Sunday, August 28, 2011

Total Rectal Control

Hot rectal scene sent to my email ANALBOY

You would give up my entire rectum for daily use and fisting pleasure. We can power fist 2-3 times a day, until your asshole no longer closes up properly. The morning fisting session would break down your analring so it gets really lippy and non closing. This session would be to concentrate wrecking the asshole ring muscles, to begin to lose all rectal control. No cumming in the morning session so you stay hot and horny for the afternoons depth session. Pummel the ring again until it hangs, then way up into my colon with dongs and fists, Alternate hand fisting in and out, straighten out your colon bend until, until you lose rectal comtrol a second time and everything gushes out, but I keep fisting, bound and determined to permanently destroy your ass muscle. When your ready  to cum, I work your rabbanded off  nuts and fist at same time. In the evening whored out to a bunch of ruff fisters, see how much deep fast fisting you could take, totally destroy your asshole as I milk load after load out from anal...Repeat Daily

Ohhh they ruined my asshole muscle!!!

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