Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hot email from blog viewer

Asshole Slut

Just found your blog...WOW WOW thats one huge blown out asshole!!...sign of a true asshole slut...
The guys ruined your asshole for any normal vanilla gay fucks, they would never feel your ruined asshole, unless they jacked off inside your big rectum. Your rectal cavity seems all stretched out too, Big cavern....big objects go right in??

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gray Mushroom Dong

Gray Mushroom Dong
This is the starter dong (Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)= 2.75, Shaft width= 2.50 at base, Insertable Length=10). about 10-15 viscous punches into his asshole to start things off, the sharp head does a good job in breakdown the asshole ring muscle for larger insertions. Session Date 12/11/2012

Nuts Isolated off nicely, extremely shaved pubes

Colon Bend Work Wednesday

Finally got these off the cameras, this is from Wednesdays 12/12/2012 depth session with Assmaster Phil. (narrating)

Were we concentrate on working his colon bend straight so guys can fist deep easily, I'm snaking a beer can thick dildo with a massive head (see picture of toy below), 13 or 14 inches, way up into that colon, then ram....his little bald cock comes almost immediately.

See how his ass cheeks are bulging out?, accepting that 3 inch wide triangular head, destroys his ring by pumping the head in and out right on the ring, then a few deep 14 inch plunges, working the colon bend.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Lull

During the week of and after xmas, thing pretty much grind to a halt for the rectal stretching Sessions. The 3 Assmasters are generally traveling or with family, and so is the anal slut, Generally he keeps his rectum well conditioned by doing daily bottle expansions and hold, Generally its those 24 oz plastic drinking bottles, filled with plaster of Paris, stone like expansion at 3 inches and hold for 1/2 hour every day. In addition to--

  • Keeping the pubes, balls and asshole well shaved, almost daily
  • Isolating off the nuts and Sounding the piss slit in the workshop as much as possible, until anal can start
  • Blog postings almost daily. and website work
  • Gaytube uploads and blog maintenance, xtube posts
  • Securing new beast anal master KC for canine and Horse fuckings, extreme rectal starting 1/2/2013.
  • Making Big plans for stepping up the work on the rectum and asshole destruction for 2013

Look for HOT HOT anal expansions starting in 2013, 3 tops trash out his rectum daily

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mr Colon Pounder

Thought this was good, yea punch into my colon, my huge rectum cavity can take it!
Fuck, Demolish my rectum!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gaytube profile

Here is my new Gaytube profile, Its work in progress, I also put a link to it in the links section

Adding most of my Movies files here, Also here is my xtube version

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Piss Slit Sunday

Been rodding the slit in and out all Sunday, nuts isolated off, not letting my little bald cock cum.
6 inch pencil thick sound in my little rock hard 4 inch baldy
Little 4" bald dick taking on the 6 inch sound

Complete pencil thick insertions, then fuck in and out for 10 minutes

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rectal Breakdown

We decided this week to take my asshole and rectum to the next level in width and depth, Asshole muscle breaking down nicely,time to kick it up a notch on the rectum! Big red was a solid 3.75 in width with a massive head close to 4 inches, x 10.5 inches insert able and we would take my asshole to the limit with it everyday this week. Its monday, get ready to split the ring in two.He prepped the 2.75 x 10 inch starter dong Well lubed he aimed at my open asshole, I was doggy face down and asshole high. The starter dong sunk to the hilt, all 10 inches in one push

"Ohhh gawd open asshole, went in with ease" I said moaning from the invasion.
"Monster asshole, your huge and getting lippy already he said, sawing the dong in and out in solid long strokes.
"Im gonna open up huge today for you so you can drive big red hard and fast" I said, getting into the anal.
"Good anal whore, your ready to move up in size already" He said, greasing up the 3 incher.
"We will pop the ring for a while with the 3 incher then go for the kill with big red, polish off your rectum good today" he said
"Fuck yea, get up into my rectum good, core me out soild" I hit the poppers, waiting for the 3 inch to fall in.
The 3 inch spread my anal-ring tight, the ring accepted it, and he powered that baby home.
"Huge rectum, it took it right in, my cavity is full, fuck yea, ruin me, pound it as hard as you want" I screamed hoping he would get into a good solid ryhthem and core me out
for a long time.

"Just enough until your asshole gives out, then its big red time" he said, butt slamming the monster, i hit the poppers, just as i lost all rectal control from the dong"There goes my asshole muscle, juts lost complete muscle elasticity" I announced, and he prepped big red for insertion, holding the current dong in my cavity, he pulled out real quick, aimed big red and began pushing.Big red dented in my anal ring and began to stretch it out, at three inches, the ring began to get taught once the width exceeded the last dong.

