Monday, July 8, 2013

The Lull

If you have been following the blog, and noticed the lack of activity and rather empty
Anal calender, things have come to a grinding halt on the rectal conditioning for several reasons.

There are 3 primary assworkers, 1 has moved out of the area, the other had a death in the family and has been out of state, and the third has been traveling for business., So limited assisted ass-wrecking has been occurring over the last month.

Cone sitting and large plastic water bottles insertions every three days keeps the rectum in perfect condition for the start up date to heavy rectal conditioning that is to begin on July 16th.

I was really surprised that my asshole did not tighten up at all over 3-4 weeks of non-activity, Split the ring to immediate 3 inch width on the cone with ease, and the 1 liter cock bottle (3" wide), filled the cavity with ease on insertion.

An inspection after the bottle insertion, my asshole is all stretched out, and hanging, the skin all around the analring was all stretched out and puffy too. I never noticed it was that open and loose..

The assmasters did a good job breaking down my asshole ring muscle for a more permanent looseness.

So stay tuned and we ramp up to Busting the anal ring even more harder and more often then ever before, for a totally blown out fisting rectum!

Rectal Conditioning Bottle Used


  1. i wondered what had happened. looking forward to your debut on july 16th. thanks for the update.

  2. like the 20oz 0r 24oz mountain dew bottle myself not up to the one liter bottle


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