Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Lull

During the week of and after xmas, thing pretty much grind to a halt for the rectal stretching Sessions. The 3 Assmasters are generally traveling or with family, and so is the anal slut, Generally he keeps his rectum well conditioned by doing daily bottle expansions and hold, Generally its those 24 oz plastic drinking bottles, filled with plaster of Paris, stone like expansion at 3 inches and hold for 1/2 hour every day. In addition to--

  • Keeping the pubes, balls and asshole well shaved, almost daily
  • Isolating off the nuts and Sounding the piss slit in the workshop as much as possible, until anal can start
  • Blog postings almost daily. and website work
  • Gaytube uploads and blog maintenance, xtube posts
  • Securing new beast anal master KC for canine and Horse fuckings, extreme rectal starting 1/2/2013.
  • Making Big plans for stepping up the work on the rectum and asshole destruction for 2013

Look for HOT HOT anal expansions starting in 2013, 3 tops trash out his rectum daily

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