"Relax and accept this monster into your rectum" he said, applying more pressure.

I concentrated on relaxing and allowing it into me, with poppers, over and over "Take it into your rectum you'll love it, dont you want your asshole huge and non closing", over and over the sentence ran thru my head.

My asshole started to expand wider, the head was at the widest part right on my ring, i thought my ring was gonna tear, Then wham, the ring accept the head and that thing sank deep accepting the large red shaft, I scream out from the ring and then the shaft felt great filling it to the  max, As he began stroking my rectum with the head my rectum relaxed and opened up more, It felts great being taken to new levels in width, Is tarted getting into the anal big time...

"Fuck Yea, there you go, Stroke my huge meat chute, wreck that ring muscle" I pleaded. He  was hot, and started plowing fast and hard, I had to hold one, and try to keep up with the severe core job my asshole was taking.

 At one put he accidentally pulled all the way out, and try to cram back in immediately, my asshole resisted a little, then it sunk home again, the pummeling continued, he pulled out completely again, but this time my asshole ring started accepting the width, He wasable to start punching big red at this time, devastating my rectum, I could not hold back and started squirting cum all over place..End of the first session for the week, Monday 11/26/2012.
Stroking the Starter Dong in my rectal chute, makes little baldy rock hard at 4 inches

Sunday, November 25, 2012

All The Analboy Movies for download

All of the analboy movies clips (WMV) are available for download at I will eventually put the links in the links section for ease. The movies eat the bottom are better (18-21)

Analboy11.wmv    Its Analboy ruining his asshole from dildo punch fuckings.

Analboy12.wmv    Its Analboy trying to stretch over a 4" wide butt plug.

Analboy13.wmv    Its Analboy plowing his asshole, then inserting a HUGE cucumber,screaming when it goes in.

Analboy14.wmv    Its Analboy plowing his asshole with the 3" wide BAM dildo. He hammers his asshole!, Great sound!

Analboy15.wmv    Its Analboy punch fucking his asshole with a HUGE dildo in this 60 second clip

Analboy16.wmv    Its Analboy punch fucking his asshole with a HUGE dildo in this 60 second clip

Analboy17.wmv    Its Analboy mutilating his asshole in the library in this  60 second clip

Analboy18.wmv    Its Analboy ramming his asshole 70 times with a 2-1/2 inch (6.3cm) wide x 11 inch (25.4cm) dildo  in the 1 minute clip

Analboy19.wmv    Its Allen forcing a 3-1/2 inch (8.9cm) wide x 11 inch (25.4cm) dildo in a 2 minute movie

Analboy20.wmv    See and hear Analboy as he just mutilates his asshole in a 2 minute movie. Large dildos tear up his sphincter muscle

Analboy21.wmv    See and hear Analboy as Assdaddy just mutilates his asshole with a 3 inch wide dildo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Repost of all 1500 Pics

The Fapomatc online album has been out of date, All 1500 Analboy pics have been reposted and the link updated on the links section. Here is the drent link, Look for my images. Leave Comments!

Analboys FileFap online Album

The Toys Page and Suggestion Page

I have added a new Toys page link HERE (or on the right hand side link bar)
and decide to re-vamp the suggestion page link HERE

9 inch fat cucumber buried to hilt

Accept this into your rectum boy!

Accepting the 3 wide Brown dildo without any asshole preperation, one easy but forcefull push and my rectum accepted the monster. Loose open asshole.

Ohhhhh my rectum, Ruin me Assdaddy!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Double Asshole Attack-Repost

The last post had font issues

Double asshole attack- Constant anal reaming Thursdays

John just finished ramming huge dildos, when David called wanting to come over for some serious asshole fisting.  With John punch-fisting three inch dildos for a solid 45 minutes, my asshole was hanging, Non functioning, not closing at all, as a cleaned up.  John cleaned up and headed out saying good along the way, as he slugged down his beer.  It was not `15 minutes when Dave appeared at the door, I let him in, told him I was going to get ready.  He watched porn, jacking but not coming, Getting hot for the rectum wrecking.  I snapped the  thick rubberband around my nuts and walked out.

"Monster blown out asshole is ready, John just got done with a solid core job" I said..

Into position, "Wow non closing asshole perfect." His gloved hand ease up my rectum with no resistance, he made a fist and started fisting in and out immediately, My asshole started to get larger and looser.

