Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rectal Marathon Summary

Monday 18th and into Tuesday 19th, 2 guys double teamed my asshole the whole day into the evening, we got in 6, 1 hour sessions, for 6 hours of constant ass splitting, rectum wrecking anal. Wednesday came and my asshole still was not functioning or closing correctly and I had had a session with the new guy in 1 hour. I got cleaned up and got ready for more anal. My asshole was huge, and the new guy expressed alot of interested in blowing out my ring in a more permanent for from heavy rectal poundings, So he would love the current rectal condition. Naked and ready, balls banded of tight, nicely isolated with the Fort Troff hex rings. I met him at the door, he quickly stripped my pants.

'Your fist asshole inspection, on your knees, hike up the asshole" he ordered. I did as ordered reveialing my huge loose asshole and isolated nuts.

'Nice rectum, loose and all stretched out, I can actually see up into your asshole it gapes" He said, drooling.
'Well conditioned rectum, Dive right in assdaddy" I said.

He did just that, picking up my largest greased dildo, and corkscrewing it right up my rectum twisting it in circles as he plunged in and out, The almost 4 inch width felts no resistance to my asshole ring that had no elasticity.

"Im gonna wreck that large asshole slut hard, get you even larger" he said and continued to corkscrew the dong.

I could tell my asshole was giving out already "yea thats it, fuck up my rectum ring, makes me cum hard" I groaned, getting into thee corkscrew effects, getting into the anal.

A big hit of poppers, and my asshole gave out complelty, "There goes my rectum! " I announced, he went into overdrive on the dong, punching and twisting the 4 inch like mad. His hand went for my little bobbing cock.

"Ive got your little stickshift now slut, milk a load out of you from dong work, Now come for your new assdaddy" he asid jacking and dildo punches in unison, I was gonna blast fast.

"Ohh fuck Im gonna cum from anal" keep going I screamed "ooooooh im cumminggggggg" I blasted off hard. Sending spasm into my asshole ring muscle as my little bald cock squirted.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rectal Destruction Platform

Here is the rectal platform assembly drawing, Large dongs can be mounted in the reciprocating saw for hours of endless constant rectal plunges, At 50 strokes a second, is too fast, about 25 strokes a second, his rectum is mutilated in a matter of 1-2 minutes. If fisting is desired, the saw unit can be easily removed and you can power fist up into his rectum from underneath. You can get great leverage standing and really punch into him hard.