Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nailing the asshole....

Hot Session---

I met assmaster Mark, from this blog.  Mark is into big time anal based bondage and fistings, not quite my style, but Ill let him wreck my asshole for a couple hours.  His place had the full setup, a weight bench or what looks like a weight bench, various ropes, huge ass busting dongs, I agreed to be real shaved mooth asshole pubes and nuts, and cleaned out ahead of time before arriving. Finally a large rubberband snapped around the nuts, isolating them off.  I did a little pre-work and expanded out my rectum over a 3 inch plug and hold, I wanted to be super loose, in case he got ruff with my rectum.  I arrived right on time, the place was just like the pictures.

He secured wrists and ankles to weight bench, my asshole high and exposed. He proceeded in open my asshole with larger and larger dongs, getting ruffer with every size up. At the 3 inch dongs he was punching my rectum inside out for what seemed like hours, I could not cum from it, after about 1 hour of continuous dong punches, I was getting sore and wanted to stop, being bound helpless he continued to plow the shit out of my rectum despite, my complaints. In fact that only made him get rougher, my asshole was mincemeat, when he finally sunk his cock in my huge gaping asshole, sliding his hand along side his cock and jacking himself out, really pulling on the anal ring. My ring gaped puffy all red and demolished again.

Here is the prep work right at the beginning of some extreme anal, my asshole gaping getting ready.
You can see, its always this size, gaped.

Nail My asshole, daddy, Ruin me!

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  1. hi, i think you can gape more!! bye


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