"Fuck yea punch the shit out of my asshole, wreck it good"

he picked that pace up and started punching in and out right on my asshole ring muscle, I hit the poppers and let him tear up my asshole good. He punched for a solid 15 minutes, before the fisting milk a load out from anal, my asshole did not close properly for 2 days from the back to back sessions.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Calendar Color Coding

Since the frequency and intensity of the rectal sessions is increasing, Monitor the online calendar at the bottom of the blog to see what kind of sessions are about to take place. You can click on that session to get a detailed description of the rectal destruction. The guys are really working my rectum now, so big and sloppy...

Here is the color coding guide

  • Solo Anal Sessions-Aqua Blue- Keeping the rectum in proper shape for the Assmasters.
  • Website/Blog Work-Dark Orange- Maintenance, Updates and Photo-postings.
  • Tentative Solo Sessions- blue- Hold for proposed sessions to avoid conflcits
  • Pee Hole Soundings-Green- Working the piss slit, almost at 150 soundings and counting, open bubbly slit.
  • Shaved Pubes-Pink- Smooth as silk for the analslut look.
  • Rectum Wrecker Sessions-Purple-General Asshole workout, including dick fuckings.
  • Non Anal Task-Gold-Things that are not rectum related but do effect sessions .
  • Extreme Depth Sessions-Brown-Concentrating on Straightening out the colon bend .
  • Extreme Anal Sessions -Maroon- Nailing the asshole harder than ever. Taking to the limit in both width and depth, working the nuts.
  • Big Black Takes the rectum-Black/dk Grey- Our largest dong almost 3-3/4 wide sinks home, not every session big black goes in, but when it does, wee keep track for rectal conditioning. If Big Black (BB) Starts going in regualary, the anal ring is breaking down nicely. BB Hase a 3-3/4 wide head and is shown in the picture below, the sharp triangular head ruins the anal-ring in a matter of minutes. the shaft is a solid 3 inches wide.

  • Saturday, November 10, 2012

    242 colon plunges in 1/2 hour

    Assmaster wanted to start getting more depth on a regular basis, straighten out my colon bend constantly for easy elbow deep fistings, first he had to break down my asshole ring muscles to make it easier.

    I was ready, shaved bald pubes, cleaned out, Tight rubber ring isolating of the nuts. Ready, Our starter dong just fell right into my loose hole,  as it slide right up the rectum for a complete 10 inch insertion at 2 inches wide, the head firmly lodged in the colon bendon the very first fall in, a couple pumps and my assring was hanging around the toy, flabby, We moved up to the Big 3 incher x 12 long.. A little resistance, and then 'ooooooh shit" It sank into the rectum with relative ease too

    Swift powerful strokes quickly brokedown my asshole ring muscle, until it was a sloppy meat hole, He started inching the monster deeper and deeper nailing the colon bend hard, I could feel the colon being straighten into one straight tubeAfter 25 strokes he was up to full speed colon work, and I was getting ready to squirt off, I held off allowing him to breakdown the colon bend and make the dong make me cum w/o jacking, at 240 plunges, the little bald cock shot off, then 2 more to nail the pulsating ring.

    The colon work dong, The Armadillo. from

    14x2.25 inch insertion possible, at the 2-1/2 to third hump your into my colon bend, for some great depth workouts.

    Sunday, November 4, 2012


    Devastated his asshole from pumping

    Saturday, November 3, 2012

    Bedpost Insertion

    Zack Cut the length of a 3 inch wide wooden bed  post (below) to a 12 inch length and hammered it to a flat piece of plywood, daring me to impale my asshole onto it and take the big 4" ball end deep in my rectum.

    I had been conditioning my rectum all morning to take the post deep into me. He slather the hard mahogany wood with a ton of vaseline. I took a big glob of KY jelly and coated my hand, then slide my whole hand up my rectum to grease up my large open cavity.

    I know if i could take the almost 4 inch ball end past the ring, I could sink that baby to the hilt. Then next hurdle would be on the pull out, going over the sharp ripple below the ball, tearing the anal ring or prolapse on the pull out (HOT HOT).

    We were set, Zack held the base tight, I quivered over it, holding my asscheeks open, the greasy round wood ball touching my open asslips.

    "Take this monster into your slutty asshole, you can do it" he said.
    The ball dented in my analring as i sunk down on the monster ball, slowly my asshole expanded to accommodate its width, so i was right about to accept the ball in.

