Friday, March 29, 2013

Rock Hard 4 incher

Rock Hard 4 incher--Some more requests for my little cock, hard and nuts banded off. Fresh off the camera and freshly shaved, fully erect at 4 inches, With the blue hex nut isolated off the nuts nicley, Most guys like the shaved combo look, saying my petatetic little cock is not good for anything, so small...batter my nuts and cock around as they work my large it squirt off from anal

Work those nuts, Get into my rectum wide!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bulging Rectum Pics

Bulging Cavity
Here are a couple good pics of my rectum filled with a large 3.5 triangular head dong on a 3 inch shaft, my ass cheeks bulge from accepting the big head into my rectal cavity. the loose assring is right around the base of the head, We break down the asshole ring muscle by punching this monster in and out real fast, nailing the ring.....

Oh shit, work my nuts!, Filled!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Colon Bend Straightening

Assmaster wanted to start getting more depth on a regular basis, straighten out my colon bend constantly for easy elbow deep fistings, first he had to break down my asshole ring muscles to make it easier.

I was ready, shaved bald pubes, cleaned out, Tight rubber ring isolating of the nuts. Ready, Our starter dong just fell right into my loose hole,  as it slide right up the rectum for a complete 10 inch insertion at 2 inches wide, the head firmly lodged in the colon bend
on the very first fall in, a couple pumps and my assring was hanging around the toy, flabby, We moved up to the Big 3 incher x 12 long.. A little resistance, and then 'ooooooh shit" It sank into the rectum with relative ease too.

Swift powerful strokes quickly brokedown my asshole ring muscle, until it was a sloppy meat hole, He started inching the monster deeper and deeper nailing the colon bend hard, I could feel the colon being straighten into one straight tubeAfter 25 strokes he was up to full speed colon
work, and I was getting ready to squirt off, I held off allowing him to breakdown the colon bend and make the dong make me cum w/o jacking, at 240 plunges, the little bald cock shot off, then 2 more to nail the pulsating ring.

The big black one goes into my colon bend, nuts isolated of with the red hex ring, getting into the anal. 3/22/13
Oh gawd your in the colon bend!
12 inch depth

Get into my rectum boys!, Nail that asshole


Day 5 Last Day of rectal week

Day 5- This will be George Second asshole session, I met him only once, last time he punished my ring with his huge dong collection. He liked to punch in hard and pull out fast, he got off on the noise and the condition of my asshole afterward, he actually came looking at the resulting mutilated asshole, when he stopped. He really gets into the anal. After yesterdays cone work, I was ready to give him full access to my huge rectum, taking on his huge dongs, way up into me. Another day, I find myself, face down, loose asshole hiked high, ready to get ruined.I felt the sharp triangular head on his big dong start splitting my asshole ring, once passed the ring, how powered that baby right up my rectum and right into the colon bend, my cavity so stretched and work from the last 4 days, it sank home with a thud, He groaned in approval on my rectal condition and grabbed the dong with both and and positioned his feet for maximum leverage. Slow but hard dildo thrusts quickly broke down my analring. As he moved into the larger and larger dongs, he picked up the pace on my rectum. Once we worked up to my maximum width of 3.5 inches on the straight shafted dildo, He broke out the same size but really sharp triangular head with a massive ridge to sink down on, punish the anal ring muscle even more..he pushed the sharp head in, my anal ring to accept the head, then the baby sunk home with a yelp. I held on for dear life as he jack hammered the dong head right on my ring fir a count to 90 thrusts, before milking a load out

