Saturday, August 27, 2011

Takin' on the Rectum Stager

I met a Hot Assdaddy locally, He has the rectum stager shown below, but no one willing to accept it in the asshole, He wants me to come over and try, around September 7th 5pm, and document the rectal work with a third doing the pics. This one is gonna take my asshole to the absolute limit in width and depth..stay tuned....check the calender for rectal sessions

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  1. I don't know if this has been fixed in later production runs, but I had one of these dildoes, and I have a word of warning. When I had mine, the neck between the heads was somewhat flimsily attached. It's just like they took three rubber cock heads and attached them to each other with some rubber cylinders. The problem was that with heavy use the necks begin to separate from the heads. I threw mine away because I was really worried that one day the top head would come off and be stuck deep in my ass. So be careful with it. All of the pushing and shoving can cause the heads to separate. It's a nice stretch though.


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