    "Almost, Almost there...ruin your asshole boy, show me" He said..
    The ball sank in my rectum swiftly after getting past the ring muscle, I gasped as the rectum sucked the whole post in, right past the sharp rib below the ball and onto the straight section of the wooden post.
    "Fuck yea, Hot Anal, I said, and starting to pull back off, feeling the sharp ring do a number on my asshole ring muscle "demolish that ring, Pull of fast and repeat" Zack said

    I Pulled off fast, the ball left my rectum with a plop sound, then impaled right back down on it, this time easier, the ball went in. I started getting into a good rut, bedpost fucking, until the ball offered no resistance.

    "Trashed out your asshole muscle again, did you whore???" Zack Said.
    "Fuck yea, makes me cum, any second now" I said, with the next deep plunge, sending my little bald cock shooting, end of the bedpost session. But we kept the post for future post anal fuckings.

    The three inch wide posts
    1/2 hour later, still non closing asshole

    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    Plug Punchings

    An emailed  suggestion/technique

    First get your big 3-3/4 wide triangular plug sunk to the hilt in your asshole.  Now, fuck the plug in and out of your asshole concentrating the widest portion right on the analring, to quickly breakdown the assmuscle, do this for at least 25 in and out plug punches.
    Soon you will feel the assmuscle lose all rectal control, Then sink it to the hilt and hold, while you prepare your large cock vacuum  tube for use. Now rip the plug out real fast and attach the tube to your battered asshole muscle and start pumping. Pump until red meat fills the tube and hole for 15 minutes, increasing the vacuum if you can, if not just hold, as your rectum drops down, more and more meat will fill the tube..Hold, and Prep for more Plug punches. Pull off the tube and look at your rectal meat hanging, search for the slit in the end of your meat tube and slide the big plug back in, trying to keep your prolapse handing out along side the plug, or push the meat tube back in with the plug, now another 25 plug punches. Pull out and inspect the meat hole, attach the tube and vacuum your rectum to prolapse and hold, More and more meat should be coming out with every pump session, until you do a complete prolapse and your entire rectum comes out and stays out, so I can slip my dick into your well developed meat tube and cum inside that prolapse.
    You should do this at least 3 times a week, and get a full blown industrial vacuum pump that runs of electricity, not a hand pump and suck out that prolapse out completely, ruined rectum!

    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    Summer Zuchini

    Early august and large 4 inch wide zucchini are abundant (see below), and I was about to accept that monster into my rectum for a complete insertion all the way into the colon bend. This was gonna be a challenge even with my asshole all blown out and ruined from repeated fistings and dildos punches. I was on a cheap folding chair backwards, asshole hanging off the end, Dave drilling a huge dong up into the gaper. "Fuck yea, Dave drill up into my rectum good, get it ready to take on the big Zuke" I said, Hiking my asshole high, getting into a good rut, on the 3 inch wide dong. "Thats it punch the shit out of my asshole, the muscle is about to go!" I said as the asshole muscle gave out. "Now thats a sloppy non responsive asshole, time for the big zuke Tom, grease that bad boy up", Dave said continued the asshole attack. Zuk was ready and aimed aft end first. "Sink that baby into my rectum, ruin me" I said as Tom held my ass cheeks open and Dave started pushing "its goin', HOT" Tom said, Ohh my asshole ring, I screamed out load as the ring met the widest portion of the zuke, then sank home. "Ohhhh gawd my rectum!, it stretched out my whole cavity!, My ring is gonna tear, Ohhhhhhhhhh" I was breathing hard and sweating as it too my rectum to the absolute limit in width and depth. After a few minutes my asshole started expanding around it as Tom worked my nuts, getting me hot for anal.......They guys made me hold the zucchini for the full half hour at 4 inches width. Result- Non Closing asshole, No rectal control for a long time.

    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Cavern My Rectum

    Last week 7/30/12, Assdaddy creating the rectal cavern, larger and larger shafts drilled deep and held for long periods of time, this is the mid sized expansion, Nuts isolated off tight with a thick rubber band, Thats a 13 incher, deep insertion and hold  at 10 inches

    Ohh my rectum

    Monday, July 30, 2012


    Suggestion came thru---

    Id like to see you give up my whole asshole and rectum for your guys, make it even larger and meatier than that blown out asshole is now.  Become total rectum slut, Hanging damaged asshole muscle . Prolapse out uncontrolled on the toilet from constant fistings. Big rod stretching out your piss slit as the guys punch the shit out of your us all....Ivan the FF punch top

    Saturday, July 28, 2012

    Colon Bend Straightening

    New Pics-This is the dong that Assdaddy works my colon straight with. Long swift strokes, as I rotate my hips I can take it into the colon bend, then way up into my colon it will slide for a solid 13-14 inch extreme depth session, Most of these shots are on the quick pull out. We do regularly scheduled deep sessions (You can tell the deep sessions on the Anal Calendar appear Brown)

    On the pull out, ready for the 14 inch plunge

    Ohh Nail that colon bend assdaddy

    Thrust into me

    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    Constantly Fisted

    They guys are gonna be fisting me out all week next week, Daily sessions M-F, sometimes twice a day, Take my rectum to the limit constantly destroying my analring. 

