Friday, June 3, 2011

Double Asshole Attack Thursday 6/2/11

Bill and Tom wnat to get into a double asshole attack session. Each taking turns abusing my asshole with toys and fistings. After a quick clean out I was doggy style on the bed, the guys standing behind me dong in each hand. Bill was first, Beer can thick starter dong sunk right in to a 8 inch depth, stroking it a few times, until my asshole let loose completly. Tom was next with the next size up in width, eased the head and started jackhammering the dong like crazy, while Bill counted off the thrust after 134 straight punches, I begged for a rest, Tom stopped. Bill was next with the same sized dong as Tom with a slightly bigger head, he stepped in and butt slammed the monster home, so hard I fell forward flat out on my stomach, but the guys did not stop, Another 130 or so punches, and they brought me to a cum shot, concentrating the large head right on my anal ring, I shot off hard from anal. One of the greatest double asshole attacks my rectum ever took. Great Thursday 6/2/2011 Session.

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