Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all blog viewers

Usually about this time of year the anal workouts come to a halt or slow down considerably. Holiday vacation starts 12/21 and ends 1/2/2014, during that 12 day lull, my asshole gets little use or abuse. I keep the pubes balls and asshole shaved at all times tho, and construction cone the anal ring, every 3-4 days to keep in proper shape for the new rectal year on 1/2/2014. I still sink to 3 inch wide on the cone with ease. Assmaster BC was able to punish my rectum good Friday the 20th and will repeat the punishment punchings Friday 12/27.

Once the holidays have passed we have plans to kick it up a notch on the rectum. Punish it more often and harder, on a daily basis, to totally blow out the asshole ring muscle. A new vacuum cock pump has been purchased so we can vacuum out my rectum after jack-hammering it for that distended rectal meat fucks and prolapse meat tube.

On the blog side, we will also kick it up a notch on the new pic postings and documentation of the rectal breakdown. Also planned are new videos in online streaming format or available for download. Keep an eye on the calendar at the bottom of the blog for the next rectal ruining.

So have a good holiday and when you return to your normal everyday life, drop your pants and jack to Analboys Rectal Antics. The asshole ring muscle has let loose completely, so time to take advantage of it.


Well used asshole, stretched out the skin all around the hole and we are just getting started!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grant Punishes my Rectum

For several months I've been emailing, chatting with, and speaking on the phone with a guy I'll call Grant. Grant and I met on craigslist. He was looking to rectally dominate someone over the phone, and I replied, willing to submit my rectum for full access in width and depth. After directing me to work my anal ring  several times, we fell into a conversation that felt quite natural and normal, as if we had known each other forever. At the time he was here in NYC, but was leaving the next day on a temporary work assignment in Atlanta. We kept in touch and continued to enjoy spending time with each other in all the ways modern technology allows, minus seeing each other in person. He's single, and was fully aware of my open relationship status, and was quite intrigued by the idea of multiple partnesr keep my asshole well conditioned on a daily basis.

Thanks to the Christmas holiday, Grant has been back in Cleveland since Saturday morning, and isn't leaving until January 4th. Assmaster Bill and I  picked up Grant at the airport on Saturday morning and brought him home with me.

We'd talked extensively of my love for anal play, and my desire to have my ass fisted. In the week leading up to his arrival, Grant had asked me to begin to stretch my asshole in anticipation of anally fisting me when he got here.

Grant was every bit as gorgeous in person as the pictures he'd sent me, and I couldn't wait to fuck him with my loose asshole.  As soon as we were in the car Grant and I sat in back while Bill drove, I was riding him balls deep on top. Thank God for tinted windows. I'd barely gotten started when his cum squirted up my rectum. I quickly pulled off and we were on our way to Cleveland.

Arriving at my place, Bill and I led him right up to the playroom. He wanted to shower after his flight, so I joined him. We spent long time in the steamy shower exploring my large asshole and tiny little bald cock, we got into bed. Several bottles of lube, as well as several different sized ass wercking large dongs, sat ready on the bedside table. We both knew very well why Grant was there. After a bit of chit chat, Grant ordered me onto my knees, asshole in the air, knees apart. His hands pulled my cheeks apart, and I felt his warm tongue circle my relaxed asshole. His lips sucked as his tongue pressed into me. I knew I was in the hands of an expert ass-man, and I was already in ecstasy.
As his tongue pushed into me, soaking my tlippy loose asshole, his fingers began to work their way in as well. My muscles easily gave way to him. Before long he had worked four fingers, two from each hand, into me, and was prying my asshole open. I was groaning with pleasure. He got up on his knees and grabbed a bottle of lube. I looked back at his impressive cock and watched as he lubed it well, then he dribbled lube into my gaping asshole. The cold lube sent shivers up my spine. I knew this was going to be one of the best anal fucks I'd ever gotten.

The head of his cock pressed against my asshole as I looked back and begged him to fuck me. He proceeded to sink his cock in - all in one thrust. His hands grabbing my hips, he roughly pounded his cock into my asshole. I could feel his massive balls slam into my balled nuts with every stroke. His pelvis slammed into my ass, jarring me with every thrust. I'd never been fucked in the asshole so hard in my life, and I loved it. Having cum at the airport, he's already warned me that he probably wouldn't cum again until much later in the afternoon. After a solid 45 minutes, Grant slowed his pace and told me to get ready for what he was there for.

While his cock was still in my ass he pushed 4 of his fingers in beside it. He then grabbed the second largest of the dongs I'd put out. I felt it pressing against the rim of my asshole as he slowly slid his cock out of me. The second his cock was free, it was replaced by the plug. Four inches at its widest point, the dong popped right into my asshole. He made me turn around and lay beside him while the monster remained parked in my asshole, stretching the ring to the limit in width. As we lay together jacking my little bald cock hard, keeping me hot for anal, he reached around and began thrust and twist the dong. The feeling of fullness was incredibly, and unable to help myself, I reached down and began to rub my cock. Seeing how aroused I was, Grant got between my legs and getting rough with my rectum fucking the dong in and out of my ass as he did. When I was close to orgasm he stopped reamming, not wanting to cum yet, so he could destroy my asshole.

He reached over and grabbed the largest dong I had. It's 5 inches at its widest. I'd never even attempted to play with it on my own. Like with his cock, he moment he pulled the smaller dong out, he replaced it, quickly, with the larger one, expanding my asshole super wide very quickly, bound and determined to break down my asshole ring msucle. This time my ass gave some resistance, but it wasn't painful... or at least it wasn't more pain than I could take. It was good pain. GOOOOOD pain. Adding a bit more lube as he fucked it in and out of me, the more he worked it, the easier it became.  I was quickly losing all rectal control from the extreme anal, and loving it.

