Sunday, August 21, 2011

Suggestion Added

Added a suggestion to the suggestion page (Link for suggestion site over in the links ares of the blog)
Here it is
Get large, hard balls (acrylic juggling, marble spheres -- they are available up to 4" diameter, and marble is nice and heavy)  sink a 4 incher up your sloppy rectum then pop in/out.  Mix different size for different effects -- large - small - large is for total rectal breakdown.  Take a 4 incher and continually shit it out, then force it back in, push it out again, only with your sloppy assmuscle, no help. This will help you drop that rectum down and out your asshole.  Pop one into your colon bend stand up, and feel the heavy weight, drop you colon down.  They can also be inserted as a base before other dildo or fistplay.  Allows for continued stretching while actively moving around.

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