Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sessions have restarted


Back into the swing of things, all 3 assmasters are back, working the rectum over good, The lull is over, and my asshole is huge!
Bottle conditioning worked, The first day back Assmasters DG to the rectum to an immediate 3 inch width x 10 insertion with minimal effort.
I prepped good for the comeback anal sessions, super smooth shaved pubes, balls and asshole realyY baby oiled up pube area, Oringed off the little bald cock + large rubberband
snapped around the nuts isolating them off nicely, I was ready to get into the anal.
Face down asshole high doggy style, I spread my asscheeks, presenting my big asshole for my assdaddies use.
"Do you like my big asshole Assdaddy" I said, as my big asshole yawned open, loose and large.
"Massive, and its gonna be well used right now, we are gonna devastate that analring everyday, take your rectum to the next level in looseness openness" He said picking up the starter dong, greasing it.
The 2-1/2 inch wide  by 11 long dong was aimed ay my huge asshole, it fell right into my rectum with absolute no resistances from the analring muscle.

"Ahhhh nice, hot rectal!" I groaned as the dong sank into my colon, right to the hilt, all 11 inches on one big push.
You got one of the biggest asshole i have ever seen, you swallowed that dong up like it was the size of a normal cock
" He said, beginning to work the dong in my chute.
"yea, wreck my slutty asshole" I said, getting into the anal
"Time to go wider and deeper, your super loose" he said picking up the rectum wrecker dong.
"After this monster I going to start fitting out you big slutty asshole" he said, aming the huge 3 inch head at my asshole, then WHAM!!
He slammed that baby home'
"OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooohhhh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK my rectum!" I screamed into the pillows
I felt the triangular plunge head pushing into my asshole!
Damn, those aren't too small!!  Whoa...  Hoooo...  ohhh...  OH!  MYYY...
GAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dong split my ring wider,
slid all too easily into my asshole!! 

He reamed my asshole for a solid hour, before milking a load out of my bald cock from anal, my asshole pulsed and throbbed non closing for a solid three
Hours. perfect rectal conditioning to start things off... Now time to kick it up a notch on the rectum!

Preping the rectum with the starter dong

Sinking right into the colon bend

Super smooth shaved asshole and pubes

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  1. Very hot! I am breaking down my anal ring and am looking forward to watching you break down yours. I want my ass to gap open all the time.


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