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 4 of rectal week

Day 4- Ass master Phil came down with the flu, so rather than skipping a day, I decided to work the ring solo, see if the last 3 days of intense anal sessions made my asshole even larger. Construction cone sitting (The cone of ruin) would show if progress on the rectum had been made.2 inch at the top 4 inch at the base, I was ready to tear my analring in two on the cone (see enclosed pic). With my asshole hanging off the end of a bar stool, I prepped the rectum by drilling up into my chute for 25 punch with each dong until moving longer and thick, my asshole accepting the biggest dongs with ease, I got ruff with the rectum to break it down for the cone...making my little bald cock rock hard, I was ready for the cone. The cone is marked in widths 2,3, 4 and 5 inches so you can gauge your progress. The cone was place on and upside down bucket and greased, I eased my open asshole over then end, my gaping asshole barley touched the cone until I hit the 2 inch mark, then the ring started to expand. I cruised right to the 3 inch mark before the ring started to stretch tight. I hit the poppers and allowed my weight to sink further and relax the ring, once the poppers hit, I sunk to the 3.5 width, stretching out my ring even more. Hold for 10 minutes. I had to sink to the 4 inch width and hold for more rectal ring breakdown. Still at 3.5 inch wide in the asshole I hit the poppers and raised my feet off the ground. my whole weight on the analring, The poppers took affect, I relaxed and sunk to the 4 inch marke, My ring about to tear, I held for 10 minutes, jacking my little bald cock until I came from anal. Now I was ready for Day 5, the Visit from Assmaster George and his large dildo punching techniques.

I could NOT get get pics of my rectum strecthed over this cone..I was pure solo ass wreckin'
but here is the cone.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 3 of rectal week

 Day 3 of rectal week Back at Phils place for some rectum punching wedenesday, My rectum getting so sloppy and large, its was time to see if it could take some closed fist punches, Batter the anal ring for an hour.

Face down, asshole high doggy style, I opened right up for assmaster Phil. He quickly moved up on dong sizes after 10 or 15 trusts of each. 15 minutes into the session I lost all rectal control, he noticed and eased his open hand into my rectum cavity. He closed his fist into a ball and started rolling his whole hand in circles motion stretching my cavity to the max, then start in and out motions. Pulling out right to the anal ring, then deep plunges back into, My little bald cock about to come and the punches have not started yet, All of a sudden PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH, He quickly closed fist punched my rectum to ruin, making me squirt of from it within one minute, demolishing my asshole ring muscle in a matter of 15 minutes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 2 of rectal Week

Day 2 of rectal week-Asshole and rectum still feel loosey goosey at the start of the 2nd session of the week. This time it was AssMaster David's turn. He babby oiled up my pubes, tied off nut sack and asshole real good for the slutty look. Same position face down asshole high, the first starter dong was greased. He aimed it at my open asshole, then crammed in all 10 inches of the 2-1/2" wide shaft on one big push, right into my colon bend and stop. We call this the "starter dong fall in" which is an indication of how well conditioned my asshole has become. We just love the when " starter fall in" happens. Then count off 25 long swifts thrusts to prepare for the mid sized dong we use. Mid sized fell right in too, which usually doesnt happen. 

"Ohh gawd my asshole" i screamed as the mid sized dong head slid into my colon bend.

"Work your rectum over good today boy" he said, coring out my rectal chute prepping it for Big black, the ring splitting dong

"Ok big asshole lets see you take Big black, Fall right in the huge chute" he said pushing the head against my now gaping asshole, Its stretched my ring like a drum, right when I hit the popper, in about 5 seconds my asshole muscle gave out from the poppers and he sunk that baby home right up my rectum. He let my chute adjust to the 3-1/2 wide head and shaft, then began solid reamings, making little bald cock rock hard and ready to shoot, a couple good thrusts and I blasted off for the finale of the session.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Rectal Week 3/11/13

Phil was really getting into the anal today, working up to big dongs then constant punches in and out real quick, made my asshole ring complain with all kinds of loud, hollow squishy sounds as he compressed the air in my huge rectal cavity. he would always nail my asshole in the doggy postion, Face down asshole high, taking it good. Occasionally spreading my ass cheeks wide, so he could punch the hole like mad, face down in the pillows taking the abuse. We are planning daily anal sessions like this one everday this week, M 3/11 to F 3/15, Try to breakdown the assring muscle even more. Large dongs fall right in during the dailiy sessions, asshole never gets the time to tighten and is constantly abused.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad Dragon-The Moko

Some suggested I attempt Bad Dragon's-The Cole, In searching for it I Found Bad Dragons MOKO, There is no scale on the pic, but this thing is huge, The balls at the base are the size of a small fist, So that has to to be a 3 inch-4 ich wide shaft, Perfect for my huge asshole and stretched out cavity.  Its gonna be hard to work /thrust this one, So it will be impaled on, Squat thrust down on this babby over and over while assdaddy assist, then sink to the hilt as assdaddy hold my feet up to allow my full weight and sink all the way up into me for some hot colon work