Thursday, May 5, 2011

Split that ass-ring in two

Assmaster Phil really got into my rectum good on during this session. Doggy style face down asshole high I really relaxed and allowed him into my rectum.

He would stand at the end of the bed constantly pluging the beer can thick dildos at a good pace, working my banded off nuts in unison, preping the asshole to take the giant mushroom headed dong.

"Yea assdaddy nail that rectum good, its so loose and open" I moaned hitting the poppers, after a minute my asshole lost all rectal control as he began to punch the dongs in and out...

"The mushroom dong, ruin my sloppy anal ring" I pleaded

The Mushroom dildo had a 3-1/2 inch wide sharp triangulr head with a solid 3 inch wide shaft. (see picture below) and really does a job on my analring when it sinks over it. Then with long swift thrusts almost pulling out the asshole muscle turns to mush, unable to close properly.

"Take this monster into your asshole slut" He said and began pushing in the big head.

The huge head split the ring and sank into my rectum, slow strokes grew to swift long strokes quickly breaking down my anal ring..Now work my banded off nuts to milk me off...

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