Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 3-The final restart day

Gaped out naturally BEFORE the sessions start, the skin around my asshole all stretched out from massive dongs

Two ruff sessions back to back had my rectum wide open and hanging, the muscle all stretched out and unable to clamp down tite anymore, perfect rectal conditioning. This is how the guys like my asshole, large blown out muscle, the skin around my asshole is all stretched out and has stretch marks from 3 and 4 inch wide dongs forcing the skin to stretch drum tight over and over. My asshole pulsed and spasmed open and closed as I prepped for the 3 asshole workout with Assmaster PR again. Oring around the base of the little bald cock secured with a tight rubberband around the nuts, Then a Fort Troff silicone hex nut of top of that, followed by a heavy coat of baby oil, and we were setcom:office:office" /> ---Face down doggy style on the bed, I lay over a large triangular pillow to keep my asshole hiked up high, when the reaming gets violent, my asshole natural gaped open and he worked my isolated off nuts, get me hot for anal. ----“Look at that asshole gape open naturally when I get you hot for anal” he said, one hand working my nuts the other with dong in hand. ----“Take it in your big asshole!” He warned me, as he inserted the large dong and sunk it to a solid 11” right to the base in one easy push. It went right into the colon on the first push in. ----“ Such a asshole slut, a slave to your asshole” he said pumping my rectum good. I knew he would goo all the way to our biggest dongs today, so I might as well, relax and allow full access to my slutty rectum, Quickly he moved up in dongs sizes until he felt some resistance. He started steady fast thrusts, as I started to get into it. ----“Yea ride that rectum with that 4 inch wide dong, nail my rectal walls” I said stating to buck my hips to meet his thrusts, “Great depth, your nailing my colon bend good” I said getting into the anal, my little bald cock now rock hard at the full 4 inches. I did not want to jack, just relax and allow my asshole to get destroyed, so I just relaxed and allowed him to continuously punch my asshole for a solid 20 minutes, before I was ready to shoot. “ Im Gonna blast hard from anal” I said, “Shoot it, your rectum looks like raw hamburger now,. Really ruined your asshole today” “Come on, blast that load” He demanded and went for the nuts again. Milked a load right out from anal. End of day 3..this marks the end of the startup sessions, time to start fisting and breaking down the asshole even more. -----------

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  1. god damn....sometimes i wish i were in your shoes getting all that cock (albeit fake cock) and yet on the other hand, my ass is aching in response to reading what's being done to you....
    i just don't know which to do: clap or cry!!!
    i do know that i wanna read more and i hope you include more than one picture.....


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