Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Great Session

Assmaster 1 had the dongs plowing full speed ahead today, really taking my rectum hard and forcefull.

"Yea thats is, nail my asshole, I love it" I groaned as the huge dong plunges deep into my rectum, compressing a load of air.

"Fuck listen to those rectal noises, Im demolishing your asshole slut" He said, plunging right into the colon bend with the 4 inch monster dong.

"Fuck, great depth, fuck my colon bend straight" I said Hitting the poppers, and went face down asshole high doggy and allowed him full access to my rectal cavity, for the next 1 hour it was constant plunging of huge dongs, no mercy anal ring popping using large butt plugs and big headed dongs. 20 minutes into it and I lost all rectal control, so he could easily fist.

For the remaining hour we was closed hand fisting my cavity hard, alternating hands, left, right, left, right, really nailing it, try to milk a load out....I started pissing myself, but contained it once i saw the piss fly. I was working up to a huge cum shot, when the combination if pistoning fists started to rosebud out my asshole, I blasted a huge cum shot for a great Tuesday session.

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