Sunday, November 25, 2012

All The Analboy Movies for download

All of the analboy movies clips (WMV) are available for download at I will eventually put the links in the links section for ease. The movies eat the bottom are better (18-21)

Analboy11.wmv    Its Analboy ruining his asshole from dildo punch fuckings.

Analboy12.wmv    Its Analboy trying to stretch over a 4" wide butt plug.

Analboy13.wmv    Its Analboy plowing his asshole, then inserting a HUGE cucumber,screaming when it goes in.

Analboy14.wmv    Its Analboy plowing his asshole with the 3" wide BAM dildo. He hammers his asshole!, Great sound!

Analboy15.wmv    Its Analboy punch fucking his asshole with a HUGE dildo in this 60 second clip

Analboy16.wmv    Its Analboy punch fucking his asshole with a HUGE dildo in this 60 second clip

Analboy17.wmv    Its Analboy mutilating his asshole in the library in this  60 second clip

Analboy18.wmv    Its Analboy ramming his asshole 70 times with a 2-1/2 inch (6.3cm) wide x 11 inch (25.4cm) dildo  in the 1 minute clip

Analboy19.wmv    Its Allen forcing a 3-1/2 inch (8.9cm) wide x 11 inch (25.4cm) dildo in a 2 minute movie

Analboy20.wmv    See and hear Analboy as he just mutilates his asshole in a 2 minute movie. Large dildos tear up his sphincter muscle

Analboy21.wmv    See and hear Analboy as Assdaddy just mutilates his asshole with a 3 inch wide dildo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Repost of all 1500 Pics

The Fapomatc online album has been out of date, All 1500 Analboy pics have been reposted and the link updated on the links section. Here is the drent link, Look for my images. Leave Comments!

Analboys FileFap online Album

The Toys Page and Suggestion Page

I have added a new Toys page link HERE (or on the right hand side link bar)
and decide to re-vamp the suggestion page link HERE

9 inch fat cucumber buried to hilt

Accept this into your rectum boy!

Accepting the 3 wide Brown dildo without any asshole preperation, one easy but forcefull push and my rectum accepted the monster. Loose open asshole.

Ohhhhh my rectum, Ruin me Assdaddy!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Double Asshole Attack-Repost

The last post had font issues

Double asshole attack- Constant anal reaming Thursdays

John just finished ramming huge dildos, when David called wanting to come over for some serious asshole fisting.  With John punch-fisting three inch dildos for a solid 45 minutes, my asshole was hanging, Non functioning, not closing at all, as a cleaned up.  John cleaned up and headed out saying good along the way, as he slugged down his beer.  It was not `15 minutes when Dave appeared at the door, I let him in, told him I was going to get ready.  He watched porn, jacking but not coming, Getting hot for the rectum wrecking.  I snapped the  thick rubberband around my nuts and walked out.

"Monster blown out asshole is ready, John just got done with a solid core job" I said..

Into position, "Wow non closing asshole perfect." His gloved hand ease up my rectum with no resistance, he made a fist and started fisting in and out immediately, My asshole started to get larger and looser.

"Fuck yea punch the shit out of my asshole, wreck it good"

he picked that pace up and started punching in and out right on my asshole ring muscle, I hit the poppers and let him tear up my asshole good. He punched for a solid 15 minutes, before the fisting milk a load out from anal, my asshole did not close properly for 2 days from the back to back sessions.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Calendar Color Coding

Since the frequency and intensity of the rectal sessions is increasing, Monitor the online calendar at the bottom of the blog to see what kind of sessions are about to take place. You can click on that session to get a detailed description of the rectal destruction. The guys are really working my rectum now, so big and sloppy...

