Sunday, July 21, 2013

2nd Day Back

Today was Assmaster PR turn to devastate my rectum good with the Alien Dildo, and other dildos equal in size. Assmaster PR is really into punching large dildos
So i new he would be taking rectum to the absolute limit in width and depth from punching. My asshole still feeling a little loosy goosey from yesterdays asshole attack.I banded off the nuts, o-ring off the little bald cock, I got into position, He slathered my pubes, balls and asshole in plenty of baby oil, and we started gettin' into some rectum.
Large dongs feel right into my rectum, resulting from yesterdays wrecking. Quickly long swift strokes turned into punches.

"oh yea, get into my rectum!" I said grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them wide for the punching.
"Oh yea boy open up that slutty asshole for your assdaddy" he said spearing my asshole with the 3 inch wide dong, nailing my anal ring.
I relaxed hit the poppers and allowed full access to my rectum, getting into the punching. My asshole started making all kinds of sounds as he compressed a column of air up into my colon.
"Hot anal, my asshole is really making nose" I said, getting into it. He was driving deep with each punch, straightening out my colon bend withe the big 3 incher.
"punch the fuck out your rectum, boy, ruin that ring" He said getting into it.
He continued punching in and out for a solid 10 minutes, I felt my rectum shift and begin to prolapse, just then i lost all rectal control
"There goes the rectum" I announced, "Yep your beginning to prolapse out now" he said PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH.
Severe punches caused my little bald cock to come immediately...end of a Good second day back!

3 inch wide in the rectum, see the lips starting to form..

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  1. Love those little lips, looking forward to watching them grow.


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