After popping it in and out a few more times, he simply said, "It's time to mutilate your rectum boy."
He told me to get onto my back and to hold my legs back high above my head. He covered his hand with lube and pulled the dong from my stretched asshole. He told me I was gaping open, and it was the most beautiful gape he'd ever seen. I was proud that my asshole was able to take it, and I smiled at him and begged him to fist me. He started quickly with 2 or 3 fingers. They barely felt like they were stretching me. I wanted more, and told him so. Another finger slipped effortlessly into my hole. All that was left was his knuckles and thumb. I felt him tuck his thumb against his fingers as they curled inside me. Slowly I felt his knuckles stretch me, causing the most exhilarating, momentary pain I have ever felt. It wasn't unlike a burning sensation,The euphoria that followed was beyond anything I'd ever imagined. I don't know whether I was caught in the joy of the moment of finally having a fist in my ass, or whether it was the most intense anal orgasm I have ever had, but I didn't want the feeling to stop. I felt like I would black out from the overwhelming pleasure, but fought to hold on and continue to enjoy the mind numbing intensity of a violent fisting.

First he fucked me franticly and with an urgency of a cock about to explode. As I became used to the sensation, he slowed down a great deal, giving me an entirely new experience punching the shit out of my asshole. It was no longer overwhelming, but now an incredibly mellow high that I didn't want to end. He slowed enough to comfortably lay beside me, his free arm around me and able to jack my little cock. In this position he could work my cock and balls edgeing me on for more extreme anal, and i worked, all i wnated was a completly blown out hanging hole at this point.

He shifted his body to get into a position where he could get great leverage  and power. With my asshole at shoulder height, I was perfecttl;y lined up for some power punchings.

He began to slowely punch fist my rectum with his closed fists, picking up the pace as my asshole ring gave out

"There goes your anal ring muscle- completly shot" signaling the start of the fastest hardest fist punching my rectum has ever took. I started rocking my hips to meet his punches, getting into the anal. This allowed him to punch my rectal walls as he went for my nuts at the same time.

He completely ruined my asshole, then I shot off from anal he began to wind down.  I was completely spent. My asshole felt stretched and mutilated, and was non- closing. It was one of the most intense sexual experiences I had ever had.

I couldn't wait to do it again.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

11 X 22 BBC

I had to travel to another state for work all last week for work related stuff, Work in the day, come home to a empty hotel room and let guys fist out and fuck my asshole all night. I did not get anal every night, but my asshole was used alot.  I stumbled across EC who was black 22 years old and had a 11 inch cock (see below), On my back on the bed, he would pin me down, Hold on to my ass cheeks and fuck the hell out of my asshole for a solid 45 minutes every night. He would come, and barely say a word, power fuck like crazy and quietly leave. he would nail my asshole so hard and fast, I could not even do poppers from the pounding.  Well back home, with a big loose asshole ready for my regular guys next week, check out the calender at the bottom of the blog for the line up, booked all week for rectal.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pleasure Rectum

Stroking the rectum, trying to make the little 4 inch bald cock shoot off from anal.  fully Nude and freshly Shaved asshole slut

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Toys Page is Running

OK, the Suggestion and Toys page sites have been corrupted, So I added them as separate pages attached to this blog,

On the right hand side of the blog, you will see the page links. These pages are work in progress until I can get all the pictures and text in... Sorry for the delay. The suggestion page is in progress and is not ready yet, So cruze the toys page, see what weapons of asshole destruction demolished his analring.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jackhammer my rectum home!

Holding on, trying to take it, as one of the Assmasters punches the shit out of my rectum with the thick long dong. Face down asshole high, he was punching right into my colon bend over and over. Then when done, I always have to spread my ass cheeks (or he does) and show them my enlarged shaved abused asshole.

Oh fuck ram that colon!

Pull Out
Punch in

Display the results, stretched all the skin around my asshole ring, again.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The New Ass Destruction Dong

Dont forget about the Analboy's Toys Page---the dong collection that demolished his asshole, other weapons and devices used to break down his asshole muscle and cavern his rectum out.

Here is the latest in Busting his asshole wide open

Name:Mr. Ed Dong
Purpose:Colon work, extreme width, training for real live horse.

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At Base)=3.5 inches , Shaft width=Vary 2 inch wide at tip, Insert able Length=12 inches

Shaft that rectum boy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now thats working the rectum!

One of the greatest rectum workouts yet had to capture the super hot seen on the blog. This time  the new Assmaster Don, wanted to work my rectum on my back in soft living room chair, so he can sit on the floor and be eye level with my asshole as he works the dildos. I sat on the edge of the Chair and then leaned back bringing my legs high up over my head so my knees where close to my shoulders, then I could hold them there with the back of my arms on my thighs allow my hands free to spread my ass cheeks for his dildo punches. This left me completely exposed and easy access to my large asshole.  My asshole was loose and shaved from the session about 8 hours ago, and we was stroking my asschute with ease with our largest dong (nearly 4 inch in width).
He was really focused on breaking my assring down good in this session, really studying my asshole and rectum as long swift strokes punished my rectum. In this position, i could look down and actually see my mutilated asshole getting abused, cheerleading and egging him on to keep nailing it, as I worked my little cock hard and stopped when I was ready to cum. (Edging myself for anal hotness).

"Yea AssDaddy nail my asshole, that’s getting it good" I said, and he would quicken the pace.
"Take it in your asshole, boy" he said, and went into a series of full pull outs and punch ins.

PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP my asshole was taking a punching, he got into a good punching rhythm, every 2 seconds you heard the PLOP PLOP sounds of the dong head popping my anal ring muscle.

After 1/2 hour he counted off about 920 steady PLOP sounds before my little bald cock shot off!, 15 minute beer break, then back into position on the chair. My asshole was huge and non closing so we went immediately to the dong we used before the break. It fell right in with no resistance of a nearly 4 inch wide dong!.

PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP,PLOP started again, my anal ring complaining loudly now, this time we went another 1/2 hour, 925 punches this time, and little baldy squirted off again from  anal, no jacking. Another beer break, then the final ass wrecking PLOP count of 500 this time, he pulled out rammed his cock in my loose asshole and came deep into me...End of one of the hottest asshole wrecking sessions (1980 total rectum sessions to date) we ever did.  I think he wore out my ass-ring muscle on that one.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Coned to the max

Coned! ·

This week is going to be a heavy rectal workout week, with guys scheduled everyday, double booked anal on tuesday and thursday too. Had to make sure the rectum was in proper condition come Monday morning. So I started taking my assring muscle to the 4 inch width 3 times a day over the weekend, 8am, 12noon, 6pm, 3X a day for 3 days back to back. The toy construction cone is set on a sturdy chair, with my nuts banded off tight, I slather my loose asshole and cone with plenty of Jlube. The idea is to stretch the ring to the maximum on the first sink down, no prep work, take the ring to the max immediatly. I hover over the cone, aim the tip right at my non closing asshole, Then DOWN, immediatly to the 3 inch wide mark painted on the cone."Fuck yea, destroy my asshole" I thought to my self, as my anal ring stretch to a 3 inch width on the cone, I pulled off, More Jlube slathering the cone, then sink right back in as fast as I could, extreme violent stretching of the asshole ring muscle. I was getting ruff with the rectum, sinking to the 3 inch mark over and over. Once my analring lets loose completly, then I can expand out even wider. I put my feet up on the chair, and allow my full weight on the cone. Then I hit some stong papper and list my feet off the chair, and allow my full weight right on the ring. As the poppers hit, I take the ring to the 4 inch wide marke on the cone and hold for a solid 10 minutes before pull off, devestating my anal ring muscle. By Sunday I had repeated this 9 times, my asshole ring muscle was all flabby and did not close properly and was ready for the guys, they were do to arrive any second.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Vicious Rip out technique

Analboy, try this technique, to trash out your rectum on a more permenant basis. I call it the viscous rip out technique- Get two (2) of your assmasters, and get into some double anal fistings, one fist for each guy.Once they got both fists just past the wrist, and your rectum has gotten used to the two closed fists working your big rectal cavity, Stop and hold on. Have the guys violently rip out there closed fist together as fast as possible, that should traumatize your asshole ring muscle. Then have them repeat, over and over 5-6 times, Should turn you rectum into an Un-controlable Hamburger meat. Then take pics and post them here.

Dear Anonymous-We are planning to try out your 'Vicous Rip Out Technique" in the next week of so, Thanks for the HOT suggestion"Traumatize your asshole ring muscle"- I like it!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Piston Fist

In this session AssDaddy John, was alternate open handed fisting me in the missionary style, Asssdaddy Cliff was the camera man and Assdaddy Phil, was in the backgound ready to take over.  Assdaddy john, sinks home right to the wrist, inspecting my little bald cock as he fists in and out.  As he gets into a good open handed rythem, nailing the rectal walls, the guys will work my nuts to milk loads out of my little bald 4 incher.  Here I am limp, and barley 3 inches as he inspects for pre-cum.
Yea, get into my rectum Daddy, I'm super loose, Nail it!.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rectum Update- Ready for Anal

It took a week to repair my damaged rectum from a big hemorrhoid from extreme anal on the cone, fresh new Amsterdam poppers took the rectum to far, and split my asshole right at the ring.  It took a whole week, but now we are ready to work my asshole again, Tuesday 27th, sessions continue. My asshole is huge and blown out, a whole week, without and it never shrunk down. Non closing anal ring....look for new pics soon..


Monday, August 19, 2013

Rectum Update-Bad News

Some aggressive construction cone sitting over the weekend, resulted in a
hemorrhoid to be formed just inside of my asshole, I will be on the rectal injured reserve list for the next few days until it heals back. Shoot!,  just when we were really working my asshole alot! Will keep the blog updated on the healing and the anal games

Friday, August 16, 2013

Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!- Part I

PART 1- Take that horse cock in your rectum boy! 


From the online poll, People like the long stories the best, Here is Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!, posted in two parts


All they guys wanted Analboy's asshole huge and fucked as much as possible. He had been working his asshole for 3-4 hours every day for the last 14 days.  That week we saw much more progress in breaking down his anal ring and Analboy was satisfied come Friday with the results.  He drove to his apartment again and presented his loose asshole to Joe for his testing.  Joe took the large toy and held it up with one hand while touching the base gently with one finger.  He aimed the head at his swollen, shaved asshole and pushed slightly.  His puffy asslips flowered open around the black head of the toy and took its 3 inch girth with ease.  He continued to push on the base and smiled as the toy sank over 10 inches deep without so much as his one fingernail turning white from pressure.    

“Ohhh my big asshole, it took it with ease” Analboy moaned 

"Perfect." Joe said with a grin as the toy sliding hit bottom of his rectum, leaving only 2 inches of its 12 remaining. 


"Now you're ready for the next step, but first, let's give you a reward." 


Analboy was grinning sexily, happy that he had pleased him and even the shocked at the  mention of yet another step didn't wipe the smile from his face.  A reward sounded even better for having such an open asshole.  Joe called up his four friends again who quickly came to his room.  All 5 guys Positioned him in the middle of the room, face down asshole high doggy style and pounded the asshole slut hard and fast, penetrating his sweet asshole with 2 fat cocks at once.  All of the guys were impressed with the fact his huge asshole could now take both cocks at once with much less effort than before.  Analboy had barely fucked anyone for the last two weeks and quickly had a cum shot from the feeling of hot, slippery flesh sliding in and out of him.  When they were finished, they dressed and took Analboy out of the apartment to their van.  All 5 guys and Analboy then drove for about 25  minutes, unable to keep their hands off him or their cocks out of his asshole and mouth the entire way.  They even fucked him with the big dildo,making him squirt off hard and loud as Joe tried desperately to keep his eyes on the road.         


"Analboy." Joe said quietly.  "You like big cocks right?"        


He smiled at him sexily.  "Fucking love big cocks and all the cum they can give me!" 


He grabbed the toy in his asshole and pulled it inward. 