    Here is assmaster John, taking my rectum to the limit last week, little 4 inch bald cock, not allowed to cum

    Right up my rectum!

    Oh fuck, Ruin Me!

    Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Dr Rectum Attacks

    The new asshole workers, was rareing to go, and I new when I got there, I'd be immediately stripped and a huge dong would be reamed up my asshole.  Before arrving i shaved my pubes, balls and asshole real bald, and cleaned out good.
    I arrived at 3pm, and the two of them were waiting. They invited me in and gave me a beer only after 10 minutes, they stripped me bare. I snapped a large rubberband around my nuts isolating them of nicely for nut work, while Fillipo and Jerry, prepped some large toys. He had a large variety, but all at least beer can thick...all the way up to an ass destroying 4 inch diameter dongs.  Fillipo was the head assworker with Jerry assisting.

    "Lets drape you over the Sofa arm, so I can start working the loose asshole" Fillip said

    Soon I found myself over the sofa cushion asshole high and totally exposed.
    Jerry held my asshole sheeks apread as Phillip greased a beer can thick dildo

    "Time to get your asshole destroyed slut" Fillipo said, he loved getting verbal and really getting into the asshole.  The large dong head split my loose asshole ring, and he powered it all the up my asshole in one long push.

    "Ohh my asshole" I moaned, as he begun long smooth strokes

    "You like that slut?, Your nice and loose and shaved, Im going to take advanatge and really wreck your asshole today, and maybe everyday or at least a lot lot more., Hold those ass cheeks wide, yea, stroking your meat chute boy." Fillipo said  as he started punching and twisting the dong in.

    "I cant get good leverage, lets put you on the floor doggy" Fillipo said.
    I got into position on the floor.

    "Now hike that asshole up high and beg for this next sized dong" he said greasing up the monster big black one, the next one up in his arsenal of ass wreckers.

    "Oh brutalize my asshole sir, non closing open asshole for you" I said, and hit the poppers.

    "He cums my ring wrecker dong" he said, as the huge head dented in my assring as he began to push. I hit the poppers and the asshole ring let loose, and he powered the huge dong in.

    "Ohhh my asshole.........!!!!!" I screamed as the 3 inch  monster filled my rectum cavity, expanding it into a huge tunnel.

    "Oh yea, fuck up your asshole muscle boy, Jerry get the video running, I want to capture the destruction of this anal whores rectum, and he can watch the ring get ruined on the TV" he said. Fillipo now in a nice rut, stroking the entire chute with the huge dong, my rectum complaining loudly, squisy /  slurping sounds, and the sounds of my open cavity moving from the big dong filling the room.

    Then my asshole ring muscle gave out "There goes the ring..oh gawd ruin me" I squelled. Fillipo started ramming full force into my rectum "You got it, your asshole will never tighten again" he said, I could see him pulling asslips in and out ramming the massive dong full force.

    "Im going to jack off and cum in your wrecked asshole, with my fist in your rectum jacking" he said. The huge dong left my devestated asshole with a plop and was replaced immeditatly by his closed fist.  He ease the closed fist in until the asslips hugged his wrist. He got into position. I could feel his closed fist open, and  he ease his cock right into his hand, closing around the cock.  he started jacking like mad pulling again my assring, volcanoeing the ring out, then slamming the sides of my huge rectum chute.

    "ooooooh gawd my asshole, ooohhh shit, ruin that ring" I said hitting the poppers again to absorb the rectal punishment. He was destroying my asshole and I let him.

    "Fuck yea whore, gonna shoot a big load right into that colon" he said, jacking harder, "Im Gonna cum from the fisting, nail it!, Im cummming!" I said

    At the same instant Fillipo blasted a load right in my colon. Videoing stopped, and he pulled out. My asshole as big as an orange and non-closing, totally trashed out.

