Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bondage Based Anal Abuse

I met assmaster Mark, from this blog. Mark is into big time anal based bondage and fistings, not quite my style, but Ill let him wreck my asshole for a couple hours. His place had the full setup, a weight bench or what looks like a weight bench, varoius ropes, huge ass busting dongs, I agreed to be real shaved mooth asshole pubes and nuts, and cleaned out ahead of time before arriving. Finally a large rubberband snapped around the nuts, isolating them off. I did a little pre-work and expanded out my rectum over a 3 inch plug and hold, I wanted to be super loose, in case he got ruff with my rectum. I arrived right on time, the place was just like the pictures.

He secured wrists and ankles to weight bench, my asshole high and exposed. He proceeded in open my asshole with larger and larger dongs, getting ruffer with every size up. At the 3 inch dongs he was punching my rectum inside out for what seemed like hours, I could not cum from it, after about 1 hour of continous dong punch, I was getting sore and wnated to stop, being bound helpless he continued to plow the shit out of my rectum despite, my complaints. In fact that only made him get ruffer, my asshole was mincemeat, when he finally sunk his cock in my huge gaping asshole, slding his hand along side his cock and jacking himself out, really pulling on the analring. My ring gaped puffy all red and demolished again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Violent Enemas

Hard powerful enemas expand out my rectal cavity for extreme width sessions. That large steel cage expands out my asshole ring and rectum. A garden hose is attached to the one end, then my erctum is expanded out violently when the hose is turned on full, then a steady stream of water flows keeps the cavity stretched to the max.

Asshole never returns to normal for at least 6-8 hours.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lets Mutilate his rectum!

Lets Mutilate his rectum!

The cameras had stopped Jake's hand slowed to a lethargic stroke, finally stopping. Reaching forward, he recovered the massive dildo that sat next to Analboy's destroyed asshole. Rubbing it on his own stomach, he talked to himself, 'Man that was sooo hot... yeah.. you've got one hot asshole there, Analboy. Loved mutilating it!'

Holding the dildo in his hand, along with the top of his leather pants, he felt his way up the column, righting himself. He knew there would be more time to spend with Analboy, to get his rocks off two, three or more times tonight. Like Analboy, that spark ignited in his brain and he thought of Analboys Blog. Before he did anything, though he had a shower on his mind.

Analboy, caught in between a rock and a hard place, gazed around him. The room, comprised of the thick metal door and three walls, forming a square, in it's younger days probably served as a meat locker, he deduced. Above the door, a light bulb in a metal casing, shone dully around the enclosure. Walls, made of refrigeration material, would be impossible to pierce, that is if Analboy had anything to stab it with. After sitting down against one of the walls he looked up and noticed something. The gray corrugated metal had a black spot in one of the back corners. He wondered why very faint breeze glided across his back, giving him a chill. 'A way out!'

In the main torture room, the cameras, came to life instructing the two men to to get Analboy for his next series of rectal mutilations. Like clockwork, they set about the chore with little resistance from the asshole slut. When he had arrived completely stripped, they walked him over to the oak bondage table, roughly constructed. They layed him down on his back and applied the leather bindings that ran down to the legs at the top and bottom. "I've got his wrist, Juan. You get his legs." Hal just stood there, looking over the wide variety of toys he had laid out to entertain 'all'! "All set."

Analboy asshole started to spasm. Yeah, so he just took about fifteen asshole punches and since he hadn't experienced it in a while, took him extra time to recover. But this time his asshole ring was un-responsive. Harmon again took the lead to ad lib on the lines, "You better talk officer. There's a fine assortment of anal torture toys to use on that big asshole of your's!" " 'told ya I ain't talkin'!" The camera's were capturing the role play scene It had been literally years since Hal tortured a large ruined asshole like Analboys. In fact, it had actually been a guy he met in a chatroom who desired some heavy anal action. As the ass wrecker arranged his toys, he had flashback to that time, trying to remember if he were twenty-six or -eight, when that twenty-two year old college boy showed up to his house, and over a period of two days, literally destroyed the boys asshole . Hal had put in many years, finding his niche at torturing a guy. This would be the second time he would be mutilating a rectum, beyond repair with no safewords and because of the huge amount of money at stake, would not heed to any form of begging. He wasn't actually sure he wanted to go through with torturing Analboy, without adhering to some kind of relief words, but for the 10 one hundred dollar bills and explicit instructions that were verbally communicated, once he accepted, he had to stick by his word. Analboy's Asshole would be subjected to rapid fire pummeling beyond imagination!

