Monday, May 30, 2011

Violent Enemas

Hard powerful enemas expand out my rectal cavity for extreme width sessions. That large steel cage expands out my asshole ring and rectum. A garden hose is attached to the one end, then my erctum is expanded out violently when the hose is turned on full, then a steady stream of water flows keeps the cavity stretched to the max.

Asshole never returns to normal for at least 6-8 hours.


  1. Delicious! Sounds painful and exquisite! Bet you moaned like a sweet little whore in heat!

  2. Just need a little help understanding what's in the pix.

    1) The top pic shows 2 cages - are they interchangeable? is the one tapered at the ring used first, then the second when you are loosened up? and are the cage made of stainless steel elements (ring and rods then welded together)?

    2) Pic 2 - What is the purpose of the purpose of the plastic assembly in the middle (between the cage and the soda can?

    Two thumbs up on creativity!

  3. The cages are interchangable and made of stainless steel, fist smaller one to get things going, second one inserted when my asshole loses all control. The plastic assembly in the middle is used cause this thing is hooked to a garden hose for a constant flusing and moving of water at very high flow rates.

  4. Where do you get those devices at?


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