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Damage my asshole muscle

    Getting ready for the 5th rectal session of the day, my asshole was hanging loose from sessions all day long, they guys had milked my
    cock dry from extreme anal, as I snapped a huge rubberband around my nuts, isolating the nuts off nicely, next a piece of 1 inch long hose, split, around the nuts, isolated off the nuts even more, 3 greasy fingers swirled in my open asshole, as I greased up for the next session, as I entered in the "rectal war room" Dave was reading the large dildos, massive 4 inch dongs coated with plenty of KY and new fresh poppers, I new my asshole was gonna get mutilated again, as I got into position, doggy style, face down, asshole high, my lippy open asshole yawning open, the 3 inch wide starter dong slide up my chute with no resistance, as I relaxed and allowed my asshole to be fully expanded out.
    "Fuck yea, right up my rectum, so loose" I moaned, Hitting the poppers as he cored out my rectum at high speed.

    "Im gonna milk another load out of that sluttty bald cock and nuts" He said, working my isolated off nuts, plungering the dildo in and out. "Splt your asshole ring muscle over the 4 incher

    "Another load?, Im gonna shoot dry!!" I said as deep plunges straightened out my colon bend.

    "Your asshole will never be the same again, get ready for the big boy" He said, picking up the massive 4 incher.

    "Oh fuck yea, destroy my asshole, ruin me on Big Ben" I said hitting the poppers, as he began stretching my asshole ring over big ben.

    "Almost, a little bit further, youve almost got it in, Accept this monster into your rectum" he growled, pushing harder

    The monster sank home, "oooooooh gawd my asshole!!" I screamed as 8 inches of 4 inch wide rubber shaft sank to the hilt.

    "Hold on, let me get into a nice steady punching ryhthem" he said picking up the pace on my rectum, he began punching my analring over and over.
    "Oh yea, punch the shit out of my asshole, Im gonna cum from it, real hard" Is said

    Powerfull solid punches devestated my rectum in a matter of minutes. Oh Daddy please slap my nuts around so I can cum.....ohh i cant hold out.....
    Im cumming!!!!", My cock head throbbed and my asshole convulsed and I came dry cum shot.

    Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    Blown out ring

    Possible hookup coming

    Fantastic Blown out asshole!!!, Man thats huge and loose!!, perfect fisting rectum slut. your large ruined rectum would be perfect for my closed punching fists. I could take your asshole to the next limit in width and depth, if you'd like to meet. I have developed and toned my punching technique, and will devastate your asshole ring muscle, Closed fist punch in, twist and rip out real fast, and you'll lose all rectal control in a matter of minutes. If you could entertain myself and my assistant over the weekend, fist and dildo you out all weekend, your asshole would never return closed, perfect for blogger postings.

    Saturday, June 30, 2012

    Business Anal

    Spent that last week in a hotel room for Work, the whole week by myself after work, 800 miles from home. got some long neck beer bottles and plastic water bottles+ vaseline, kept my rectum open every evenings....large open when I get back home, the guys can plow home with ease....
    slide my whole hand up my rectum, watch my little bald cock shoot from it

    Sunday, June 10, 2012

    Load after load

    Bill and Dave had been dildoing out my asshole allday long, 1 hour sessions, breaks then poundings again and again.
    We were on the 4th session of the day, On my back legs high, Bill was solo, slamming my asshole with the huge 3 inch dildo, using long swift strokes. My worn out asshole ring muscle pulling in and out with every swift stroke.

    "Great rythem in the chute, Bill, thats nailing it good" I said, watching in the mirror as Bill breaksdown my asshole muscle again.

    "Gawd your asshole is huge" He said, picking up speed with the dong action, my tightly rubber-banded off nuts, moving back and forth with the strokes.
      I started rotating my hips to meet the thrusts
    , my colon bend opened up and he sunk the whole dong home.

    "Fuck yea, nail that colon", I said as my asshole muscle was beggining to give out.

    Just then Dave came into the room "Fuck yea, destroys his asshole muscle" he said dropping his pants, his large cock rock hard, as he jacked.  'Here, let me help" He said. "Flip over, Doggy Style"  I did.  "face down Asshole high, slut" dave then spread and held my ass cheeks open, "Huge destroyed asshole, now punch fuck the shit out of it, while i hold it open"
    Let me get the next larger dildo, so it ruins his asshole" Dave said, picking up the massive 3-1/2" incher. Slowely he uaes the monster into my rectum, its split my assholoe ring and sunk home.

    "Ohhhh my asshole, your gonna ruin my rectum for good" I groaned accepting the monster right up my rectum. I hit the poppers as Bill started pumping the asshole ruining dong, Dave keeping my cheeks spread wide.

