Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 3 of rectal week

 Day 3 of rectal week Back at Phils place for some rectum punching wedenesday, My rectum getting so sloppy and large, its was time to see if it could take some closed fist punches, Batter the anal ring for an hour.

Face down, asshole high doggy style, I opened right up for assmaster Phil. He quickly moved up on dong sizes after 10 or 15 trusts of each. 15 minutes into the session I lost all rectal control, he noticed and eased his open hand into my rectum cavity. He closed his fist into a ball and started rolling his whole hand in circles motion stretching my cavity to the max, then start in and out motions. Pulling out right to the anal ring, then deep plunges back into, My little bald cock about to come and the punches have not started yet, All of a sudden PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH, He quickly closed fist punched my rectum to ruin, making me squirt of from it within one minute, demolishing my asshole ring muscle in a matter of 15 minutes.

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