Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 4 of rectal week

Day 4- Ass master Phil came down with the flu, so rather than skipping a day, I decided to work the ring solo, see if the last 3 days of intense anal sessions made my asshole even larger. Construction cone sitting (The cone of ruin) would show if progress on the rectum had been made.2 inch at the top 4 inch at the base, I was ready to tear my analring in two on the cone (see enclosed pic). With my asshole hanging off the end of a bar stool, I prepped the rectum by drilling up into my chute for 25 punch with each dong until moving longer and thick, my asshole accepting the biggest dongs with ease, I got ruff with the rectum to break it down for the cone...making my little bald cock rock hard, I was ready for the cone. The cone is marked in widths 2,3, 4 and 5 inches so you can gauge your progress. The cone was place on and upside down bucket and greased, I eased my open asshole over then end, my gaping asshole barley touched the cone until I hit the 2 inch mark, then the ring started to expand. I cruised right to the 3 inch mark before the ring started to stretch tight. I hit the poppers and allowed my weight to sink further and relax the ring, once the poppers hit, I sunk to the 3.5 width, stretching out my ring even more. Hold for 10 minutes. I had to sink to the 4 inch width and hold for more rectal ring breakdown. Still at 3.5 inch wide in the asshole I hit the poppers and raised my feet off the ground. my whole weight on the analring, The poppers took affect, I relaxed and sunk to the 4 inch marke, My ring about to tear, I held for 10 minutes, jacking my little bald cock until I came from anal. Now I was ready for Day 5, the Visit from Assmaster George and his large dildo punching techniques.

I could NOT get get pics of my rectum strecthed over this cone..I was pure solo ass wreckin'
but here is the cone.

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