    "Oh gawd, now thats storking my chute" I moaned, as my asshole began to get even wider, all of a sudden it let loose completly

    "There goes my asshole, I just lost all rectal control, Nail it!" I hit the poppers again.
    "Its huge, punch the fuck out of his asshole" Dave said as Bill pulled out, and started punching the large dildo in and out.

    "oooooh fuck, my asshole is taking it, fuck!!! ruin me!" I screamed as I worked my banded off nuts to stay out for the anal assault.  "You heard him, destroy his asshole, fuck look at that" he said, I looked down in the mirror to see my huge asshole gape out to a ferect round hole the size of a softball.

    "Ok lets milk a load out of him" Dave said "Keep punching his rectum, Ill work the banded nuts, make that little bald cock cum from his asshole being destroyed". Dave started kneading my nuts like marbles in his hand.  I held my rock hard 4 incher straight out for the cum shot that was building.
    A hard punch in and rip out, and "ohhhh fuck im cumming!", they guys milked out the 5th load of the day.

    Sunday, May 20, 2012

    Colon Shaftings

    Black AssDaddy Shafting out my rectum at high speed. He reams hard in and out right to the end, then eases into the colon bend for a 13 inch insertion, then reams hard again, burying this dong to the hilt, continuously straightening out my colon bend until he produces a giant fisting cavern.

    Friday, May 18, 2012

    What he wanted...

    What he wanted

    Im doggy style, face down asshole high...You dildo out my asshole until it doesn't close, then stand over me, rock hard, from underneath, slide a huge 1/4 pencil thick sound into my little 4" bald cock until it disappears, then hold you thumb over the end of my cock, so its fully inserted and start doggy fucking my open asshole, so you can feel that rod on your shaft. so I can have a huge violent cum shot.

    Monday, April 9, 2012

    Punching the rectal walls

    Should be a solid week of asshole workouts. Love when guys get into a good solid fisting rhythm with a closed fist, Then i start rotating my hips to meet the the thrusts in unison, so you can really expand out the walls. I jack my little bald cock hard and hold it straight out, then stop, allowing you to milk loads out from fistings. Really hot anal...Its great, about halfway into a session, my asshole muscle gives out completely, no rectal control or resistance, then the guys can get real ruff with it.  Makes me cum so hard from it.

    In this session Steve was the one fisting, I was on back Legs high above head, asshole hanging of the end of the bed Steve was swiftly fisting out my rectum.

    "Thats it boy, nice and loose for your assDaddy, love when you have no rectal control" he said.

    "Oh gawd my rectum" I moaned, pushing my little 4 inch bald cock straight out but not jacking"

    "Analwhore!, Now rotate those hips, so i can nail those rectal walls, get into the colon bend deep, make you cum the the asshole slut you are. DONT YOU JACK!, THATS an order"
    Steve said.

    I gently rolled hips in circles and felt him enter my colon bend "Im into your colon" he said and started picking up the pace with swift in and out punches.

    "Fuck yea, wreck my asshole, Make me cum from it AssDaddy" I said rotating my hips in large circles, keeping up with his now powerful closed fist rectum punches.

    "Thats it, Your gonna make me cum!!!!, Ruin meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" I screamed holding my little cock straight as Assdaddy went to work my tied off nuts at the same time

    "Oh oh, ohhhh gawd im cumming from anal!" screaming as little baldy squirted out a big loading sending my destroyed asshole convulsing like crazy as Assdaddy kept pumping his arm in and out, totally devastating my asshole muscle.

    Sunday, April 8, 2012

    Upcoming Sessions

    Should be a solid week of asshole workouts. Love when guys get into a good solid fisting movement with a closed fist, Then i start rotating my hips to meet the the thrusts in unision, so you can really expand out the walls. I jack my little bald cock hard and hold it straight out, then stop, allowing you to milk loads out from fistings. Really hot anal...

    Asshole slut

    Sunday, February 12, 2012


    Everybody always like this one of me shafting out a huge tunnel, little bald 4 inch cock.

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    My email is corrupted-Yahoo Chat

    For those of you that I have chated with or  exchanged emails.  A virus attacked my yahoo account and wiped out my whole contact list, I cannot email or receive emails anymore from that account anymore either, forcing me to create a new yahoo account. Use



    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Hot Anal Week

    Should be an ass opening week coming up 2/6, Have guys scheduled for everyday at 4:30pm, D. is Monday, Tues, KC. is Wednesday, PR. is Thursday, and then KC. again on Friday, get into some rectal!
    Open up some ass!
    Check the Google calendar below for details.


