Saturday, August 20, 2011

Im Back!

If you have been following this blog (or my any of my other blogs/sites/ instant messenger ( IM name: cbattery44256)), you noticed lack of activity. I recently had some issues that forced me to stop all blog and anal workouts. All issues have passed and things are settling down and should be back to normal now. Time to start destroying the asshole again.

Have sessions lined up for all next week, ready to get back into it. I shaved my pubes real bald and tested the rectum with a 16oz plastic drinking bottle filled with warm/hot water, greased with vaseline. That baby slid right up my rectum with ease. 2 weeks without rectal, and my asshole was still huge!, the guys did a good job breaking down the anal ring!.

Time to start strecthing out the cavity to the max and showing it off...

Asshole whore. Analboy

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