Friday, December 16, 2011

Rectal Slow Down

Slippin' into the holidays the rectal workouts slow to about 3 times a week, Mandatory Shaved pubes are maintained every other day, with plastic bottle insertions if the rectum needs stretched. Back at it the couple days before xmas, then a break until 12/27.

asshole slut
12/23 UPDATE:
Extreme rectal sessions set up for 12/29 12/30 and then 1/3/2012...then everyday for the month of January with a combo of 3 guys plowing into my rectum everyday, it wont be a 3 way asshole attack, but individual sessions keeping my asshole stretched out daily. After the new year, time to kick it up a noth on the asshole, try to break down the anal ring for good, get up into the colon for extreme depth.

Asshole slut

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