Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rectum Update- Ready for Anal

It took a week to repair my damaged rectum from a big hemorrhoid from extreme anal on the cone, fresh new Amsterdam poppers took the rectum to far, and split my asshole right at the ring.  It took a whole week, but now we are ready to work my asshole again, Tuesday 27th, sessions continue. My asshole is huge and blown out, a whole week, without and it never shrunk down. Non closing anal ring....look for new pics soon..


Monday, August 19, 2013

Rectum Update-Bad News

Some aggressive construction cone sitting over the weekend, resulted in a
hemorrhoid to be formed just inside of my asshole, I will be on the rectal injured reserve list for the next few days until it heals back. Shoot!,  just when we were really working my asshole alot! Will keep the blog updated on the healing and the anal games

Friday, August 16, 2013

Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!- Part I

PART 1- Take that horse cock in your rectum boy! 


From the online poll, People like the long stories the best, Here is Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!, posted in two parts


All they guys wanted Analboy's asshole huge and fucked as much as possible. He had been working his asshole for 3-4 hours every day for the last 14 days.  That week we saw much more progress in breaking down his anal ring and Analboy was satisfied come Friday with the results.  He drove to his apartment again and presented his loose asshole to Joe for his testing.  Joe took the large toy and held it up with one hand while touching the base gently with one finger.  He aimed the head at his swollen, shaved asshole and pushed slightly.  His puffy asslips flowered open around the black head of the toy and took its 3 inch girth with ease.  He continued to push on the base and smiled as the toy sank over 10 inches deep without so much as his one fingernail turning white from pressure.    

“Ohhh my big asshole, it took it with ease” Analboy moaned 

"Perfect." Joe said with a grin as the toy sliding hit bottom of his rectum, leaving only 2 inches of its 12 remaining. 


"Now you're ready for the next step, but first, let's give you a reward." 


Analboy was grinning sexily, happy that he had pleased him and even the shocked at the  mention of yet another step didn't wipe the smile from his face.  A reward sounded even better for having such an open asshole.  Joe called up his four friends again who quickly came to his room.  All 5 guys Positioned him in the middle of the room, face down asshole high doggy style and pounded the asshole slut hard and fast, penetrating his sweet asshole with 2 fat cocks at once.  All of the guys were impressed with the fact his huge asshole could now take both cocks at once with much less effort than before.  Analboy had barely fucked anyone for the last two weeks and quickly had a cum shot from the feeling of hot, slippery flesh sliding in and out of him.  When they were finished, they dressed and took Analboy out of the apartment to their van.  All 5 guys and Analboy then drove for about 25  minutes, unable to keep their hands off him or their cocks out of his asshole and mouth the entire way.  They even fucked him with the big dildo,making him squirt off hard and loud as Joe tried desperately to keep his eyes on the road.         


"Analboy." Joe said quietly.  "You like big cocks right?"        


He smiled at him sexily.  "Fucking love big cocks and all the cum they can give me!" 


He grabbed the toy in his asshole and pulled it inward. 


"Fuck me with this big cock!"      


"Good, because I've got someone here who puts us guys to shame, and he really wants to meet you."

The guy holding the dildo pulled it out and leaned in for a close look at his asshole, 4 fingered his asshole.  "Are you sure he can take him?" He asked.  Analboy's heart skipped at the thought of having a cock even bigger than these guys.  He couldn't even imagine how big he might be, and this guy asking if he could take him after pulling out that mammoth toy boggled his mind.       


"Who is he? How can he be bigger than that fucking dildo?"


 he asked, his voice breaking with excitement.       


