PLOP sounds of the dong head popping my anal ring muscle.

After 1/2 hour he counted off about 920 steady PLOP sounds before my little bald cock shot off!, 15 minute beer break, then back into position on the chair. My asshole was huge and non closing so we went immediately to the dong we used before the break. It fell right in with no resistance of a nearly 4 inch wide dong!.

PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP,PLOP started again, my anal ring complaining loudly now, this time we went another 1/2 hour, 925 punches this time, and little baldy squirted off again from  anal, no jacking. Another beer break, then the final ass wrecking PLOP count of 500 this time, he pulled out rammed his cock in my loose asshole and came deep into me...End of one of the hottest asshole wrecking sessions (1980 total rectum sessions to date) we ever did.  I think he wore out my ass-ring muscle on that one.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Coned to the max

Coned! ·

This week is going to be a heavy rectal workout week, with guys scheduled everyday, double booked anal on tuesday and thursday too. Had to make sure the rectum was in proper condition come Monday morning. So I started taking my assring muscle to the 4 inch width 3 times a day over the weekend, 8am, 12noon, 6pm, 3X a day for 3 days back to back. The toy construction cone is set on a sturdy chair, with my nuts banded off tight, I slather my loose asshole and cone with plenty of Jlube. The idea is to stretch the ring to the maximum on the first sink down, no prep work, take the ring to the max immediatly. I hover over the cone, aim the tip right at my non closing asshole, Then DOWN, immediatly to the 3 inch wide mark painted on the cone."Fuck yea, destroy my asshole" I thought to my self, as my anal ring stretch to a 3 inch width on the cone, I pulled off, More Jlube slathering the cone, then sink right back in as fast as I could, extreme violent stretching of the asshole ring muscle. I was getting ruff with the rectum, sinking to the 3 inch mark over and over. Once my analring lets loose completly, then I can expand out even wider. I put my feet up on the chair, and allow my full weight on the cone. Then I hit some stong papper and list my feet off the chair, and allow my full weight right on the ring. As the poppers hit, I take the ring to the 4 inch wide marke on the cone and hold for a solid 10 minutes before pull off, devestating my anal ring muscle. By Sunday I had repeated this 9 times, my asshole ring muscle was all flabby and did not close properly and was ready for the guys, they were do to arrive any second.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Vicious Rip out technique

Analboy, try this technique, to trash out your rectum on a more permenant basis. I call it the viscous rip out technique- Get two (2) of your assmasters, and get into some double anal fistings, one fist for each guy.Once they got both fists just past the wrist, and your rectum has gotten used to the two closed fists working your big rectal cavity, Stop and hold on. Have the guys violently rip out there closed fist together as fast as possible, that should traumatize your asshole ring muscle. Then have them repeat, over and over 5-6 times, Should turn you rectum into an Un-controlable Hamburger meat. Then take pics and post them here.

Dear Anonymous-We are planning to try out your 'Vicous Rip Out Technique" in the next week of so, Thanks for the HOT suggestion"Traumatize your asshole ring muscle"- I like it!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Piston Fist

In this session AssDaddy John, was alternate open handed fisting me in the missionary style, Asssdaddy Cliff was the camera man and Assdaddy Phil, was in the backgound ready to take over.  Assdaddy john, sinks home right to the wrist, inspecting my little bald cock as he fists in and out.  As he gets into a good open handed rythem, nailing the rectal walls, the guys will work my nuts to milk loads out of my little bald 4 incher.  Here I am limp, and barley 3 inches as he inspects for pre-cum.
Yea, get into my rectum Daddy, I'm super loose, Nail it!.