Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here is the CYBORG 10.5. It's a big n' fat dick in the CYBORG series, It goes DEEP...with 11.5 inches of insertable length, right up into my colon bend. The 3.18 inch wide head is designed to really work the anal ring muslce. And the bottom side of this Alien shaft has a nice set of ridges, while the flip-side has all kinds of crazy curves, vibrates my asslips in and out making them real puffy the first time we tried it. , at the same time taking my ring to a whopping 3.34 inches in width

Insertable length is 11.5 inches. The head is 3.18 inches wide and the bottom is 3.34 inches wide.

This is a Fort Troff Product

Look for pics in ACTION next session, 5/ 22/13

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Cone Method

A Small plastic toy construction cone can do wonders to get your asshole ring muscle real large like mine. Assmaster Bill has me on the rectal conditioning training for some time now with the aid of the cone. Get a cone thats similar to the one in the pic below. Make sure it is sturdy so it can support alot of your weight. Vaseline works best at the lube for the cone work.
Sink down on the cone as wide as you can and hole for 5 minutes, pull off and repeat, sinking deeper and deeper.  I sink to the 3 inch mark almost immediatly with my stretched out asshole ring muscle. As you sink down to your max width and hold, try to lift your feet off the floor to allow your whole weight on your asshole ring, relax and allow your self to sink deeper. Assmster Bill usually puts two chairs out and assists in holding my feet up, and balancing, I can almost sink to the 4 inch mark with feet elevated in this technique.  At this time Assmaster Bill will jack my cock or slap around my banded off nuts, to bring me to the edge of cumming so i sink further almost tearing the ring. You can also supplement your dildo play with cone sittings every ten minutes, alternating from dildo to cone, Assmaster Bill usually counts off 100 dildo punches, then expand out on the cone and repeat, After 1/2 hour my asshole gapes the size of an orange with closing...

Cone of ruin

Approaching 3 inches, ohh my anal ring!