"You'll see." Joe replied, unwilling to give the surprise away.       Shortly after, they arrived at a farm and got out of the van.  The place looked deserted, no cars in the driveway, and they skipped the house heading straight for the barn.         Joe and another guy opened the stables of one of the horses and entered, taking Analboy with them.  The stall was large, and the horse stood to one side as Joe threw a sleeping bag on the floor, covering a small mound of clean hay.       "Let's have a bit of fun while we wait for him."         Analboy said nothing and stripped down, taking on Joe and his 10 inch friend at the same time.       After only a few minutes, Joe spoke, "Well here he is Analboy.  That didn't take you long at all."  Analboy stared at Joe, then glanced at the stall gate.  There was still the 3 black guys standing there, nobody different.       Joe then cupped his calloused hand under his chin and turned his head to the right, toward the horse.  Analboy's eyes went wide when he realized what he was referring to.  The smell of sex in the air had the experienced stallion turned on within minutes.  His massive 19 inch cock hung between his legs and dripped large wads of precum from the mushroom shaped head.       Analboy looked back at Joe, then back at the stallion's cock, his eyes racing up and down his massive length.       "Don't be scared, Analboy, he does this all the time."  He waited for a second, giving him time to get up and leave in disgust if he wanted to.  "Go ahead and touch him."       Analboy looked back at Joe, then back at the cock and almost unknowingly stood up, approaching the big stallion with caution and curiosity.       He gently touched his long shaft, instantly getting a quiet grunt out of the stallion and a clomp of his right hoof.  He instinctively put aside any thoughts of being degraded by the bestial act and tried to wrap his hands around the middle of his shaft.  It's 3 and three quarter inch girth was far too much to get one hand around.  He slowly stroked up and down his length adding her other hand to the motion. He was amazed at how his cock seemed to go on forever, from the base where his enormous apple-sized balls hung to the oddly shaped and very spongy mushroom shaped head.  He raised the tip of the shaft to his face and stared at the giant hole just as a wad of precum oozed out.       It slipped down to the edge of the mushroom and was about to fall to the floor when Analboy stuck his ass out, as a big dollop hit right on his large asshole, he fingered it in without a second thought.  He was in heaven.  This was the biggest cock he could have imagined.  His balls were big enough to fill one hand and he cupped each of them one at a time while stroking his cock with the other hand.       He started self fisting his own asshole in lust for what was about to happen, he knew his rectum may never be normal again after this.       "Analboy?" Joe spoke, getting no response from the lustfully hypnotic slut.  "Analboy!" He spoke hoarsely, borderline yelling at him.       he pulled the hand from his rectum with a slurp and looked at Joe.       "You wanna feel that big cock in your asshole, slut?" Joe asked as he reached under him squatting ass and slid three fingers into his gaping asshole.  "I know you do." He whispered into his ear.  "You're a cock hungry assholeslut and this is the biggest cock you've seen.  I know you want him."  He was preaching to the choir.  His thoughts were already whirling around the idea of his mammoth firehose penetrating his large blown out asshole and he needed no encouragement.       

"Yes.  Make him fuck my asshole to ruin!" he whispered back.  "I want to feel him stretching my whole colon out! I want to feel him cum inside me!"


Analboy's heart raced and fluttered at his own words.         With that, Joe led the stallion out of the stall to another stall at the opposite end of the barn.  In this stall was a setup obviously designed for what Analboy was about to do.  There was a padded bench in the middle of the floor with four ropes hanging from the ceiling at all four corners of the bench.      

Analboy stared at it and the waiting stallion as two of the men began strapping him into a harness.  The harness was leather and had two small rings at the base where his asshole would sit, and then extended up his back to his shoulders where there were two more rings.  A wide leather strap then buckled around his waist and two seat-belt style shoulder straps extended from the waist belt up to the rings at his shoulders, effectively strapping him in like a race-car.      

Analboy's asshole swelled and and gaped open naturally as he imagined that big horse cock sliding into his massive loose asshole.  Now he knew why Joe wanted him to loosen himself up with that toy.  If he hadn't, there was no way this stallion would fit into his rectum.       Once the harness was snug, they lead him to the bench where he laid down and spread his legs wide, immediately playing with his own asshole while staring at the horse's cock in anticipation.       

Joe led the stallion over top of the bench and let his massive cock hang above the AnalSlut.  He grabbed him and stroked what bit of it he could from this angle as they snapped the ceiling ropes into all four rings of the harness.      

Once ready, Joe turned a crank on the wall at the head of the bench which pulled all four ropes upward through pulleys, lifting the skinny slut off the bench until the stallion's huge cock rested on his flat, tanned belly.          

Two of the guys then snapped ropes on to the bottom rings near his asshole and stood back behind the horse about 6 feet, leaving the ropes slack at first.       Analboy's yawned open, gaped with anticipation as Joe lowered himself under the stallion.  "You want him, don't you Analboy." Joe said, stating the obvious.       


