Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 2 of rectal Week

Day 2 of rectal week-Asshole and rectum still feel loosey goosey at the start of the 2nd session of the week. This time it was AssMaster David's turn. He babby oiled up my pubes, tied off nut sack and asshole real good for the slutty look. Same position face down asshole high, the first starter dong was greased. He aimed it at my open asshole, then crammed in all 10 inches of the 2-1/2" wide shaft on one big push, right into my colon bend and stop. We call this the "starter dong fall in" which is an indication of how well conditioned my asshole has become. We just love the when " starter fall in" happens. Then count off 25 long swifts thrusts to prepare for the mid sized dong we use. Mid sized fell right in too, which usually doesnt happen. 

"Ohh gawd my asshole" i screamed as the mid sized dong head slid into my colon bend.

"Work your rectum over good today boy" he said, coring out my rectal chute prepping it for Big black, the ring splitting dong

"Ok big asshole lets see you take Big black, Fall right in the huge chute" he said pushing the head against my now gaping asshole, Its stretched my ring like a drum, right when I hit the popper, in about 5 seconds my asshole muscle gave out from the poppers and he sunk that baby home right up my rectum. He let my chute adjust to the 3-1/2 wide head and shaft, then began solid reamings, making little bald cock rock hard and ready to shoot, a couple good thrusts and I blasted off for the finale of the session.

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