Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad Dragon-The Moko

Some suggested I attempt Bad Dragon's-The Cole, In searching for it I Found Bad Dragons MOKO, There is no scale on the pic, but this thing is huge, The balls at the base are the size of a small fist, So that has to to be a 3 inch-4 ich wide shaft, Perfect for my huge asshole and stretched out cavity.  Its gonna be hard to work /thrust this one, So it will be impaled on, Squat thrust down on this babby over and over while assdaddy assist, then sink to the hilt as assdaddy hold my feet up to allow my full weight and sink all the way up into me for some hot colon work

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  1. Bad dragon has lots of nummies. So does, and Seeing you take a XL Cole would be hot as hell, but then the XL Moko is not to bad looking either and not for the feint of heart. Sure they are pricey but hell I have a medium David and a medium Razor love both of them lots, and it is a quality toy. Remember the are silicone so choose lube wisely, hate for you to loose a expensive hot toy. Taking a XL wow, not for me but I would love to see you take it. I wait with baited breath to see you take a Moko to the hilt. I will speak from first hand knowledge, yes Moko is 4 inches across at the hilt in a XL. I have seen a XL Cole and he is just a touch wider across the knot and is a hint longer as for insterable. What ever you choose it is sure to be just as hot as the surface of the sun. Mmm can not wait, oh toy shipping times varies. Took a while to get my Razor but he was a custom split firmness and had all the extras. +1 for the cum tube to really get the lube deep.


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