"Fuck yes! Make him colon fuck me! I can't wait!"   


The desperation in Analboy's voice was more than Joe had ever heard from one of his sluts.        With that, Joe slipped a finger under the harness and pushed Analboy's hanging body away from him.  The big mushroom head slid down Analboy's belly, leaving a wet trail of precum until it fell off, slipping over his rock hard little bald cock.  His nuts all tied off tight, looked hot being slimed with precum.  Joe aimed the big horse cock at his gaper and let himn fall back on it.  Analboy moaned from the feeling of the fat head mashed against semi open shaved asshole.  He couldn't wait for it, he had to fuck him right now.       "Sink that baby in!" He said in a desperate voice.  The big stallion knew just what to do and thrust his 3 inch wide tool toward gaping asshole ahead.   Analboy groaned as the mushroom tip squeezed itself between open asslips, taking his analring to a solid 3 inch width.   The girth of his fat cock quickly grew to its max of 3.75 inches, stretching his rectum beyond his rectal limits.  Analboy screamed as the two guys pulled on the ropes attached to the base of his harness, impaling the Analwhore on the massive horse cock.  The stallion thrust again, driving 8 inches of his cock into the rectum cavity.  Analboy squirmed and grabbed hold of the shaft, feeling its thickness with both hands as it slid into his stretched out rectum.  He began fucking the slut with a steady pace as the two men pulled him snugly against his thrusting cock each time.  His body jolted from the impact and insertion up into his colon.    END OF PART 1


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!- Part II

PART TWO- Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!


Analboy flung his head up and down and kicked his legs a little as the horse began to thrust his hips awkwardly at first.  His open asshole was  stretched obscenely around the girth of the stallion's shaft as the men pulled harder on the ropes.  The stallion jabbed a few more times and began get thrust into the colon bend open, forcing its way into his colon, straightening out his guts.  They pulled more a little harder, feeling the progress with each thrust from the stallion.       

The guys were making good progress, the hose was stroking his rectum and colon nicely, and he seemed to be taking it good. 


"Oh yea, wreck my asshole, get up into that colon, Fuck yea, I’m taking it" He said 


Suddenly Analboy yelped as the fat cock went way up  colon and buried itself 14 inches deep.  She never imagined such a strange and incredible feeling of being completely filled with hot, throbbing horse cock.    "Incredible depth" someone commented "He wont be shitting right for a long time"  It felt like a dream, and soon, his Asshole began to spasm powerful and uncontrolled violent Shudders.  The whore had just lost all rectal control from the abuse  "The horse has devastated my asshole ring muscle, I’ve lost all control of the ring!" he screamed out  He squirmed in the harness as the stallion thrust his mammoth cock into the asshole slut in steady long forceful strokes.  The horses found his techniques and really started to lay into his rectum and colon hard.  With each back stroke the two men let some slack into the ropes so that he would slide out as far as possible.  Each stroke was a good 10 inches long, pulling his stretched asshole lips outward and then sinking back in, pulling them with it before ramming into the back of his rectum.  Analboy's little 130 pound body almost bounced off his cock when they let the ropes go slack, allowing him to pull out quickly and pull the ropes taught again.  


"Oh yea, stroke my colon, he getting it good, I may cum from horse anal!" He announced


Hot buttery ass juice oozed from his asshole. 


"Not yet, we want to totally breakdown your asshole, with extended fuck times" Joe said 

It seemed like an eternity to the fuck slut, when in fact it had only been about 15 minutes of hard pounding.  The powerful stallion snorted and stomped his hooves, thrusting his cock one last time, leaving it buried deep inside him as it throbbed and pulsed with hot semen.  His balls rolled and pulled upward as the black cock erupted inside Analboy's colon like a firehose, blasting his hot sperm deep inside.  Analboy felt his belly expand from the massive amount of cum, and then felt the hot liquid squeeze down into his rectum cavity and gush from her stretched lips.  The feeling was exquisite, and her young out his battered asshole.  The horse's softening cock started to shrink and fall out of his destroyed fuckhole.       


Joe waited for the right moment, as the cock fell out, a large gush of steamy cum plopped into the pint glass and flowed from his gaping asshole for nearly a minute, filling the glass almost to half The guys would his this to power punch fist his rectum  with.       