Mulling over the toys, he chose something light to start with. He snapped his finger, joined with this thumb, striking his palm, as something occurred to him. A new website explained some cool ways to tie up a cock and balls in bondage. Picking up several pieces of rubber stips he approached Analboy's laid out body. Another piece of instruction from Jake had been that once he denied 'talking' in the scene, don't ask again... just apply torture. Even if the officer - Analboy offered information, ignore it. Just torture him. Hal loved the idea as he pondered in which way to run the rubber lace around Analboy's balls. Each of analboys balls were individually banded off, then a large band arounf the entire ball sack then around the base of the cock to. Reaching into his pocket and this had been right in front of the cam, he grabbed the wad of bills, removed them, tossed them onto the table, right next to Analboy and lit out of there.

"Hey! Where you going Hal? Hal?" Calvin yelled. "Cut.. cut.. cut.. cut.. cut!" Calvin ran after him. The cams stopped recording and their operators took a break, tearing away from either Analboy's face or balls. "What's happening?" Juan asked, like anybody would know. Harmon didn't care. He was getting paid by the hour. Analboy lay there, saying, "Hey, somebody want to untie me?" Before any of the straps could be loosened, Jake appeared. He saw that two guys were missing. "What the fuck is happening here?" Juan answered him, "I don't know. Hal throws some money on the table and then vamos!" "Don't touch those bindings just yet." Jake ordered. The cam guys had left just after Calvin. Analboy says, "Juan, untie me." Jake counteracts, "You touch those bindings and I'll break your hand, Juan!" Juan steps back. He doesn't know what to do. Harmon says, "The scenes over, Jake." "You want your hand broken too, Harm?" "Hey, I'm pickin' up my pay and getting outta here!" "Me too!" Juan says. Analboy yells after them, "Hey wait! Juan? Harmon?" "So, it's down to you and me, Analboy. How convenient. You just take it easy for a while, he worked analboys nuts in the meantime. I want to pay a visit to your friend." "What is it with you, Jake? Why this?" "Why? You stole my boy away from me. Culver was to be mine, but no, you had to convince Calvin that you were a goody two shoes, pretending to really care for him." "But... I do... Jake, you touch him and I swear!

Umpffffff!" Jake held his fist upright above Analboy's asshole his knuckles rubbed analboys open hanging asshole. Analboy struggled at his bonds, but leather is a tough material to shimmy loose, let alone tear away. "Hmm, such a lovely array of toys here.' Reaching under the table, Jake picks up a round wooden fence post. "But I much prefer my own little devices of torture!" Analboy sweated like there were no tomorrow. He knew the fence post was about to go up his rectum . He lay it across Analboy's chest. "I might as well get comfortable. It's going to be a long, long night for us, Analboy." Jake took his time greasing up the 18 inch post that was 3 inches across. Analboys open asshol was fully exposed Jake inspected the open rectum, boy was it a mess. Analboys assring had lost all of its elasticity from all those anal sessions and pictures recorded on his website. The post was positioned at the entrance of the hole. "Listen, Jake.. I... Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Jake had forced the post right up Analboys rectum swiftly and forcefully.

"Oh that felt good!" Jake exclaimed. Yeah, Jake got comfortable, removing his leather gear and letting his cock and balls hang free. The fresh shower had taken all the sticky cum from his pubic area. When he rubbed his hand through it, touching his already growing cock, it felt so nice and soft. "Akkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Analboy screamed.

