Saturday, November 10, 2012

242 colon plunges in 1/2 hour

Assmaster wanted to start getting more depth on a regular basis, straighten out my colon bend constantly for easy elbow deep fistings, first he had to break down my asshole ring muscles to make it easier.

I was ready, shaved bald pubes, cleaned out, Tight rubber ring isolating of the nuts. Ready, Our starter dong just fell right into my loose hole,  as it slide right up the rectum for a complete 10 inch insertion at 2 inches wide, the head firmly lodged in the colon bendon the very first fall in, a couple pumps and my assring was hanging around the toy, flabby, We moved up to the Big 3 incher x 12 long.. A little resistance, and then 'ooooooh shit" It sank into the rectum with relative ease too

Swift powerful strokes quickly brokedown my asshole ring muscle, until it was a sloppy meat hole, He started inching the monster deeper and deeper nailing the colon bend hard, I could feel the colon being straighten into one straight tubeAfter 25 strokes he was up to full speed colon work, and I was getting ready to squirt off, I held off allowing him to breakdown the colon bend and make the dong make me cum w/o jacking, at 240 plunges, the little bald cock shot off, then 2 more to nail the pulsating ring.

The colon work dong, The Armadillo. from

14x2.25 inch insertion possible, at the 2-1/2 to third hump your into my colon bend, for some great depth workouts.

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