Monday, April 9, 2012

Punching the rectal walls

Should be a solid week of asshole workouts. Love when guys get into a good solid fisting rhythm with a closed fist, Then i start rotating my hips to meet the the thrusts in unison, so you can really expand out the walls. I jack my little bald cock hard and hold it straight out, then stop, allowing you to milk loads out from fistings. Really hot anal...Its great, about halfway into a session, my asshole muscle gives out completely, no rectal control or resistance, then the guys can get real ruff with it.  Makes me cum so hard from it.

In this session Steve was the one fisting, I was on back Legs high above head, asshole hanging of the end of the bed Steve was swiftly fisting out my rectum.

"Thats it boy, nice and loose for your assDaddy, love when you have no rectal control" he said.

"Oh gawd my rectum" I moaned, pushing my little 4 inch bald cock straight out but not jacking"

"Analwhore!, Now rotate those hips, so i can nail those rectal walls, get into the colon bend deep, make you cum the the asshole slut you are. DONT YOU JACK!, THATS an order"
Steve said.

I gently rolled hips in circles and felt him enter my colon bend "Im into your colon" he said and started picking up the pace with swift in and out punches.

"Fuck yea, wreck my asshole, Make me cum from it AssDaddy" I said rotating my hips in large circles, keeping up with his now powerful closed fist rectum punches.

"Thats it, Your gonna make me cum!!!!, Ruin meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" I screamed holding my little cock straight as Assdaddy went to work my tied off nuts at the same time

"Oh oh, ohhhh gawd im cumming from anal!" screaming as little baldy squirted out a big loading sending my destroyed asshole convulsing like crazy as Assdaddy kept pumping his arm in and out, totally devastating my asshole muscle.

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