Thursday, November 22, 2012

Double Asshole Attack-Repost

The last post had font issues

Double asshole attack- Constant anal reaming Thursdays

John just finished ramming huge dildos, when David called wanting to come over for some serious asshole fisting.  With John punch-fisting three inch dildos for a solid 45 minutes, my asshole was hanging, Non functioning, not closing at all, as a cleaned up.  John cleaned up and headed out saying good along the way, as he slugged down his beer.  It was not `15 minutes when Dave appeared at the door, I let him in, told him I was going to get ready.  He watched porn, jacking but not coming, Getting hot for the rectum wrecking.  I snapped the  thick rubberband around my nuts and walked out.

"Monster blown out asshole is ready, John just got done with a solid core job" I said..

Into position, "Wow non closing asshole perfect." His gloved hand ease up my rectum with no resistance, he made a fist and started fisting in and out immediately, My asshole started to get larger and looser.

"Fuck yea punch the shit out of my asshole, wreck it good"

he picked that pace up and started punching in and out right on my asshole ring muscle, I hit the poppers and let him tear up my asshole good. He punched for a solid 15 minutes, before the fisting milk a load out from anal, my asshole did not close properly for 2 days from the back to back sessions.

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