Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Zuchini

Early august and large 4 inch wide zucchini are abundant (see below), and I was about to accept that monster into my rectum for a complete insertion all the way into the colon bend. This was gonna be a challenge even with my asshole all blown out and ruined from repeated fistings and dildos punches. I was on a cheap folding chair backwards, asshole hanging off the end, Dave drilling a huge dong up into the gaper. "Fuck yea, Dave drill up into my rectum good, get it ready to take on the big Zuke" I said, Hiking my asshole high, getting into a good rut, on the 3 inch wide dong. "Thats it punch the shit out of my asshole, the muscle is about to go!" I said as the asshole muscle gave out. "Now thats a sloppy non responsive asshole, time for the big zuke Tom, grease that bad boy up", Dave said continued the asshole attack. Zuk was ready and aimed aft end first. "Sink that baby into my rectum, ruin me" I said as Tom held my ass cheeks open and Dave started pushing "its goin', HOT" Tom said, Ohh my asshole ring, I screamed out load as the ring met the widest portion of the zuke, then sank home. "Ohhhh gawd my rectum!, it stretched out my whole cavity!, My ring is gonna tear, Ohhhhhhhhhh" I was breathing hard and sweating as it too my rectum to the absolute limit in width and depth. After a few minutes my asshole started expanding around it as Tom worked my nuts, getting me hot for anal.......They guys made me hold the zucchini for the full half hour at 4 inches width. Result- Non Closing asshole, No rectal control for a long time.


  1. I can't find your bowling pin rape story anywhere, not even here on your site.
    Did something happen to it?

  2. Bowling Pin Rape Story...coming right up!...Analboy


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