Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bedpost Insertion

Zack Cut the length of a 3 inch wide wooden bed  post (below) to a 12 inch length and hammered it to a flat piece of plywood, daring me to impale my asshole onto it and take the big 4" ball end deep in my rectum.

I had been conditioning my rectum all morning to take the post deep into me. He slather the hard mahogany wood with a ton of vaseline. I took a big glob of KY jelly and coated my hand, then slide my whole hand up my rectum to grease up my large open cavity.

I know if i could take the almost 4 inch ball end past the ring, I could sink that baby to the hilt. Then next hurdle would be on the pull out, going over the sharp ripple below the ball, tearing the anal ring or prolapse on the pull out (HOT HOT).

We were set, Zack held the base tight, I quivered over it, holding my asscheeks open, the greasy round wood ball touching my open asslips.

"Take this monster into your slutty asshole, you can do it" he said.
The ball dented in my analring as i sunk down on the monster ball, slowly my asshole expanded to accommodate its width, so i was right about to accept the ball in.

"Almost, Almost there...ruin your asshole boy, show me" He said..
The ball sank in my rectum swiftly after getting past the ring muscle, I gasped as the rectum sucked the whole post in, right past the sharp rib below the ball and onto the straight section of the wooden post.
"Fuck yea, Hot Anal, I said, and starting to pull back off, feeling the sharp ring do a number on my asshole ring muscle "demolish that ring, Pull of fast and repeat" Zack said

I Pulled off fast, the ball left my rectum with a plop sound, then impaled right back down on it, this time easier, the ball went in. I started getting into a good rut, bedpost fucking, until the ball offered no resistance.

"Trashed out your asshole muscle again, did you whore???" Zack Said.
"Fuck yea, makes me cum, any second now" I said, with the next deep plunge, sending my little bald cock shooting, end of the bedpost session. But we kept the post for future post anal fuckings.

The three inch wide posts
1/2 hour later, still non closing asshole

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