Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 5 Last Day of rectal week

Day 5- This will be George Second asshole session, I met him only once, last time he punished my ring with his huge dong collection. He liked to punch in hard and pull out fast, he got off on the noise and the condition of my asshole afterward, he actually came looking at the resulting mutilated asshole, when he stopped. He really gets into the anal. After yesterdays cone work, I was ready to give him full access to my huge rectum, taking on his huge dongs, way up into me. Another day, I find myself, face down, loose asshole hiked high, ready to get ruined.I felt the sharp triangular head on his big dong start splitting my asshole ring, once passed the ring, how powered that baby right up my rectum and right into the colon bend, my cavity so stretched and work from the last 4 days, it sank home with a thud, He groaned in approval on my rectal condition and grabbed the dong with both and and positioned his feet for maximum leverage. Slow but hard dildo thrusts quickly broke down my analring. As he moved into the larger and larger dongs, he picked up the pace on my rectum. Once we worked up to my maximum width of 3.5 inches on the straight shafted dildo, He broke out the same size but really sharp triangular head with a massive ridge to sink down on, punish the anal ring muscle even more..he pushed the sharp head in, my anal ring to accept the head, then the baby sunk home with a yelp. I held on for dear life as he jack hammered the dong head right on my ring fir a count to 90 thrusts, before milking a load out

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