"Ooooh that is so relaxing. Oh Analboy, you scream so nicely, but I think you can do better... much better!" Taking the fencepost completely out, then punching in, Jake pounded Analboy's rectum with it. After about the tenth thrust, he moved down to get more depth, attacking his anal bend with the rounded post. As he reamed away, the money lying on the table blew onto the floor. Think it affected the continuity Jake's thrusts?

"Oh, don't you look nice, Analboy. Yeah... that damaged asshole skin does make you look splendid, especially as background for those shaved bald pubes, but it's time to move on to something more exciting!"

"You're sick, Jake.. fuckin' sick!" "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but your pain will really excite me! Haa ha ha haaaa!"

Analboy kept quiet and saved his energy. By the looks of the mood Jake was in, this night would be a long anal session for himself. His eyes opened wide when Jake pulled a wide buttplug from his goody bag. "Noooooo... please Jake...." "Haa ha haaaa.. almost as fun as hearing you in pain, Analboy. Hmm... just thought of something before I shove this buttplug up your asshole, then pull your rectum out with the wide base... you wouldn't be willing to tell me where your loverboy is, would you?" Jake waited with no reply. "Damn, its going to so nice when your rectum hangs through your slutty open asshole

Analboy closed his eyes, waiting for the monstrous plug, the size of a one liter bottle of spring water to be fitted, no forced up his asshole. "Fuckin' cocksucker!" The action sped up a hundred fold. Jake, out of anger and audacity on Analboy's part . "Oh yeah... this is going to be so much fun. Never realized what a tight hole you have here, Analboy!" Jake talked like a doctor getting ready for an operation, holding the buttplug up so Analboy could clearly see it and spreading criso over the exterior of it. He held it up to Analboy's hairless hole more than once, pulling it out and greasing it some more. Each time Jake did this, he had to lift up Analboy's shaved tied off balls. His cock, from being brushed by, started to show some life, looking almost semi-flaccid. Finally Jake had the liter-sized buttplug all greased up and ready to be inserted. "Just lay back and enjoy, Analboy... haa ha ha ha haa!" Analboy lay back alright. He gripped at the leather straps holding his arms tautly above his head. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see Jake do his evil deed. He felt the tip of the torturing plug at his asshole. Soon it had found it's way just about a sixteenth of inch in, but it had just been the pressure on it.

"Hmm, looks like I'm going to need some help getting this in. Think I have a rubber mallet in my bag!" "Nooooooooo... Jake, please don't do this... I'm begging you..."

"Oh? Where's Calvin?"

"I... I can't tell you..."

The plug was inserted into Analboys asshole, the 3-1/2 inch wide bas split his assring and sank deep. Jake spread analboys ass cheeks open with one hand, and grabbed the plugs wide base with the other. Like a jackhammer the plug was continually popped in and out of analboys asshole quickly breaking down the asshole ring even further. His asshole ring popping like a cork leaving a bottle each time the plug was pulled out.

From the bottom of the gear bag, Jake pulled out a long metal rod about the thickness of a pencil with a round ball on one end. Analboy didn't have to guess what they were for. "Love a little piss slit fucking.. what about you, Analboy? Want a big rod down your cock shaft? Why don't we see if we can get your cock hard as a rock and then I'll do something to it to keep it that way! Haa ha ha haaaa.." Analboy kept his eyes open for this, maybe out of curiosity of how Jake was going to work his piss slit. First Jake had to stroke his leaking shaft, giving it a few long strokes, evacuating the immediate welled up precum. Whatever he collected on his fingers, he brought to Analboy's lips. "Lot more where that came from, boy!" Jake went back to Analboy's piss slit, He took Analboy's cock and held it. Analboy moaned. "Oh, fuck my piss slit". This should be interesting I'm sure I can get you weaned on to the fantastic feeling of this rod going to the base of you're your cock shaft and up into you and stroking you off at the same time!" Analboy, moaned as the tip was inserted and down the rod went right to the base of his cock. He loved his piss slit filled, his cock had become rock hard as Jake fucked his piss slit like it was another hole. !

"Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Analboy screamed out, arching his back as Jake forced the fence post back up the boys asshole, at the same time vigoursly fucking his piss slit. Just the sight of Analboy's nuts isolated off, rod in the slit and post up his rectum turned Jake on. His hand almost constantly bore down on his hard shaft, stroking away. 'Time to confuse Analboy's thoughts', Jake thought, removing his hand momentarily to begin stroking Analboy's long cock while keeping the metal rod firmly planted in Analboys urethra , His greatest desire had been to work his piss slit and asshole simultaneously A couple of times Jake had bumped against the table edge and a surge of electricty traveled through his body, connecting with his brain and providing a pleasure zone below his waist. He found this sooooo pleasureable that he kept up the slapping of his leaking shaft against the table edge. Jake worked Analboy's asshole hard, the wooden shaft banging the bottom of his rectum about to open his anal bend for some deep work. Soon he worked up a rhythm of ppopping the post into his anal bend and stroking his stick. The synchronized beat of each pleasure zone in action with the other created such an erotic feeling that Analboy couldn't control himself and even resorted to arching his back to the pleasant sensations. Totally in contradiction to what he normally would be feeling if this had been an act of masochism, he would want to feel cum burst out of the top of his shaft, but now he prayed that he would not do that. Like every guy, when the pleasure subsides, and he was spent, he would want to rest. Jake wouldn't let that come about. Analboy's grunts of pleasure/pain kept tearing away at his desires to kill the feeling, but it caught up with him finally and he shot his load, spurting the white liquid far up to his chest, his asshole went into violent spasms, clamping down on the un-yielding wooden post. Never had he felt in all of his experiences, the pleasure that sent ropes of cum shooting from the sides of the metal rod in his cock. "Yeahhhh... yeahhhh. yeah... ooooooh yeahhhh shoot that manseed, Analboy... yeah..." Jake's chiding him on didn't help any to subdue the action. Soon Analboy started to feel his sexual release subside. Only problem now, he wanted his asshole released from the now torturing width, without the pleasure. Instead, there Jake hovered over him, the post still in his hand. "Now, it's my turn, Analboy! Haa ha ha haaa!" Jake did let go of the post. Just long enough to climb on to the table and straddle Analboy's open asshole. His cock went up Analboys ruined rectum. "Oooh yeah... let's hear it Analboy.. nice and loud!" Jake reached under his balls, searching for his isolated nut sack. After finding it, he worked the sluts nuts while fucking his worn out asshole. Analboy tried to move his body, like it would soothe the pain somewhat, but couldn't with Jake's ass anchoring him to the bondage table.

Jake fucked away, reaching around, he found the rod still in his boys piss slit. He stroked the rod in and out while fucking his asshole in unision. The whole scene would eventually drive Jake over the edge, he blasted analboys asshole with a huge load, pulled out to inspect the damage he had created. Analboys rectum was mincemeat. He was released from his bonds and allowed to leave, Analboy stumbled as he put his clothes back on, His rectum ached, Jake had straightened out analboys colon with the wooden post. There would eventually be another asshole session between Jake and Analboy.

The end

A Hot email

Had to share a hot email.

mmmmmmm love yur hot boi asshole love the way you abuse it I WOULD LOVE TO FIST you deep and with both fists repeatedly!! love your asshole love to fuck it fist it FIST it worked it EAT it really abuse it shove things in it YOU NAME IT love a hot wet VERY loose asshole love to piss in it too you are fuckin hot!!!!!!

mmmmmm nothing would please and excite me more!! Love a loose hanging distended asshole mmmmmmm love to suck hard on your boi cunt lips feed them to your daddy!!! Let me destroy your rectum until you lose all control

love that rectum and asshole mmmmmmm feed me that hot boi cunt PLEASE!!!!! love to get those cunt lips swollen and red and really hanging!!!!! love to share you hot distended cunt with a few other studs and me and really stretch them!!!!! YUM

mmmmmmm love when you surrender that gorgeous boi cunt for real hot abuse and usage!! Spread it open wide with you both hands so I and a few other studs can work it and get it all swollen, red and hanging and distended show us how much you love it and want more and rougher mmmmmmmmm hearing you moan is one fkn hot turn on YUM.