"Fuck me with this big cock!"      


"Good, because I've got someone here who puts us guys to shame, and he really wants to meet you."

The guy holding the dildo pulled it out and leaned in for a close look at his asshole, 4 fingered his asshole.  "Are you sure he can take him?" He asked.  Analboy's heart skipped at the thought of having a cock even bigger than these guys.  He couldn't even imagine how big he might be, and this guy asking if he could take him after pulling out that mammoth toy boggled his mind.       


"Who is he? How can he be bigger than that fucking dildo?"


 he asked, his voice breaking with excitement.       


"You'll see." Joe replied, unwilling to give the surprise away.       Shortly after, they arrived at a farm and got out of the van.  The place looked deserted, no cars in the driveway, and they skipped the house heading straight for the barn.         Joe and another guy opened the stables of one of the horses and entered, taking Analboy with them.  The stall was large, and the horse stood to one side as Joe threw a sleeping bag on the floor, covering a small mound of clean hay.       "Let's have a bit of fun while we wait for him."         Analboy said nothing and stripped down, taking on Joe and his 10 inch friend at the same time.       After only a few minutes, Joe spoke, "Well here he is Analboy.  That didn't take you long at all."  Analboy stared at Joe, then glanced at the stall gate.  There was still the 3 black guys standing there, nobody different.       Joe then cupped his calloused hand under his chin and turned his head to the right, toward the horse.  Analboy's eyes went wide when he realized what he was referring to.  The smell of sex in the air had the experienced stallion turned on within minutes.  His massive 19 inch cock hung between his legs and dripped large wads of precum from the mushroom shaped head.       Analboy looked back at Joe, then back at the stallion's cock, his eyes racing up and down his massive length.       "Don't be scared, Analboy, he does this all the time."  He waited for a second, giving him time to get up and leave in disgust if he wanted to.  "Go ahead and touch him."       Analboy looked back at Joe, then back at the cock and almost unknowingly stood up, approaching the big stallion with caution and curiosity.       He gently touched his long shaft, instantly getting a quiet grunt out of the stallion and a clomp of his right hoof.  He instinctively put aside any thoughts of being degraded by the bestial act and tried to wrap his hands around the middle of his shaft.  It's 3 and three quarter inch girth was far too much to get one hand around.  He slowly stroked up and down his length adding her other hand to the motion. He was amazed at how his cock seemed to go on forever, from the base where his enormous apple-sized balls hung to the oddly shaped and very spongy mushroom shaped head.  He raised the tip of the shaft to his face and stared at the giant hole just as a wad of precum oozed out.       It slipped down to the edge of the mushroom and was about to fall to the floor when Analboy stuck his ass out, as a big dollop hit right on his large asshole, he fingered it in without a second thought.  He was in heaven.  This was the biggest cock he could have imagined.  His balls were big enough to fill one hand and he cupped each of them one at a time while stroking his cock with the other hand.       He started self fisting his own asshole in lust for what was about to happen, he knew his rectum may never be normal again after this.       "Analboy?" Joe spoke, getting no response from the lustfully hypnotic slut.  "Analboy!" He spoke hoarsely, borderline yelling at him.       he pulled the hand from his rectum with a slurp and looked at Joe.       "You wanna feel that big cock in your asshole, slut?" Joe asked as he reached under him squatting ass and slid three fingers into his gaping asshole.  "I know you do." He whispered into his ear.  "You're a cock hungry assholeslut and this is the biggest cock you've seen.  I know you want him."  He was preaching to the choir.  His thoughts were already whirling around the idea of his mammoth firehose penetrating his large blown out asshole and he needed no encouragement.       

"Yes.  Make him fuck my asshole to ruin!" he whispered back.  "I want to feel him stretching my whole colon out! I want to feel him cum inside me!"


Analboy's heart raced and fluttered at his own words.         With that, Joe led the stallion out of the stall to another stall at the opposite end of the barn.  In this stall was a setup obviously designed for what Analboy was about to do.  There was a padded bench in the middle of the floor with four ropes hanging from the ceiling at all four corners of the bench.      

Analboy stared at it and the waiting stallion as two of the men began strapping him into a harness.  The harness was leather and had two small rings at the base where his asshole would sit, and then extended up his back to his shoulders where there were two more rings.  A wide leather strap then buckled around his waist and two seat-belt style shoulder straps extended from the waist belt up to the rings at his shoulders, effectively strapping him in like a race-car.      

Analboy's asshole swelled and and gaped open naturally as he imagined that big horse cock sliding into his massive loose asshole.  Now he knew why Joe wanted him to loosen himself up with that toy.  If he hadn't, there was no way this stallion would fit into his rectum.       Once the harness was snug, they lead him to the bench where he laid down and spread his legs wide, immediately playing with his own asshole while staring at the horse's cock in anticipation.       

Joe led the stallion over top of the bench and let his massive cock hang above the AnalSlut.  He grabbed him and stroked what bit of it he could from this angle as they snapped the ceiling ropes into all four rings of the harness.      

Once ready, Joe turned a crank on the wall at the head of the bench which pulled all four ropes upward through pulleys, lifting the skinny slut off the bench until the stallion's huge cock rested on his flat, tanned belly.          

Two of the guys then snapped ropes on to the bottom rings near his asshole and stood back behind the horse about 6 feet, leaving the ropes slack at first.       Analboy's yawned open, gaped with anticipation as Joe lowered himself under the stallion.  "You want him, don't you Analboy." Joe said, stating the obvious.       


"Fuck yes! Make him colon fuck me! I can't wait!"   


