Sunday, June 26, 2011

Before Sessions

I like to gape out like this for the guys BEFORE the session starts, allow full access to my entire rectum and colon bend.

Core out the rectum

Turning my rectum into a huge cavernous tunnel
Cavern out that rectum boy!

Fuck up my asshole bad!

Monday, June 13, 2011

O-ringed bald cock

Here is Analboys O-ringed off, 6" shaved bald cock as promised. See the blog post link "o-ring" in the labels section for how to use and construct the oring nut isolator. Extra thick rubber bands doubled in half isolate his nuts for nut work. Next pic we get one fully sounded,,,,

Rectal Pumping Analboy

After some beer can thick dildo work to let loose, Pumping some red meat into the tube under high vacuum, you can see the prolapse starting, Nuts rubberbanded off tight. Photos taken 6/13/2011.
More prolapse rectum pumping soon.

Ohh my rectum is coming out!

Abuse my asshole.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Great Session

Assmaster 1 had the dongs plowing full speed ahead today, really taking my rectum hard and forcefull.

"Yea thats is, nail my asshole, I love it" I groaned as the huge dong plunges deep into my rectum, compressing a load of air.

"Fuck listen to those rectal noises, Im demolishing your asshole slut" He said, plunging right into the colon bend with the 4 inch monster dong.

"Fuck, great depth, fuck my colon bend straight" I said Hitting the poppers, and went face down asshole high doggy and allowed him full access to my rectal cavity, for the next 1 hour it was constant plunging of huge dongs, no mercy anal ring popping using large butt plugs and big headed dongs. 20 minutes into it and I lost all rectal control, so he could easily fist.

For the remaining hour we was closed hand fisting my cavity hard, alternating hands, left, right, left, right, really nailing it, try to milk a load out....I started pissing myself, but contained it once i saw the piss fly. I was working up to a huge cum shot, when the combination if pistoning fists started to rosebud out my asshole, I blasted a huge cum shot for a great Tuesday session.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Solo Ass Wrecking session

Great solo session Monday to prepare for Tuesdays rectum Wrecking marathon. My loose asshole opened up wide for the biggest dongs.

First I isolated my bald nuts off with 2 very thick rubberbands, set a backless bar stool in the middle of the room. I draped myself over it so my pelvis was right on the stool, cock pushed down in front, so i could milk a load out from the huge dongs. Assmaster 1 always prefer that all solo sessions cap off with accepting the 4 inch wide big black dong into my rectum and holding, to stretch out the entire cavity on regular basis. I set the monster dong on a footstool for the climax insertion, as i mounted the foor stool.

Greased up the beer can thick starter dong, and eased the monster right up my loose hanging asshole with no resistance from the anal ring. I pumped the rectum until the asshole expanded even more and it was time to go larger. The midsized one had a great head to work the anal ring, prep it for Big black. I powered it right up my asshole, and started popping my analring working my banded off nuts, this was gonna milk a load out quickly, so I stopped so that Big black could demolish my rectum. I was loose and hanging ready to attempt it. Greasing Big black I sat down in it, holding the shaft as the monster 4 inch head tried to split my asshole ring muscle, slowley it proceeded to spread the ring open. Then the head quickly sank into my rectum, as my weight sank over the shaft for a solid 9 inch insertion. I screamed as the monster filled my rectum for a deep insertion. I let my rectum get used to a 4 inch width for a couple minutes before I started to work it. Soon i was stroking the rectum good and the anal was gonna make me shoot, I blasted off 5 minutes later as the 4 inch dong destroyed my anal ring in the 1 hour long solo session #1694

Friday, June 3, 2011

Double Asshole Attack Thursday 6/2/11

Bill and Tom wnat to get into a double asshole attack session. Each taking turns abusing my asshole with toys and fistings. After a quick clean out I was doggy style on the bed, the guys standing behind me dong in each hand. Bill was first, Beer can thick starter dong sunk right in to a 8 inch depth, stroking it a few times, until my asshole let loose completly. Tom was next with the next size up in width, eased the head and started jackhammering the dong like crazy, while Bill counted off the thrust after 134 straight punches, I begged for a rest, Tom stopped. Bill was next with the same sized dong as Tom with a slightly bigger head, he stepped in and butt slammed the monster home, so hard I fell forward flat out on my stomach, but the guys did not stop, Another 130 or so punches, and they brought me to a cum shot, concentrating the large head right on my anal ring, I shot off hard from anal. One of the greatest double asshole attacks my rectum ever took. Great Thursday 6/2/2011 Session.