Saturday, September 15, 2012

Plug Punchings

An emailed  suggestion/technique

First get your big 3-3/4 wide triangular plug sunk to the hilt in your asshole.  Now, fuck the plug in and out of your asshole concentrating the widest portion right on the analring, to quickly breakdown the assmuscle, do this for at least 25 in and out plug punches.
Soon you will feel the assmuscle lose all rectal control, Then sink it to the hilt and hold, while you prepare your large cock vacuum  tube for use. Now rip the plug out real fast and attach the tube to your battered asshole muscle and start pumping. Pump until red meat fills the tube and hole for 15 minutes, increasing the vacuum if you can, if not just hold, as your rectum drops down, more and more meat will fill the tube..Hold, and Prep for more Plug punches. Pull off the tube and look at your rectal meat hanging, search for the slit in the end of your meat tube and slide the big plug back in, trying to keep your prolapse handing out along side the plug, or push the meat tube back in with the plug, now another 25 plug punches. Pull out and inspect the meat hole, attach the tube and vacuum your rectum to prolapse and hold, More and more meat should be coming out with every pump session, until you do a complete prolapse and your entire rectum comes out and stays out, so I can slip my dick into your well developed meat tube and cum inside that prolapse.
You should do this at least 3 times a week, and get a full blown industrial vacuum pump that runs of electricity, not a hand pump and suck out that prolapse out completely, ruined rectum!