The desperation in Analboy's voice was more than Joe had ever heard from one of his sluts.        With that, Joe slipped a finger under the harness and pushed Analboy's hanging body away from him.  The big mushroom head slid down Analboy's belly, leaving a wet trail of precum until it fell off, slipping over his rock hard little bald cock.  His nuts all tied off tight, looked hot being slimed with precum.  Joe aimed the big horse cock at his gaper and let himn fall back on it.  Analboy moaned from the feeling of the fat head mashed against semi open shaved asshole.  He couldn't wait for it, he had to fuck him right now.       "Sink that baby in!" He said in a desperate voice.  The big stallion knew just what to do and thrust his 3 inch wide tool toward gaping asshole ahead.   Analboy groaned as the mushroom tip squeezed itself between open asslips, taking his analring to a solid 3 inch width.   The girth of his fat cock quickly grew to its max of 3.75 inches, stretching his rectum beyond his rectal limits.  Analboy screamed as the two guys pulled on the ropes attached to the base of his harness, impaling the Analwhore on the massive horse cock.  The stallion thrust again, driving 8 inches of his cock into the rectum cavity.  Analboy squirmed and grabbed hold of the shaft, feeling its thickness with both hands as it slid into his stretched out rectum.  He began fucking the slut with a steady pace as the two men pulled him snugly against his thrusting cock each time.  His body jolted from the impact and insertion up into his colon.    END OF PART 1


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!- Part II

PART TWO- Take that horse cock in your rectum boy!


Analboy flung his head up and down and kicked his legs a little as the horse began to thrust his hips awkwardly at first.  His open asshole was  stretched obscenely around the girth of the stallion's shaft as the men pulled harder on the ropes.  The stallion jabbed a few more times and began get thrust into the colon bend open, forcing its way into his colon, straightening out his guts.  They pulled more a little harder, feeling the progress with each thrust from the stallion.       

The guys were making good progress, the hose was stroking his rectum and colon nicely, and he seemed to be taking it good. 


"Oh yea, wreck my asshole, get up into that colon, Fuck yea, I’m taking it" He said 


Suddenly Analboy yelped as the fat cock went way up  colon and buried itself 14 inches deep.  She never imagined such a strange and incredible feeling of being completely filled with hot, throbbing horse cock.    "Incredible depth" someone commented "He wont be shitting right for a long time"  It felt like a dream, and soon, his Asshole began to spasm powerful and uncontrolled violent Shudders.  The whore had just lost all rectal control from the abuse  "The horse has devastated my asshole ring muscle, I’ve lost all control of the ring!" he screamed out  He squirmed in the harness as the stallion thrust his mammoth cock into the asshole slut in steady long forceful strokes.  The horses found his techniques and really started to lay into his rectum and colon hard.  With each back stroke the two men let some slack into the ropes so that he would slide out as far as possible.  Each stroke was a good 10 inches long, pulling his stretched asshole lips outward and then sinking back in, pulling them with it before ramming into the back of his rectum.  Analboy's little 130 pound body almost bounced off his cock when they let the ropes go slack, allowing him to pull out quickly and pull the ropes taught again.  


"Oh yea, stroke my colon, he getting it good, I may cum from horse anal!" He announced


Hot buttery ass juice oozed from his asshole. 


"Not yet, we want to totally breakdown your asshole, with extended fuck times" Joe said 

It seemed like an eternity to the fuck slut, when in fact it had only been about 15 minutes of hard pounding.  The powerful stallion snorted and stomped his hooves, thrusting his cock one last time, leaving it buried deep inside him as it throbbed and pulsed with hot semen.  His balls rolled and pulled upward as the black cock erupted inside Analboy's colon like a firehose, blasting his hot sperm deep inside.  Analboy felt his belly expand from the massive amount of cum, and then felt the hot liquid squeeze down into his rectum cavity and gush from her stretched lips.  The feeling was exquisite, and her young out his battered asshole.  The horse's softening cock started to shrink and fall out of his destroyed fuckhole.       


Joe waited for the right moment, as the cock fell out, a large gush of steamy cum plopped into the pint glass and flowed from his gaping asshole for nearly a minute, filling the glass almost to half The guys would his this to power punch fist his rectum  with.       

Joe used the crank and lowered her to the bench, but didn't untie her.  Instead, the other guys slathered there hands in horse cum and easily slide a closed fist into his battered rectum, and started giving him a good fisting while Joe retrieved a second stallion.  This one was slightly bigger than the first with a 4 inch thick cock that was nearly as long as grown mans arm from fist to shoulder 


" oh yes, mutilate my asshole, I love it!" He said to the fisters        


They prepared him once more, lifting him up in the harness and aiming the massive black horse cock at his gaping cum soaked rectum.  Analboy could tell the difference in size just by looking at him and his heart skipped at the thought of an even bigger cock than the last one.  He wondered when it was going to end? Would there be another, even bigger horse he could fuck after this one?  All he knew was that he was addicted to extreme Anal and could not stop until the let him cum.  Not to mention the fact they delivered a solid punch fisting, and he didnt even moan, his asshole was that big.       

He reached down and grabbed the thick tool, mashing the head into his swollen, battered non functioning asshole.  The other two guys pulled the ropes back, forcing his big asshole to spread even wider.  Analboy groaned as he slowly stretched to accommodate the big horse cock.  Slowly, it sank deeper and deeper, the outline of the intruder slightly visible in his flat belly. The horse was at the medial ring and slid in       


"Bigger! More colon work!" he quietly and unknowingly whispered his only thoughts out loud.       


The stallion snorted and thrust his hips forward, driving 8 inches all the way into him.  Analboy screamed and bucked against him.  He thrust again and again, penetrating through his caverned rectum and into his colon.  Analboy couldn't believe how much bigger he was compared to the last.  His huge asshole was stretched almost painfully wide and even his rectum walls felt like they were being stretched to the point of tearing.  The two men pulled him back onto his cock, forcing him to take 14 inches of his length just as he had with the previous horse.  The stallion was obviously enjoying this tight little mare and his balls began to churn in preparation.       

He thrust his mammoth cock into the analslut, pounding deeper into his colon with each powerful thrust.  The two men kept the pressure constant on the ropes, making sure the fat head of his cock was buried as deep as possible inside his colon each time it slammed in. 


"Nailing my colon good!" Analboy said, getting into the hot scene.       


