Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hot email from blog viewer

Asshole Slut

Just found your blog...WOW WOW thats one huge blown out asshole!!...sign of a true asshole slut...
The guys ruined your asshole for any normal vanilla gay fucks, they would never feel your ruined asshole, unless they jacked off inside your big rectum. Your rectal cavity seems all stretched out too, Big cavern....big objects go right in??

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gray Mushroom Dong

Gray Mushroom Dong
This is the starter dong (Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)= 2.75, Shaft width= 2.50 at base, Insertable Length=10). about 10-15 viscous punches into his asshole to start things off, the sharp head does a good job in breakdown the asshole ring muscle for larger insertions. Session Date 12/11/2012

Nuts Isolated off nicely, extremely shaved pubes

Colon Bend Work Wednesday

Finally got these off the cameras, this is from Wednesdays 12/12/2012 depth session with Assmaster Phil. (narrating)

Were we concentrate on working his colon bend straight so guys can fist deep easily, I'm snaking a beer can thick dildo with a massive head (see picture of toy below), 13 or 14 inches, way up into that colon, then ram....his little bald cock comes almost immediately.

See how his ass cheeks are bulging out?, accepting that 3 inch wide triangular head, destroys his ring by pumping the head in and out right on the ring, then a few deep 14 inch plunges, working the colon bend.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Lull

During the week of and after xmas, thing pretty much grind to a halt for the rectal stretching Sessions. The 3 Assmasters are generally traveling or with family, and so is the anal slut, Generally he keeps his rectum well conditioned by doing daily bottle expansions and hold, Generally its those 24 oz plastic drinking bottles, filled with plaster of Paris, stone like expansion at 3 inches and hold for 1/2 hour every day. In addition to--

  • Keeping the pubes, balls and asshole well shaved, almost daily
  • Isolating off the nuts and Sounding the piss slit in the workshop as much as possible, until anal can start
  • Blog postings almost daily. and website work
  • Gaytube uploads and blog maintenance, xtube posts
  • Securing new beast anal master KC for canine and Horse fuckings, extreme rectal starting 1/2/2013.
  • Making Big plans for stepping up the work on the rectum and asshole destruction for 2013

Look for HOT HOT anal expansions starting in 2013, 3 tops trash out his rectum daily

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mr Colon Pounder

Thought this was good, yea punch into my colon, my huge rectum cavity can take it!
Fuck, Demolish my rectum!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gaytube profile

Here is my new Gaytube profile, Its work in progress, I also put a link to it in the links section

Adding most of my Movies files here, Also here is my xtube version

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Piss Slit Sunday

Been rodding the slit in and out all Sunday, nuts isolated off, not letting my little bald cock cum.
6 inch pencil thick sound in my little rock hard 4 inch baldy
Little 4" bald dick taking on the 6 inch sound

Complete pencil thick insertions, then fuck in and out for 10 minutes

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rectal Breakdown

We decided this week to take my asshole and rectum to the next level in width and depth, Asshole muscle breaking down nicely,time to kick it up a notch on the rectum! Big red was a solid 3.75 in width with a massive head close to 4 inches, x 10.5 inches insert able and we would take my asshole to the limit with it everyday this week. Its monday, get ready to split the ring in two.He prepped the 2.75 x 10 inch starter dong Well lubed he aimed at my open asshole, I was doggy face down and asshole high. The starter dong sunk to the hilt, all 10 inches in one push

"Ohhh gawd open asshole, went in with ease" I said moaning from the invasion.
"Monster asshole, your huge and getting lippy already he said, sawing the dong in and out in solid long strokes.
"Im gonna open up huge today for you so you can drive big red hard and fast" I said, getting into the anal.
"Good anal whore, your ready to move up in size already" He said, greasing up the 3 incher.
"We will pop the ring for a while with the 3 incher then go for the kill with big red, polish off your rectum good today" he said
"Fuck yea, get up into my rectum good, core me out soild" I hit the poppers, waiting for the 3 inch to fall in.
The 3 inch spread my anal-ring tight, the ring accepted it, and he powered that baby home.
"Huge rectum, it took it right in, my cavity is full, fuck yea, ruin me, pound it as hard as you want" I screamed hoping he would get into a good solid ryhthem and core me out
for a long time.

"Just enough until your asshole gives out, then its big red time" he said, butt slamming the monster, i hit the poppers, just as i lost all rectal control from the dong"There goes my asshole muscle, juts lost complete muscle elasticity" I announced, and he prepped big red for insertion, holding the current dong in my cavity, he pulled out real quick, aimed big red and began pushing.Big red dented in my anal ring and began to stretch it out, at three inches, the ring began to get taught once the width exceeded the last dong.

"Relax and accept this monster into your rectum" he said, applying more pressure.

I concentrated on relaxing and allowing it into me, with poppers, over and over "Take it into your rectum you'll love it, dont you want your asshole huge and non closing", over and over the sentence ran thru my head.

My asshole started to expand wider, the head was at the widest part right on my ring, i thought my ring was gonna tear, Then wham, the ring accept the head and that thing sank deep accepting the large red shaft, I scream out from the ring and then the shaft felt great filling it to the  max, As he began stroking my rectum with the head my rectum relaxed and opened up more, It felts great being taken to new levels in width, Is tarted getting into the anal big time...

"Fuck Yea, there you go, Stroke my huge meat chute, wreck that ring muscle" I pleaded. He  was hot, and started plowing fast and hard, I had to hold one, and try to keep up with the severe core job my asshole was taking.

 At one put he accidentally pulled all the way out, and try to cram back in immediately, my asshole resisted a little, then it sunk home again, the pummeling continued, he pulled out completely again, but this time my asshole ring started accepting the width, He wasable to start punching big red at this time, devastating my rectum, I could not hold back and started squirting cum all over place..End of the first session for the week, Monday 11/26/2012.
Stroking the Starter Dong in my rectal chute, makes little baldy rock hard at 4 inches