Here is the color coding guide

  • Solo Anal Sessions-Aqua Blue- Keeping the rectum in proper shape for the Assmasters.
  • Website/Blog Work-Dark Orange- Maintenance, Updates and Photo-postings.
  • Tentative Solo Sessions- blue- Hold for proposed sessions to avoid conflcits
  • Pee Hole Soundings-Green- Working the piss slit, almost at 150 soundings and counting, open bubbly slit.
  • Shaved Pubes-Pink- Smooth as silk for the analslut look.
  • Rectum Wrecker Sessions-Purple-General Asshole workout, including dick fuckings.
  • Non Anal Task-Gold-Things that are not rectum related but do effect sessions .
  • Extreme Depth Sessions-Brown-Concentrating on Straightening out the colon bend .
  • Extreme Anal Sessions -Maroon- Nailing the asshole harder than ever. Taking to the limit in both width and depth, working the nuts.
  • Big Black Takes the rectum-Black/dk Grey- Our largest dong almost 3-3/4 wide sinks home, not every session big black goes in, but when it does, wee keep track for rectal conditioning. If Big Black (BB) Starts going in regualary, the anal ring is breaking down nicely. BB Hase a 3-3/4 wide head and is shown in the picture below, the sharp triangular head ruins the anal-ring in a matter of minutes. the shaft is a solid 3 inches wide.

  • Saturday, November 10, 2012

    242 colon plunges in 1/2 hour

    Assmaster wanted to start getting more depth on a regular basis, straighten out my colon bend constantly for easy elbow deep fistings, first he had to break down my asshole ring muscles to make it easier.

    I was ready, shaved bald pubes, cleaned out, Tight rubber ring isolating of the nuts. Ready, Our starter dong just fell right into my loose hole,  as it slide right up the rectum for a complete 10 inch insertion at 2 inches wide, the head firmly lodged in the colon bendon the very first fall in, a couple pumps and my assring was hanging around the toy, flabby, We moved up to the Big 3 incher x 12 long.. A little resistance, and then 'ooooooh shit" It sank into the rectum with relative ease too

    Swift powerful strokes quickly brokedown my asshole ring muscle, until it was a sloppy meat hole, He started inching the monster deeper and deeper nailing the colon bend hard, I could feel the colon being straighten into one straight tubeAfter 25 strokes he was up to full speed colon work, and I was getting ready to squirt off, I held off allowing him to breakdown the colon bend and make the dong make me cum w/o jacking, at 240 plunges, the little bald cock shot off, then 2 more to nail the pulsating ring.

    The colon work dong, The Armadillo. from

    14x2.25 inch insertion possible, at the 2-1/2 to third hump your into my colon bend, for some great depth workouts.

    Sunday, November 4, 2012


    Devastated his asshole from pumping

    Saturday, November 3, 2012

    Bedpost Insertion

    Zack Cut the length of a 3 inch wide wooden bed  post (below) to a 12 inch length and hammered it to a flat piece of plywood, daring me to impale my asshole onto it and take the big 4" ball end deep in my rectum.

    I had been conditioning my rectum all morning to take the post deep into me. He slather the hard mahogany wood with a ton of vaseline. I took a big glob of KY jelly and coated my hand, then slide my whole hand up my rectum to grease up my large open cavity.

    I know if i could take the almost 4 inch ball end past the ring, I could sink that baby to the hilt. Then next hurdle would be on the pull out, going over the sharp ripple below the ball, tearing the anal ring or prolapse on the pull out (HOT HOT).

    We were set, Zack held the base tight, I quivered over it, holding my asscheeks open, the greasy round wood ball touching my open asslips.

    "Take this monster into your slutty asshole, you can do it" he said.
    The ball dented in my analring as i sunk down on the monster ball, slowly my asshole expanded to accommodate its width, so i was right about to accept the ball in.

    "Almost, Almost there...ruin your asshole boy, show me" He said..
    The ball sank in my rectum swiftly after getting past the ring muscle, I gasped as the rectum sucked the whole post in, right past the sharp rib below the ball and onto the straight section of the wooden post.
    "Fuck yea, Hot Anal, I said, and starting to pull back off, feeling the sharp ring do a number on my asshole ring muscle "demolish that ring, Pull of fast and repeat" Zack said

    I Pulled off fast, the ball left my rectum with a plop sound, then impaled right back down on it, this time easier, the ball went in. I started getting into a good rut, bedpost fucking, until the ball offered no resistance.

    "Trashed out your asshole muscle again, did you whore???" Zack Said.
    "Fuck yea, makes me cum, any second now" I said, with the next deep plunge, sending my little bald cock shooting, end of the bedpost session. But we kept the post for future post anal fuckings.

    The three inch wide posts
    1/2 hour later, still non closing asshole