Analboy's thoughts focused on his girth and the feeling of his thick meat penetrating inside his colon far deeper than any fisting he ever took.  His hands slid across, feeling the shape of his enormous thrusting tool through his skin.  It was a feeling like no other and he never wanted it to end.  His asshole, with no control could not grip the shaft at all His ass cum squirted out, coating the remainder of his shaft as it mercilessly thrust into him.       

Within minutes, the stallion grunted and his balls pulled upward.  Analboy felt a massive explosion inside his colon and immediately began to buck and cum harder at the thought of the stallion filling him with even more cum than the last horse.   "He's blasting my colon good guys!" he said  Thick wads of sticky sperm oozed out from between his cock and his stretched asshole as Joe caught as much as he could in the pint glass.       

After several massive spurts of cum, his cock started to shrink and slip out of Analboy's swollen rectum.  He gasped when it popped out, relieving the pressure within him like a breaking dam.  A massive gush of hot steamy horse cum gushed from his asshole into the pint glass, filling it almost to the top.       The guys led the horse away and lowered her to the bench.  Joe handed the guys the glass and spoke,


"Now you're my kind of slut, Analboy." He smiled.       


Analboy grinned with exhaustion and slathered their hands and arms again. 


"Yes, Punch the shit out of my asshole again" he said


As they guys repeatedly punch them out just like before 

"Look at my rectum take that punishment, make my little bald cock rock hard watching you guys" He said       

"Oh one more thing, my asshole slut." He said as he crouched between her legs, the guys closed fist punching . 


"Your asshole is still not large enough for us yet."       


Analboy looked him in the eye as the guys continued to fist.  "Tight?" He said quietly, a little shocked as he had no rectal control at all at this point.  He never imagined he could be so loose, fuck two huge stallions and now he was saying he was not large enough.       

"Your asshole has got to be able to take one final thing without effort." Joe said.       


"Mmmm stretch me more, brutalize my rectum!" Analboy smiled

and handed him the empty pint glass.  "Name it."       Joe held up his hand and closed it into a fist.  All three of us repeatedly punch fisting for 8 hours.       


"Fist me, punch my asshole to prolpse!" He said,


 his voice cracking with excitement.  


"Please fist fuck me, I wanna prolapse out big time!"         


With that, Joe crouched between his spread legs and slid his closed fist into his cum soaked, gaping asshole.  He offered no resistance to the large closed fist .  He pushed and twisted his hand punching around as Analboy bucked his hips toward him, trying to force his hand inside his colon.  Once they got a going rhythm going with hip circles meeting the punch thrusts.        


"You want it harder, slut?" He asked.       


"YES! Please fistfuck me, Punch the shit out of my asshole!" Analboy realized

he loved saying the word fistfuck and it made his asshole let loose more tingle.  Joe knew it would hurt, but jabbed his closed fist into his colon.  Analboy yelped as his colon bend caved inward and his entire hand suddenly sank into his colon, squeezing wads of horse cum out on his arm.  He gasped, feeling the pressure of his wide hand on his prostate and his closed fist exploring his rectal walls.         He pulled his hand outward, forcing his asslips to bulge out unnaturally as the widest part of his hand forced its way out.  Analboy gasped again when he slipped past the knuckles and his asshole tried collapsed in on itself, but was unable to shut tight anymore.  Wasting no time, he punched it back into the slut several more times until his fist slipped in once again.  Analboy gasped from the sudden stretching but the feeling of being stuffed with an entire fist overpowered any pain he felt.         


Joe pulled his hand out again with a sucking pop, only to quickly jab it back in, repeating this again and again until he started to prolapse out.       


He fisted the slut for 30 minutes, forcing him to cum several more times, each one of them he came with out jacking only from anal.   Analboy couldn't get over how it felt.  The feeling of an entire closed fist punching inside his colon was intense, splitting open from the inside as he pulled out and rammed it back in.  It was so extreme, and an added touch of nastiness with the feeling of horse cum oozing from his asshole and being used as lubricant.  He felt like the biggest Analslut in the world and loved it.       After Joe had slowed down and stopped for a break, the other 3 men took turns punch fisting the whore, each of their hands as big or bigger than Joe's.  They pulled their closed fist right out with a wet pop and plunged it back in violently devetsating his rectum.   


They spent almost 2 hours fisting his hot asshole until it was virtually effortless.    Just when she thought it couldn't get better or worse, they started making a closed fist and punching it into his fuckhole, Trading off after 25 punches, the next guy would step up, they formed a single file lane for the triple asshole punch fist.  A Analboy started to scream in pain and pleasure as the men got rough, punchfisting his ruined rectum with sloppy wet sucking noises and splashing lube all over.  His little bald cock was jacked occasional to keep him hot for anal. Their rough hands with each thrust, sending spikes of stimulation pulsing through his rectum.  He squirmed and bucked, Holding his asscheeks open to allow full access to his asshole, only to have his cheeks spread even wider with the guys assistance by the other men.  They jacked his bald cock worked his bound off nuts as they worked him over.       

Analboy's once nicely loose was now a massive, gaping fist hole able to take an entire hand without much effort.  He was on the edge of passing out as a huge cum shot and gut-wrenching orgasm rippled through his sweating body.  Joe and the 4 other men were so turned on by the show that they jerked themselves off above him while holding his ass cheeks apart as the biggest of the men plunged his closed fist in and out of his sloppy, stretched out rectum. 


"Batter his rectum, thats it Damage that asshole muscle" Joe said       


Analboy was barely aware of what they were doing until each of them started to cum in tandem, showering the whore with hot sperm as his eyes rolled back and he opened her mouth to catch some.        Analboy saw stars and barely caught himself from passing out as his analring muscle convulsed in orgasm.  He took in a deep breath, sucking his stomach inward, allowing the outline of his fist to pop out in his belly with each thrust.         

He smiled and embedded his fist inside him, pushing upward slightly to exaggerate the outline in his abdomen.  Analboy sighed with analring convulsions subsided.         

