Sunday, August 28, 2011

Total Rectal Control

Hot rectal scene sent to my email ANALBOY

You would give up my entire rectum for daily use and fisting pleasure. We can power fist 2-3 times a day, until your asshole no longer closes up properly. The morning fisting session would break down your analring so it gets really lippy and non closing. This session would be to concentrate wrecking the asshole ring muscles, to begin to lose all rectal control. No cumming in the morning session so you stay hot and horny for the afternoons depth session. Pummel the ring again until it hangs, then way up into my colon with dongs and fists, Alternate hand fisting in and out, straighten out your colon bend until, until you lose rectal comtrol a second time and everything gushes out, but I keep fisting, bound and determined to permanently destroy your ass muscle. When your ready  to cum, I work your rabbanded off  nuts and fist at same time. In the evening whored out to a bunch of ruff fisters, see how much deep fast fisting you could take, totally destroy your asshole as I milk load after load out from anal...Repeat Daily

Ohhh they ruined my asshole muscle!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Takin' on the Rectum Stager

I met a Hot Assdaddy locally, He has the rectum stager shown below, but no one willing to accept it in the asshole, He wants me to come over and try, around September 7th 5pm, and document the rectal work with a third doing the pics. This one is gonna take my asshole to the absolute limit in width and depth..stay tuned....check the calender for rectal sessions

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Suggestion Added

Added a suggestion to the suggestion page (Link for suggestion site over in the links ares of the blog)
Here it is
Get large, hard balls (acrylic juggling, marble spheres -- they are available up to 4" diameter, and marble is nice and heavy)  sink a 4 incher up your sloppy rectum then pop in/out.  Mix different size for different effects -- large - small - large is for total rectal breakdown.  Take a 4 incher and continually shit it out, then force it back in, push it out again, only with your sloppy assmuscle, no help. This will help you drop that rectum down and out your asshole.  Pop one into your colon bend stand up, and feel the heavy weight, drop you colon down.  They can also be inserted as a base before other dildo or fistplay.  Allows for continued stretching while actively moving around.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Im Back!

If you have been following this blog (or my any of my other blogs/sites/ instant messenger ( IM name: cbattery44256)), you noticed lack of activity. I recently had some issues that forced me to stop all blog and anal workouts. All issues have passed and things are settling down and should be back to normal now. Time to start destroying the asshole again.

Have sessions lined up for all next week, ready to get back into it. I shaved my pubes real bald and tested the rectum with a 16oz plastic drinking bottle filled with warm/hot water, greased with vaseline. That baby slid right up my rectum with ease. 2 weeks without rectal, and my asshole was still huge!, the guys did a good job breaking down the anal ring!.

Time to start strecthing out the cavity to the max and showing it off...

Asshole whore. Analboy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Really Bald Pubes

Shaved the pubes, balls and asshole really smooth Sunday, jacked my cock hard, then shaved them again. Its really smooth now, for this weeks upcoming asshole fisting sessions.  Slid the 16 oz plastic drinking bottle filled with water right up my rectum, no resistance of the asshole ring muscle, stroked that baby the whole length of my rectum, you should see the ridges of the bottle make my cock jump, with my nuts banded off tight.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shafting my rectum out

Shafting my rectum out with the 3 inch wide dong, preparing my asshole for an upcoming rectal destruction session.  I like to get my rectum huge for the guys so they can plow right in without any asshole warm-ups.