Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Solo Ass Wrecking session

Great solo session Monday to prepare for Tuesdays rectum Wrecking marathon. My loose asshole opened up wide for the biggest dongs.

First I isolated my bald nuts off with 2 very thick rubberbands, set a backless bar stool in the middle of the room. I draped myself over it so my pelvis was right on the stool, cock pushed down in front, so i could milk a load out from the huge dongs. Assmaster 1 always prefer that all solo sessions cap off with accepting the 4 inch wide big black dong into my rectum and holding, to stretch out the entire cavity on regular basis. I set the monster dong on a footstool for the climax insertion, as i mounted the foor stool.

Greased up the beer can thick starter dong, and eased the monster right up my loose hanging asshole with no resistance from the anal ring. I pumped the rectum until the asshole expanded even more and it was time to go larger. The midsized one had a great head to work the anal ring, prep it for Big black. I powered it right up my asshole, and started popping my analring working my banded off nuts, this was gonna milk a load out quickly, so I stopped so that Big black could demolish my rectum. I was loose and hanging ready to attempt it. Greasing Big black I sat down in it, holding the shaft as the monster 4 inch head tried to split my asshole ring muscle, slowley it proceeded to spread the ring open. Then the head quickly sank into my rectum, as my weight sank over the shaft for a solid 9 inch insertion. I screamed as the monster filled my rectum for a deep insertion. I let my rectum get used to a 4 inch width for a couple minutes before I started to work it. Soon i was stroking the rectum good and the anal was gonna make me shoot, I blasted off 5 minutes later as the 4 inch dong destroyed my anal ring in the 1 hour long solo session #1694

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