Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Large objects fall into the cavern

We had to take a week off to allow my asshole ring tear to heal, resulting from a ruff top, ramming a 3" wide dildo almost dry, tore up my rectum last monday 1/14/2013.  A week has passed and my asshole still looks large and all stretched out, time to test how well conditioned my asshole has really become after 1895 chute core sessions. Assmaster Dave picked up the 2.5 inch wide x 11 inches long starter dong, Lubricated my open asshole ring with a thick coating of Vaseline, so it doesn't rip again, then a thick coating of KY on the starter dong, rubber hex nut isolating off my nuts, Doggy style face down asshole high.

"Time to test out the rectum, here goes" he said aiming the monster at my huge stretched out asshole.
"He goes" he said, the head split my asshole and practically fell into my rectum, bottom out at 9 inches,

'Rotate your hips as a push" he said, finding the colon bend open and sinking the the 11 inch hilt.

"great caverned rectum, your still huge and loose" He smiled as he began pumping my rectum chute.

"love it like that, open non closing asshole, make it huge ass daddy" I said, and went face down asshole high, relaxed and give up my whole rectum for him. He quickly moved up in size, 2-3/4, to 3 to 3-1/4 until my asshole muscle started offering some resistance.
'Fuck yea, work that big asshole muscle, Nail it" As i hit the poppers, my asshole let loose completely in about 10 seconds, he got into a good stroking rhythm, trying to milk a load out, and i was going to. I started bucking back to accept as much into my rectum as possible, '
"Ohhh gawd, Im gonna cum hard, here i CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Oh Fuck, Oh fuck...ooooofffffffuuuck ruin me!" I blasted a huge one.