Friday, December 16, 2011

Rectal Slow Down

Slippin' into the holidays the rectal workouts slow to about 3 times a week, Mandatory Shaved pubes are maintained every other day, with plastic bottle insertions if the rectum needs stretched. Back at it the couple days before xmas, then a break until 12/27.

asshole slut
12/23 UPDATE:
Extreme rectal sessions set up for 12/29 12/30 and then 1/3/2012...then everyday for the month of January with a combo of 3 guys plowing into my rectum everyday, it wont be a 3 way asshole attack, but individual sessions keeping my asshole stretched out daily. After the new year, time to kick it up a noth on the asshole, try to break down the anal ring for good, get up into the colon for extreme depth.

Asshole slut

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Solid Shafting of my rectum

Taking advantage of the wornout asshole ring muscle, getting up into the colon
Shaft out my rectum men!

Bulging ass cheeks, as the rectum shifts down for the start of a prolapse

Colon work

Gettin' up into the colon bend, thats a 12 inch solid rubber shaft insertion
Shaved bald slut workout

Fist Right on the ring

The closed fist right on the analring about to sink into my rectum,
Oh work my banded off nuts while you fist!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mutilated rectal Meat

My mutilated rectal meat and how to get it like that, right up into the colon bend with a 3 incher
Fuck yea, destroy my rectum

Going right up into the colon for a 10 inch insertion