Monday, July 16, 2012

Damage my asshole muscle

Getting ready for the 5th rectal session of the day, my asshole was hanging loose from sessions all day long, they guys had milked my
cock dry from extreme anal, as I snapped a huge rubberband around my nuts, isolating the nuts off nicely, next a piece of 1 inch long hose, split, around the nuts, isolated off the nuts even more, 3 greasy fingers swirled in my open asshole, as I greased up for the next session, as I entered in the "rectal war room" Dave was reading the large dildos, massive 4 inch dongs coated with plenty of KY and new fresh poppers, I new my asshole was gonna get mutilated again, as I got into position, doggy style, face down, asshole high, my lippy open asshole yawning open, the 3 inch wide starter dong slide up my chute with no resistance, as I relaxed and allowed my asshole to be fully expanded out.
"Fuck yea, right up my rectum, so loose" I moaned, Hitting the poppers as he cored out my rectum at high speed.

"Im gonna milk another load out of that sluttty bald cock and nuts" He said, working my isolated off nuts, plungering the dildo in and out. "Splt your asshole ring muscle over the 4 incher

"Another load?, Im gonna shoot dry!!" I said as deep plunges straightened out my colon bend.

"Your asshole will never be the same again, get ready for the big boy" He said, picking up the massive 4 incher.

"Oh fuck yea, destroy my asshole, ruin me on Big Ben" I said hitting the poppers, as he began stretching my asshole ring over big ben.

"Almost, a little bit further, youve almost got it in, Accept this monster into your rectum" he growled, pushing harder

The monster sank home, "oooooooh gawd my asshole!!" I screamed as 8 inches of 4 inch wide rubber shaft sank to the hilt.

"Hold on, let me get into a nice steady punching ryhthem" he said picking up the pace on my rectum, he began punching my analring over and over.
"Oh yea, punch the shit out of my asshole, Im gonna cum from it, real hard" Is said

Powerfull solid punches devestated my rectum in a matter of minutes. Oh Daddy please slap my nuts around so I can cum.....ohh i cant hold out.....
Im cumming!!!!", My cock head throbbed and my asshole convulsed and I came dry cum shot.

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