You really get into the anal, I like the fact that you distinguish between your asshole and rectum, both of yours are fantastic. Your asshole ring muscle and your rectal cavity are two distinct areas that will be worked. Expand out that cavity so you can accpet a double fist. Work that asshole ring muscle until it no longer closes properly. I see by your rectal calender you been nailed in the asshole almost 1700 times, you must be really loose and accepting.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Usual Position

This is the usual position the Assmasters work my rectum, allowing extreme depth.

4 Inch Width Attempt

Accepting 4 inches in width into the rectum. Devestated my assshole ring msucle.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Volcano Technique

Assmaster 2 loves to VOLCANO My analring often- It involves insertting a huge dildo with a much more larger head or using a closed fist pulling on the analring, forming an almost volcano shape on the ring, really works my analring loose. He may continually POP the anal ring by working the dong head or closed fist over and over right on the ring muscle.  The picture below shows a volcano'ed asshole (NOT ME)

Sunday's Colon workout

Sunday I pleaded Assmaster Todd to really destroy my asshole ring muscle for Mondays Scheduled rectum workout, and boy did he do a number on my rectum. My asshole still has not recovered 8 hours later. Combining massive asshole dilation with a 3-1/2" plug, Punching closed fists and dildos over a period of two hours really broke down my asshole ring muscle and expanded out my entire rectal cavity, taking massive 3-1/2 wide dongs with ease in width, occasionally getting great depth into the colon bend too.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Punish my rectum and milk a load out

Great anal weekend, Assmaster 2 destroyed my anal-ring Friday night, and it never fully recovered, as Assmaster 1 kept large dong punching and fisting all weekend. Saturday morning he wrecked my asshole bad, My asshole was all lippy puffed up and unclosing.

We got some incredible width into the rectum, taking it to the absolute limit in width, working up to an incredible 3-1/2" width all day saturday. Rectal inspections every few hours. If the asshole showed signs of tightened the guys would power punch the 3 inch dongs, punishing my rectum until it hung open again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Split that ass-ring in two

Assmaster Phil really got into my rectum good on during this session. Doggy style face down asshole high I really relaxed and allowed him into my rectum.

He would stand at the end of the bed constantly pluging the beer can thick dildos at a good pace, working my banded off nuts in unison, preping the asshole to take the giant mushroom headed dong.

"Yea assdaddy nail that rectum good, its so loose and open" I moaned hitting the poppers, after a minute my asshole lost all rectal control as he began to punch the dongs in and out...

"The mushroom dong, ruin my sloppy anal ring" I pleaded

The Mushroom dildo had a 3-1/2 inch wide sharp triangulr head with a solid 3 inch wide shaft. (see picture below) and really does a job on my analring when it sinks over it. Then with long swift thrusts almost pulling out the asshole muscle turns to mush, unable to close properly.

"Take this monster into your asshole slut" He said and began pushing in the big head.

The huge head split the ring and sank into my rectum, slow strokes grew to swift long strokes quickly breaking down my anal ring..Now work my banded off nuts to milk me off...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He is drilling my rectum

Assmaster 2 coreing my rectum out at high speed 3 inch wide x 10 inch insertion during a 4/28/2011 asshole wrecking session.

Oh shit your ruining my asshole!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ruined my rectum for Darrell

Really opened my asshole up in a solo session Monday so my asshole is huge for the BBC Darrell on Tuesday. He likes to punch fuck dildos until my asshole hangs. So Monday, I got out the backless bar stool and a Small bucket, I can wreck my asshole good with large dongs, draped over the bar stool. Perfect for reaming out my rectum. Once the asshole loses control. I set the largest dong I can take on the bucket and impale down on it fast and hard, destroying my asshole in a matter of minutes.  Ill update the blog for darrels BBC fuckings (12 incher) Tuesday