Sunday, June 10, 2012

Load after load

Bill and Dave had been dildoing out my asshole allday long, 1 hour sessions, breaks then poundings again and again.
We were on the 4th session of the day, On my back legs high, Bill was solo, slamming my asshole with the huge 3 inch dildo, using long swift strokes. My worn out asshole ring muscle pulling in and out with every swift stroke.

"Great rythem in the chute, Bill, thats nailing it good" I said, watching in the mirror as Bill breaksdown my asshole muscle again.

"Gawd your asshole is huge" He said, picking up speed with the dong action, my tightly rubber-banded off nuts, moving back and forth with the strokes.
  I started rotating my hips to meet the thrusts
, my colon bend opened up and he sunk the whole dong home.

"Fuck yea, nail that colon", I said as my asshole muscle was beggining to give out.

Just then Dave came into the room "Fuck yea, destroys his asshole muscle" he said dropping his pants, his large cock rock hard, as he jacked.  'Here, let me help" He said. "Flip over, Doggy Style"  I did.  "face down Asshole high, slut" dave then spread and held my ass cheeks open, "Huge destroyed asshole, now punch fuck the shit out of it, while i hold it open"
Let me get the next larger dildo, so it ruins his asshole" Dave said, picking up the massive 3-1/2" incher. Slowely he uaes the monster into my rectum, its split my assholoe ring and sunk home.

"Ohhhh my asshole, your gonna ruin my rectum for good" I groaned accepting the monster right up my rectum. I hit the poppers as Bill started pumping the asshole ruining dong, Dave keeping my cheeks spread wide.

"Oh gawd, now thats storking my chute" I moaned, as my asshole began to get even wider, all of a sudden it let loose completly

"There goes my asshole, I just lost all rectal control, Nail it!" I hit the poppers again.
"Its huge, punch the fuck out of his asshole" Dave said as Bill pulled out, and started punching the large dildo in and out.

"oooooh fuck, my asshole is taking it, fuck!!! ruin me!" I screamed as I worked my banded off nuts to stay out for the anal assault.  "You heard him, destroy his asshole, fuck look at that" he said, I looked down in the mirror to see my huge asshole gape out to a ferect round hole the size of a softball.

"Ok lets milk a load out of him" Dave said "Keep punching his rectum, Ill work the banded nuts, make that little bald cock cum from his asshole being destroyed". Dave started kneading my nuts like marbles in his hand.  I held my rock hard 4 incher straight out for the cum shot that was building.
A hard punch in and rip out, and "ohhhh fuck im cumming!", they guys milked out the 5th load of the day.

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  1. Very very HOT and nasty. Love that hole up camera high, open for the whole world 2 see. Got a little butt plug in me now, I'm not as good as you only 2" diameter. Your lucky to have some one who has your likes too.


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