    With J-Lube the guys can really open up my is some info on the stuff
    J-Lube is a concentrated lubricant that comes in powder form. According to the bottle, it is manufactured for Jorgensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado and consists of 25% polyethylene polymer (polyethylene oxide) and 75% dispersing agent (sucrose, according to the MSDS which you can find here in ASCII text format and here in PDF format). When mixed with water, it produces a thick, clear, extremely slippery lubricant whose intended purpose is to aid in gynecological examinations for farm animals and to assist in cases of dystocia, or abnormal/difficult labor during childbirth. However, it is, without a doubt, the best lubricant I have ever encountered. It is inexpensive (around $10 for two to six gallons of lubricant, depending on the recipe), easy to mix (just add water!), and contains no extraneous chemicals or preservatives (unless you put them in when mixing it). And since it's water based, it's fully latex condom compatible as well as being safe for use with silicone toys.

    Saturday, February 4, 2012

    Nailing the asshole....

    Hot Session---

    I met assmaster Mark, from this blog.  Mark is into big time anal based bondage and fistings, not quite my style, but Ill let him wreck my asshole for a couple hours.  His place had the full setup, a weight bench or what looks like a weight bench, various ropes, huge ass busting dongs, I agreed to be real shaved mooth asshole pubes and nuts, and cleaned out ahead of time before arriving. Finally a large rubberband snapped around the nuts, isolating them off.  I did a little pre-work and expanded out my rectum over a 3 inch plug and hold, I wanted to be super loose, in case he got ruff with my rectum.  I arrived right on time, the place was just like the pictures.

    He secured wrists and ankles to weight bench, my asshole high and exposed. He proceeded in open my asshole with larger and larger dongs, getting ruffer with every size up. At the 3 inch dongs he was punching my rectum inside out for what seemed like hours, I could not cum from it, after about 1 hour of continuous dong punches, I was getting sore and wanted to stop, being bound helpless he continued to plow the shit out of my rectum despite, my complaints. In fact that only made him get rougher, my asshole was mincemeat, when he finally sunk his cock in my huge gaping asshole, sliding his hand along side his cock and jacking himself out, really pulling on the anal ring. My ring gaped puffy all red and demolished again.

    Here is the prep work right at the beginning of some extreme anal, my asshole gaping getting ready.
    You can see, its always this size, gaped.

    Nail My asshole, daddy, Ruin me!

    Sunday, January 29, 2012

    Super Gape

    Losing all asshole muscle control halfway into the session, my asshole gapes out severly as I show the camera

    Ohhh you ruined my asshole!

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    2 new assworkers coming

    Two new asshole workers/ass-masters are coming online, to help devastate my rectum with the other two already working it DG and phil

    KC- Really into extreme rectal, depth and width, likes to closed fist punch holes inside out, ruff dildo punches, inducing large prolapse and eating them. Assist in beast/horse cock fuckings. Nothing make his cock harder, then watching my rectum lose all control from power punches or watching a huge horse cock sink into my colon, and cum.

    Bill- Older top daddy into extreme anal stretching as well, Large 9 inch cock that likes to fuck and fist. Exhibitionist, Photographer, Like to take pics of my asshole getting destroyed by other guys. Like to fist out my cavity, huge, then sink has large dick in and jack off inside my rectum. Likes big ass lips and huge gaping non closing holes.

    Keep abreast of the session by viewing the Calender below, it tells which assmaster, is working my rectum, sessions will start to intensify to at least once a day. Start breaking down the rectal muscle for a more permanent open asshole..


    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Colon Work

    Accepting this wide rubber shaft , thats 12 inches into my rectum, right when this pic was taken, he slide into the colon bend for an extreme depth pounding.

    Ohhh fuck ruin me!

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Chat Session

    yeah, would blow that sweet cunt open.  punch it in hard and fast so your ring can't establish any grip,then put something fat and ridged or bumpy in it like a beaded or spiked dildo, or an old blown glass bottle with the raised detailing, ram a full sized bedpost up your rectum
    and then SPIN and GRIND that fucker hard. Hard enough to hurt normal rectum that wasn't stretched and slutty like yours. Then,after that is done, put a speculum in and widen that asshole till its about to rip and drop huge things into your cavern and watch them slowly sink down into your colon. Hell‎ would love to put an ENTIRE ass plug base and all in there and then just leave it in after the speculum goes closed,force you to shit it out base and all. Your fucked up rectum would never be the same again.  You game?