Monday, May 23, 2011

A Hot email

Had to share a hot email.

mmmmmmm love yur hot boi asshole love the way you abuse it I WOULD LOVE TO FIST you deep and with both fists repeatedly!! love your asshole love to fuck it fist it FIST it worked it EAT it really abuse it shove things in it YOU NAME IT love a hot wet VERY loose asshole love to piss in it too you are fuckin hot!!!!!!

mmmmmm nothing would please and excite me more!! Love a loose hanging distended asshole mmmmmmm love to suck hard on your boi cunt lips feed them to your daddy!!! Let me destroy your rectum until you lose all control

love that rectum and asshole mmmmmmm feed me that hot boi cunt PLEASE!!!!! love to get those cunt lips swollen and red and really hanging!!!!! love to share you hot distended cunt with a few other studs and me and really stretch them!!!!! YUM

mmmmmmm love when you surrender that gorgeous boi cunt for real hot abuse and usage!! Spread it open wide with you both hands so I and a few other studs can work it and get it all swollen, red and hanging and distended show us how much you love it and want more and rougher mmmmmmmmm hearing you moan is one fkn hot turn on YUM.

You really get into the anal, I like the fact that you distinguish between your asshole and rectum, both of yours are fantastic. Your asshole ring muscle and your rectal cavity are two distinct areas that will be worked. Expand out that cavity so you can accpet a double fist. Work that asshole ring muscle until it no longer closes properly. I see by your rectal calender you been nailed in the asshole almost 1700 times, you must be really loose and accepting.

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