He pulled his hand out one last time, leaving his asshole gaping abnormally wide.     "Definitely my kind of slut." Joe grinned, receiving a sexy smile in response from Analboy. 




Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 3-The final restart day

Gaped out naturally BEFORE the sessions start, the skin around my asshole all stretched out from massive dongs

Two ruff sessions back to back had my rectum wide open and hanging, the muscle all stretched out and unable to clamp down tite anymore, perfect rectal conditioning. This is how the guys like my asshole, large blown out muscle, the skin around my asshole is all stretched out and has stretch marks from 3 and 4 inch wide dongs forcing the skin to stretch drum tight over and over. My asshole pulsed and spasmed open and closed as I prepped for the 3 asshole workout with Assmaster PR again. Oring around the base of the little bald cock secured with a tight rubberband around the nuts, Then a Fort Troff silicone hex nut of top of that, followed by a heavy coat of baby oil, and we were setcom:office:office" /> ---Face down doggy style on the bed, I lay over a large triangular pillow to keep my asshole hiked up high, when the reaming gets violent, my asshole natural gaped open and he worked my isolated off nuts, get me hot for anal. ----“Look at that asshole gape open naturally when I get you hot for anal” he said, one hand working my nuts the other with dong in hand. ----“Take it in your big asshole!” He warned me, as he inserted the large dong and sunk it to a solid 11” right to the base in one easy push. It went right into the colon on the first push in. ----“ Such a asshole slut, a slave to your asshole” he said pumping my rectum good. I knew he would goo all the way to our biggest dongs today, so I might as well, relax and allow full access to my slutty rectum, Quickly he moved up in dongs sizes until he felt some resistance. He started steady fast thrusts, as I started to get into it. ----“Yea ride that rectum with that 4 inch wide dong, nail my rectal walls” I said stating to buck my hips to meet his thrusts, “Great depth, your nailing my colon bend good” I said getting into the anal, my little bald cock now rock hard at the full 4 inches. I did not want to jack, just relax and allow my asshole to get destroyed, so I just relaxed and allowed him to continuously punch my asshole for a solid 20 minutes, before I was ready to shoot. “ Im Gonna blast hard from anal” I said, “Shoot it, your rectum looks like raw hamburger now,. Really ruined your asshole today” “Come on, blast that load” He demanded and went for the nuts again. Milked a load right out from anal. End of day 3..this marks the end of the startup sessions, time to start fisting and breaking down the asshole even more. -----------

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2nd Day Back

Today was Assmaster PR turn to devastate my rectum good with the Alien Dildo, and other dildos equal in size. Assmaster PR is really into punching large dildos
So i new he would be taking rectum to the absolute limit in width and depth from punching. My asshole still feeling a little loosy goosey from yesterdays asshole attack.I banded off the nuts, o-ring off the little bald cock, I got into position, He slathered my pubes, balls and asshole in plenty of baby oil, and we started gettin' into some rectum.
Large dongs feel right into my rectum, resulting from yesterdays wrecking. Quickly long swift strokes turned into punches.

"oh yea, get into my rectum!" I said grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them wide for the punching.
"Oh yea boy open up that slutty asshole for your assdaddy" he said spearing my asshole with the 3 inch wide dong, nailing my anal ring.
I relaxed hit the poppers and allowed full access to my rectum, getting into the punching. My asshole started making all kinds of sounds as he compressed a column of air up into my colon.
"Hot anal, my asshole is really making nose" I said, getting into it. He was driving deep with each punch, straightening out my colon bend withe the big 3 incher.
"punch the fuck out your rectum, boy, ruin that ring" He said getting into it.
He continued punching in and out for a solid 10 minutes, I felt my rectum shift and begin to prolapse, just then i lost all rectal control
"There goes the rectum" I announced, "Yep your beginning to prolapse out now" he said PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH.
Severe punches caused my little bald cock to come immediately...end of a Good second day back!

3 inch wide in the rectum, see the lips starting to form..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sessions have restarted


Back into the swing of things, all 3 assmasters are back, working the rectum over good, The lull is over, and my asshole is huge!
Bottle conditioning worked, The first day back Assmasters DG to the rectum to an immediate 3 inch width x 10 insertion with minimal effort.
I prepped good for the comeback anal sessions, super smooth shaved pubes, balls and asshole realyY baby oiled up pube area, Oringed off the little bald cock + large rubberband
snapped around the nuts isolating them off nicely, I was ready to get into the anal.
Face down asshole high doggy style, I spread my asscheeks, presenting my big asshole for my assdaddies use.
"Do you like my big asshole Assdaddy" I said, as my big asshole yawned open, loose and large.
"Massive, and its gonna be well used right now, we are gonna devastate that analring everyday, take your rectum to the next level in looseness openness" He said picking up the starter dong, greasing it.
The 2-1/2 inch wide  by 11 long dong was aimed ay my huge asshole, it fell right into my rectum with absolute no resistances from the analring muscle.

"Ahhhh nice, hot rectal!" I groaned as the dong sank into my colon, right to the hilt, all 11 inches on one big push.
You got one of the biggest asshole i have ever seen, you swallowed that dong up like it was the size of a normal cock
" He said, beginning to work the dong in my chute.
"yea, wreck my slutty asshole" I said, getting into the anal
"Time to go wider and deeper, your super loose" he said picking up the rectum wrecker dong.
"After this monster I going to start fitting out you big slutty asshole" he said, aming the huge 3 inch head at my asshole, then WHAM!!
He slammed that baby home'
"OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooohhhh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK my rectum!" I screamed into the pillows
I felt the triangular plunge head pushing into my asshole!
Damn, those aren't too small!!  Whoa...  Hoooo...  ohhh...  OH!  MYYY...
GAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dong split my ring wider,
slid all too easily into my asshole!! 