Joe used the crank and lowered her to the bench, but didn't untie her.  Instead, the other guys slathered there hands in horse cum and easily slide a closed fist into his battered rectum, and started giving him a good fisting while Joe retrieved a second stallion.  This one was slightly bigger than the first with a 4 inch thick cock that was nearly as long as grown mans arm from fist to shoulder 


" oh yes, mutilate my asshole, I love it!" He said to the fisters        


They prepared him once more, lifting him up in the harness and aiming the massive black horse cock at his gaping cum soaked rectum.  Analboy could tell the difference in size just by looking at him and his heart skipped at the thought of an even bigger cock than the last one.  He wondered when it was going to end? Would there be another, even bigger horse he could fuck after this one?  All he knew was that he was addicted to extreme Anal and could not stop until the let him cum.  Not to mention the fact they delivered a solid punch fisting, and he didnt even moan, his asshole was that big.       

He reached down and grabbed the thick tool, mashing the head into his swollen, battered non functioning asshole.  The other two guys pulled the ropes back, forcing his big asshole to spread even wider.  Analboy groaned as he slowly stretched to accommodate the big horse cock.  Slowly, it sank deeper and deeper, the outline of the intruder slightly visible in his flat belly. The horse was at the medial ring and slid in       


"Bigger! More colon work!" he quietly and unknowingly whispered his only thoughts out loud.       


The stallion snorted and thrust his hips forward, driving 8 inches all the way into him.  Analboy screamed and bucked against him.  He thrust again and again, penetrating through his caverned rectum and into his colon.  Analboy couldn't believe how much bigger he was compared to the last.  His huge asshole was stretched almost painfully wide and even his rectum walls felt like they were being stretched to the point of tearing.  The two men pulled him back onto his cock, forcing him to take 14 inches of his length just as he had with the previous horse.  The stallion was obviously enjoying this tight little mare and his balls began to churn in preparation.       

He thrust his mammoth cock into the analslut, pounding deeper into his colon with each powerful thrust.  The two men kept the pressure constant on the ropes, making sure the fat head of his cock was buried as deep as possible inside his colon each time it slammed in. 


"Nailing my colon good!" Analboy said, getting into the hot scene.       


Analboy's thoughts focused on his girth and the feeling of his thick meat penetrating inside his colon far deeper than any fisting he ever took.  His hands slid across, feeling the shape of his enormous thrusting tool through his skin.  It was a feeling like no other and he never wanted it to end.  His asshole, with no control could not grip the shaft at all His ass cum squirted out, coating the remainder of his shaft as it mercilessly thrust into him.       

Within minutes, the stallion grunted and his balls pulled upward.  Analboy felt a massive explosion inside his colon and immediately began to buck and cum harder at the thought of the stallion filling him with even more cum than the last horse.   "He's blasting my colon good guys!" he said  Thick wads of sticky sperm oozed out from between his cock and his stretched asshole as Joe caught as much as he could in the pint glass.       

After several massive spurts of cum, his cock started to shrink and slip out of Analboy's swollen rectum.  He gasped when it popped out, relieving the pressure within him like a breaking dam.  A massive gush of hot steamy horse cum gushed from his asshole into the pint glass, filling it almost to the top.       The guys led the horse away and lowered her to the bench.  Joe handed the guys the glass and spoke,


"Now you're my kind of slut, Analboy." He smiled.       


Analboy grinned with exhaustion and slathered their hands and arms again. 


"Yes, Punch the shit out of my asshole again" he said


As they guys repeatedly punch them out just like before 

"Look at my rectum take that punishment, make my little bald cock rock hard watching you guys" He said       

"Oh one more thing, my asshole slut." He said as he crouched between her legs, the guys closed fist punching . 


"Your asshole is still not large enough for us yet."       


Analboy looked him in the eye as the guys continued to fist.  "Tight?" He said quietly, a little shocked as he had no rectal control at all at this point.  He never imagined he could be so loose, fuck two huge stallions and now he was saying he was not large enough.       

"Your asshole has got to be able to take one final thing without effort." Joe said.       


