Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Calendar Color Coding

Since the frequency and intensity of the rectal sessions is increasing, Monitor the online calendar at the bottom of the blog to see what kind of sessions are about to take place. You can click on that session to get a detailed description of the rectal destruction. The guys are really working my rectum now, so big and sloppy...

Here is the color coding guide

  • Solo Anal Sessions-Aqua Blue- Keeping the rectum in proper shape for the Assmasters.
  • Website/Blog Work-Dark Orange- Maintenance, Updates and Photo-postings.
  • Tentative Solo Sessions- blue- Hold for proposed sessions to avoid conflcits
  • Pee Hole Soundings-Green- Working the piss slit, almost at 150 soundings and counting, open bubbly slit.
  • Shaved Pubes-Pink- Smooth as silk for the analslut look.
  • Rectum Wrecker Sessions-Purple-General Asshole workout, including dick fuckings.
  • Non Anal Task-Gold-Things that are not rectum related but do effect sessions .
  • Extreme Depth Sessions-Brown-Concentrating on Straightening out the colon bend .
  • Extreme Anal Sessions -Maroon- Nailing the asshole harder than ever. Taking to the limit in both width and depth, working the nuts.
  • Big Black Takes the rectum-Black/dk Grey- Our largest dong almost 3-3/4 wide sinks home, not every session big black goes in, but when it does, wee keep track for rectal conditioning. If Big Black (BB) Starts going in regualary, the anal ring is breaking down nicely. BB Hase a 3-3/4 wide head and is shown in the picture below, the sharp triangular head ruins the anal-ring in a matter of minutes. the shaft is a solid 3 inches wide.

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