Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Gape

Losing all asshole muscle control halfway into the session, my asshole gapes out severly as I show the camera

Ohhh you ruined my asshole!

Monday, January 16, 2012

2 new assworkers coming

Two new asshole workers/ass-masters are coming online, to help devastate my rectum with the other two already working it DG and phil

KC- Really into extreme rectal, depth and width, likes to closed fist punch holes inside out, ruff dildo punches, inducing large prolapse and eating them. Assist in beast/horse cock fuckings. Nothing make his cock harder, then watching my rectum lose all control from power punches or watching a huge horse cock sink into my colon, and cum.

Bill- Older top daddy into extreme anal stretching as well, Large 9 inch cock that likes to fuck and fist. Exhibitionist, Photographer, Like to take pics of my asshole getting destroyed by other guys. Like to fist out my cavity, huge, then sink has large dick in and jack off inside my rectum. Likes big ass lips and huge gaping non closing holes.

Keep abreast of the session by viewing the Calender below, it tells which assmaster, is working my rectum, sessions will start to intensify to at least once a day. Start breaking down the rectal muscle for a more permanent open asshole..


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colon Work

Accepting this wide rubber shaft , thats 12 inches into my rectum, right when this pic was taken, he slide into the colon bend for an extreme depth pounding.

Ohhh fuck ruin me!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chat Session

yeah, would blow that sweet cunt open.  punch it in hard and fast so your ring can't establish any grip,then put something fat and ridged or bumpy in it like a beaded or spiked dildo, or an old blown glass bottle with the raised detailing, ram a full sized bedpost up your rectum
and then SPIN and GRIND that fucker hard. Hard enough to hurt normal rectum that wasn't stretched and slutty like yours. Then,after that is done, put a speculum in and widen that asshole till its about to rip and drop huge things into your cavern and watch them slowly sink down into your colon. Hell‎ would love to put an ENTIRE ass plug base and all in there and then just leave it in after the speculum goes closed,force you to shit it out base and all. Your fucked up rectum would never be the same again.  You game?