"Mmmm stretch me more, brutalize my rectum!" Analboy smiled

and handed him the empty pint glass.  "Name it."       Joe held up his hand and closed it into a fist.  All three of us repeatedly punch fisting for 8 hours.       


"Fist me, punch my asshole to prolpse!" He said,


 his voice cracking with excitement.  


"Please fist fuck me, I wanna prolapse out big time!"         


With that, Joe crouched between his spread legs and slid his closed fist into his cum soaked, gaping asshole.  He offered no resistance to the large closed fist .  He pushed and twisted his hand punching around as Analboy bucked his hips toward him, trying to force his hand inside his colon.  Once they got a going rhythm going with hip circles meeting the punch thrusts.        


"You want it harder, slut?" He asked.       


"YES! Please fistfuck me, Punch the shit out of my asshole!" Analboy realized

he loved saying the word fistfuck and it made his asshole let loose more tingle.  Joe knew it would hurt, but jabbed his closed fist into his colon.  Analboy yelped as his colon bend caved inward and his entire hand suddenly sank into his colon, squeezing wads of horse cum out on his arm.  He gasped, feeling the pressure of his wide hand on his prostate and his closed fist exploring his rectal walls.         He pulled his hand outward, forcing his asslips to bulge out unnaturally as the widest part of his hand forced its way out.  Analboy gasped again when he slipped past the knuckles and his asshole tried collapsed in on itself, but was unable to shut tight anymore.  Wasting no time, he punched it back into the slut several more times until his fist slipped in once again.  Analboy gasped from the sudden stretching but the feeling of being stuffed with an entire fist overpowered any pain he felt.         


Joe pulled his hand out again with a sucking pop, only to quickly jab it back in, repeating this again and again until he started to prolapse out.       


He fisted the slut for 30 minutes, forcing him to cum several more times, each one of them he came with out jacking only from anal.   Analboy couldn't get over how it felt.  The feeling of an entire closed fist punching inside his colon was intense, splitting open from the inside as he pulled out and rammed it back in.  It was so extreme, and an added touch of nastiness with the feeling of horse cum oozing from his asshole and being used as lubricant.  He felt like the biggest Analslut in the world and loved it.       After Joe had slowed down and stopped for a break, the other 3 men took turns punch fisting the whore, each of their hands as big or bigger than Joe's.  They pulled their closed fist right out with a wet pop and plunged it back in violently devetsating his rectum.   


They spent almost 2 hours fisting his hot asshole until it was virtually effortless.    Just when she thought it couldn't get better or worse, they started making a closed fist and punching it into his fuckhole, Trading off after 25 punches, the next guy would step up, they formed a single file lane for the triple asshole punch fist.  A Analboy started to scream in pain and pleasure as the men got rough, punchfisting his ruined rectum with sloppy wet sucking noises and splashing lube all over.  His little bald cock was jacked occasional to keep him hot for anal. Their rough hands with each thrust, sending spikes of stimulation pulsing through his rectum.  He squirmed and bucked, Holding his asscheeks open to allow full access to his asshole, only to have his cheeks spread even wider with the guys assistance by the other men.  They jacked his bald cock worked his bound off nuts as they worked him over.       

Analboy's once nicely loose was now a massive, gaping fist hole able to take an entire hand without much effort.  He was on the edge of passing out as a huge cum shot and gut-wrenching orgasm rippled through his sweating body.  Joe and the 4 other men were so turned on by the show that they jerked themselves off above him while holding his ass cheeks apart as the biggest of the men plunged his closed fist in and out of his sloppy, stretched out rectum. 


"Batter his rectum, thats it Damage that asshole muscle" Joe said       


Analboy was barely aware of what they were doing until each of them started to cum in tandem, showering the whore with hot sperm as his eyes rolled back and he opened her mouth to catch some.        Analboy saw stars and barely caught himself from passing out as his analring muscle convulsed in orgasm.  He took in a deep breath, sucking his stomach inward, allowing the outline of his fist to pop out in his belly with each thrust.         

He smiled and embedded his fist inside him, pushing upward slightly to exaggerate the outline in his abdomen.  Analboy sighed with analring convulsions subsided.         

He pulled his hand out one last time, leaving his asshole gaping abnormally wide.     "Definitely my kind of slut." Joe grinned, receiving a sexy smile in response from Analboy.