He reamed my asshole for a solid hour, before milking a load out of my bald cock from anal, my asshole pulsed and throbbed non closing for a solid three
Hours. perfect rectal conditioning to start things off... Now time to kick it up a notch on the rectum!

Preping the rectum with the starter dong

Sinking right into the colon bend

Super smooth shaved asshole and pubes

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Lull

If you have been following the blog, and noticed the lack of activity and rather empty
Anal calender, things have come to a grinding halt on the rectal conditioning for several reasons.

There are 3 primary assworkers, 1 has moved out of the area, the other had a death in the family and has been out of state, and the third has been traveling for business., So limited assisted ass-wrecking has been occurring over the last month.

Cone sitting and large plastic water bottles insertions every three days keeps the rectum in perfect condition for the start up date to heavy rectal conditioning that is to begin on July 16th.

I was really surprised that my asshole did not tighten up at all over 3-4 weeks of non-activity, Split the ring to immediate 3 inch width on the cone with ease, and the 1 liter cock bottle (3" wide), filled the cavity with ease on insertion.

An inspection after the bottle insertion, my asshole is all stretched out, and hanging, the skin all around the analring was all stretched out and puffy too. I never noticed it was that open and loose..

The assmasters did a good job breaking down my asshole ring muscle for a more permanent looseness.

So stay tuned and we ramp up to Busting the anal ring even more harder and more often then ever before, for a totally blown out fisting rectum!

Rectal Conditioning Bottle Used

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here is the CYBORG 10.5. It's a big n' fat dick in the CYBORG series, It goes DEEP...with 11.5 inches of insertable length, right up into my colon bend. The 3.18 inch wide head is designed to really work the anal ring muslce. And the bottom side of this Alien shaft has a nice set of ridges, while the flip-side has all kinds of crazy curves, vibrates my asslips in and out making them real puffy the first time we tried it. , at the same time taking my ring to a whopping 3.34 inches in width

Insertable length is 11.5 inches. The head is 3.18 inches wide and the bottom is 3.34 inches wide.

This is a Fort Troff Product

Look for pics in ACTION next session, 5/ 22/13

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Cone Method

A Small plastic toy construction cone can do wonders to get your asshole ring muscle real large like mine. Assmaster Bill has me on the rectal conditioning training for some time now with the aid of the cone. Get a cone thats similar to the one in the pic below. Make sure it is sturdy so it can support alot of your weight. Vaseline works best at the lube for the cone work.
Sink down on the cone as wide as you can and hole for 5 minutes, pull off and repeat, sinking deeper and deeper.  I sink to the 3 inch mark almost immediatly with my stretched out asshole ring muscle. As you sink down to your max width and hold, try to lift your feet off the floor to allow your whole weight on your asshole ring, relax and allow your self to sink deeper. Assmster Bill usually puts two chairs out and assists in holding my feet up, and balancing, I can almost sink to the 4 inch mark with feet elevated in this technique.  At this time Assmaster Bill will jack my cock or slap around my banded off nuts, to bring me to the edge of cumming so i sink further almost tearing the ring. You can also supplement your dildo play with cone sittings every ten minutes, alternating from dildo to cone, Assmaster Bill usually counts off 100 dildo punches, then expand out on the cone and repeat, After 1/2 hour my asshole gapes the size of an orange with closing...

Cone of ruin

Approaching 3 inches, ohh my anal ring!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taking Questions and answer on Ass opening

There has been a couple requests to answer blog readers have about asshole expansion techniques, tips or how to get your asshole as large as my blown out fuckhole...Since there are no means of putting a question and answer form on this blog,

We can use this blog posting, and add your questions to the comment section, once posted I will answer any questions you post.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yahoo Instant Message and Webcam


If youd like to instant message me or watch me open up my asshole on yahoo webcam. My yahoo profile name is largehoagie  make me your friend for IM'S and open asshole shows.


Nailing the colon bend opening, 12 inch plunge

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rock Hard 4 incher

Rock Hard 4 incher--Some more requests for my little cock, hard and nuts banded off. Fresh off the camera and freshly shaved, fully erect at 4 inches, With the blue hex nut isolated off the nuts nicley, Most guys like the shaved combo look, saying my petatetic little cock is not good for anything, so small...batter my nuts and cock around as they work my large it squirt off from anal

Work those nuts, Get into my rectum wide!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bulging Rectum Pics

Bulging Cavity
Here are a couple good pics of my rectum filled with a large 3.5 triangular head dong on a 3 inch shaft, my ass cheeks bulge from accepting the big head into my rectal cavity. the loose assring is right around the base of the head, We break down the asshole ring muscle by punching this monster in and out real fast, nailing the ring.....

Oh shit, work my nuts!, Filled!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Colon Bend Straightening

Assmaster wanted to start getting more depth on a regular basis, straighten out my colon bend constantly for easy elbow deep fistings, first he had to break down my asshole ring muscles to make it easier.

I was ready, shaved bald pubes, cleaned out, Tight rubber ring isolating of the nuts. Ready, Our starter dong just fell right into my loose hole,  as it slide right up the rectum for a complete 10 inch insertion at 2 inches wide, the head firmly lodged in the colon bend
on the very first fall in, a couple pumps and my assring was hanging around the toy, flabby, We moved up to the Big 3 incher x 12 long.. A little resistance, and then 'ooooooh shit" It sank into the rectum with relative ease too.

Swift powerful strokes quickly brokedown my asshole ring muscle, until it was a sloppy meat hole, He started inching the monster deeper and deeper nailing the colon bend hard, I could feel the colon being straighten into one straight tubeAfter 25 strokes he was up to full speed colon
work, and I was getting ready to squirt off, I held off allowing him to breakdown the colon bend and make the dong make me cum w/o jacking, at 240 plunges, the little bald cock shot off, then 2 more to nail the pulsating ring.

The big black one goes into my colon bend, nuts isolated of with the red hex ring, getting into the anal. 3/22/13
Oh gawd your in the colon bend!
12 inch depth

Get into my rectum boys!, Nail that asshole