Sunday, July 24, 2011

Re: Used to have a suggestions page?

Your right, The suggestion page will go up in the blog and the related website.  It should be there within 1-2 days.   Also, new item for rectum destruction-  Bedpost  (3"x12")mounted to s saw-z-all (recripocating saw) blasting the rectum at full speed.

Sometime ago I think you used to have a page of suggestions from commentors or a "to-do / to try" list.  Things like attaching dildos to a power drill or filling a beverage bottle with warm water and sitting on it, the warm water slowly loosening your hole until it slipped in.

I've used some of those suggestions and wanted to look at the others, but it looks like the site has changed.  Does that page still exist somewhere?

PS. I loved the waterhose enema nozzles, and I just stumbled across those by way of google.  Any more ingenious ideas I should look for?

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